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December 31st, 2004, 6:23 AM
This is a Metroid RPG. The RPG will contain spoilers for the games.

After what happened at the BSL Station, the galaxy was at peace. The Galactic Federation worked on cloning Metroids to use them for good. The X parasites were gone, phazon was no longer present in the local galaxies, and the Space Pirates had become inactive because of the death of Ridley. 10 years later, the Galactic Federation's HQ were destroyed by an unexpected attack by an unkown ship. It was almost the size of the HQ and it was glowing blue. The living scientists made a distress signal to Samus. They told her to find more bounty hunters to help her investigate. Then, Samus went off to the planet Rodsska (I made it up) to find bounty hunters. She found some, and they went off.

I will be Samus. We can have a maximum of 25 people (including me) and a mininum of 15 (including me). And you can't be Armstrong Houston. He's already dead.

Fill out this form to join:
Suit/What your suit looks like:
Other info:

Here's mine:
Name: Samus Aran
Age: Unkown
Sex: Female
Suit: Varia
Other info: The main character of the Metroid series.

We all start with the Charge beam (the beams are like in the 2D games, not the 3D games), 5 Missiles, Morph Ball and Morph Ball Bombs. We'll get more weapons & upgrades as we go on. And our suits act like Varia Suits (protect against heat & acid) and they will be upgraded as we go on.