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December 30th, 2004, 3:50 PM
It is a year after Aura was last seen by the now-fabled Shugo and Rena.They still play, but they are now seen far less often.
The rest of their party has brokem up, and, although still in contact, have joined up with others to form new partys.

Kaz and Merillie have teamed up with several other players, and together, the strange mix of werewolfs, Rare Hunters, Hackers, and former Administrators
rebel a cause agenst the CC-Corp.

CC-Corp has decided that 'The World' needs to cease existance.

Okay, we need Merillie and Kaz, the form looks like this, unless you are Kaz or Merillie...

~*~Sub-Class: (Rare hunter, admin, hacker ect.):
Short description of personality:

First Post:


Here's mine:

Name: Fraikuo , people call her Rai
Gender: Female
Class: Twin Blade
~*~Sub-Class: (Rare hunter, admin, hacker ect.): Rare Hunter
Clothing: She wears slightly baggy, light-blue pants, with a dark-blue Kimino-Style shirt.
Hair: Pale yellow, she wears it in a ponytail.
Eyes: Purple
Markings: Yellow Zig-Zags throung her eyes.
Short description of personality: Hyper, Kind, likes food, she and merillie are always arguing and trading rare items. Kaz finds her a litle....Crazy

First Post: "Come on,Hurry up!" A voice said angerly.It belonged to a twin-blade rare hunter, who was waiting for the rest of her-wait, Kaz's party to arrive.
"Will you guys hurry up?!"

December 30th, 2004, 6:04 PM
~*~Sub-Class: (Rare hunter, admin, hacker ect.):hacker
Clothing:long blCK baggy cotton pants and A hang loose white robe
Hair:long and brown
Markings:Long blue thick lines going down his left eye
Short description of personality: very outgoing and likes to hang around with friends alot, he watches out for his friends and would do anything if they got into trouble

First Post: (ok imma little confused about this, do i put an example of my rp'ing abilities or do i go along with your first post?)