View Full Version : Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament (PS2)

December 31st, 2004, 8:22 PM
Just rescently got this game, and was wondering if anyone else did too. I got this game thinking it would be like Budokai 3, but I was both impressed and dissapointed in several ways. Here is my breakdown:

Why I was impressed:

Plenty of cinematic scenes of the show, uncut with all the cussing and blood.
Fuly destroyable battlefields, from the floor beneath your feet to the poor helpless demons watching in teh crowd. :badsmile:
Multiple ways to play, including tag team, a special token game, two different modes of Dark Tournament, and a very helpful training mode.
The training mode provides you with all the different moves your character can learn through a guided walkthrough.
Why I was dissapointed:

Only 25 characters and 8 battlefields, 3 of which were stadiums. Compared to Budokai 3, very limited.
a sometimes frustrating battlesystem. Long, difficult chains to do any real damage,plus difficult to jump and duck, as well as avoid attacks by the opponent.
positively EVIL villains. Even under Easy mode you'll have a heck of a time progressing through Dark Tournament.
No opening to the game. TO me, a good game opening is a must have, but not only does this game lack a good opening, it lacks an opening period.

alternate opinions on teh game are certainly welcome. I'd like to think I'm not the only one who bought this game.