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December 15th, 2011, 6:10 PM
*Part of this maybe contain Spoilers, but most is common knowledge*


As many of us already know Team Plasma was scheduled to debut Episode 23 & 24 Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma (Part 1) & (Part 2). But due to the Tsunami and nuclear crises earlier this year it was put off indefinitely leaving us to wonder when well they appear... So thus far this is pretty much what we have seen, give or take a couple scenes from the other ones(that are already in the episode listing, pending they weren't deleted).


This raises a few questions such as when we will see them(as in Team Plasma in general), how will they be portrayed, will N and Ghetsis along with the other Sagas be there and of course the other Plasma characters?

- First off I have been wondering this for some time, so when do you think we will see the episodes that have yet to air?

- Who well be shown pending they show the previous episodes before Plasma debut in another episode? Maybe Plasma Grunts only? Maybe even N?

- Pending N wasn't already seen in the two unairred episodes how do you think he will be portrayed in the initially meeting with Ash and Co.(pending they meet). Do you think he will portray himself as a regular trainer like he did in Accumula Town or will he tell them right off the bat he is King of Plasma or wait like he did until Nimbasa City?

- If we do meet Plasma, N, Ghetsis, Triad, Sages, Anthea and Concordia, etc where do you think we will meet them and when?