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December 20th, 2011, 3:22 PM
The Limited Progression Challenge

For this challenge you must pick any 6 pokemon you want, and then play through the game like normal. EXCEPT after every 2 gym leaders you must box your highest level pokemon, and release it (Only for the first 8 gyms in the game). By the time you reach the Elite Four you should be down to just 2 Pokemon. I will have some extra challenges you can choose to add on for yourself to make it even more of a challenge or to be added in as an Ultimate Champion =).
Mandatory Rules:

1: After you beat every other gym leader you MUST instantly release your strongest Pokemon. Fighting other trainers or wild pokemon is prohibited until after you release your Pokemon.

2: This challenge will be complete after you beat the Elite Four for the first time except in the second generation (where your last objective is to defeat RED) and in the fifth generation (where your final objective is to defeat the Elite Four a second time)

3: NO legendaries.

4: Emulators are most definately allowed, and so is the speed button.

5: You may hack or trade in the Pokemon you wish to use at level 1-5 if they are Pokemon you won't be able to reach before the first gym leader.

6: Your not allowed to recatch one of your previously released pokemon to go through the game with.

7: HM slaves are allowed, but you can't use them in any battles.

The following rules are optional and if you don't want to make your challenge harder then STAY AWAY FROM THIS AREA!!!!!!...

Optional Rules

I: If you want to further test your abillity to adapt then only pick 4 Pokemon, and ask the person after you to pick the last two Pokemon for you with http://wyncorporation.com/pokemon/. If you do this then I will allow for you to have one legendary if and only if the person after you has obtained a legendary from this random Pokemon generator. It's like the mystery door at game shows lol.

II: If you are playing a second generation game where your challenge isn't over until you beat RED then for added dificulty you can decide to release your strongest Pokemon after beating the Elite Four meaning you will then have to beat RED with just one Pokemon... If you do this then I will count you as an Ultimate Champion for this Challenge =) (For those of you playing the other games just beat the Elite Four a second time with the weaker of two Pokemon and you will still be added in as an Ultimate Champion)

III: Another additional rule for you to pick is make it so you will not be able to have sacrifices for reviving... In other words if your Pokemon dies you cannot go to a weaker Pokemon just to use a Revive.


Emerald: XxTOOLxX
Fire Red: TwiDragon, Shijo
Leaf Green: 11wildy
Heart Gold:
Soul Silver: 14Henderson7

Fire Red:
Leaf Green:
Heart Gold:
Soul Silver:
Ultimate Champions:

Leaf Green:
Heart Gold:
Soul Silver:

Sign Up Sheet:

Pokemon Choices:
Any Optional Rules?:

Screenshots or videos are not required but greatly appreciated. So have fun, and if you see the Elite Four along the way then kick their butts for me lol xP.

Name: XxTOOLxX
Game: Emerald
Pokemon Choices: Rapidash, Hitmonlee, Magnetric, Bayleaf, Jolteon, and Lairon
Any Optional Rules?: Optional Rule II (Going for Ultimate Champion)

December 29th, 2011, 12:57 PM
So this is a normal run that overtime turns into a duo-run?
I'm in on this
Game - Fire Red
Burdina - Mawile
Isklo - Sneasle
Urgia - Lanturn
Musictus - Sandslash
Caelilanu - Altaria
Manan - Lunatone

This will be the team I set off with,

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but its

December 29th, 2011, 10:48 PM
Name: 14Henderson7
Game: SoulSilver
Pokemon Choices: Chikorita, Dratini, Eevee (Dunno about the evolution yet), and Weedle.
Any Optional Rules?: Next poster picks my last 2 Pokemon, either Randomly or just to pick.

December 29th, 2011, 11:05 PM
Dunsparnce and Gastly (can evolve if you want)

January 5th, 2012, 9:19 AM
Just to clarify, in the case of sequence breaking, it's the number of badges you have that determines when you have to release the Pokémon. If you fight Erika third, you don't release a Pokémon after her. If you fight Surge fourth, you do release a Pokémon after him. Right?

January 8th, 2012, 1:53 AM
zzOkay, time to sign up for Leafgreen, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Black, for an ultimate challenge!

Sign Up Sheet:
Name: 11wildy
Game: Leafgreen, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Black
Pokemon Choices: Differs per game, I'll list them whenever I start a new game :)
Any Optional Rules?: No
Pokemon for leafgreen: Charizard, Pidgeot, Golbat, Gyarados, Butterfree and Dodrio.

QUESTION: What should I do if multiple pokemon are highest level? Since I tend to equally level my pokemon before each gym :x.

Okay, so I started my challenge and chose Charmander as my partner. I did the beginning stuff and caught myself a Pidgey. I'll be uploading every gym battle, if I will be able to. Then I caught a Caterpie and grinded it up to a Butterfree, which goes surprisingly quick with the emulators speed button. Then I grinded all my pokemon up for the gym battle with Brock! Which will be difficult with a monotype flying team!


Turns out it wasn't as difficult as I thought...
I left Pewter city at the east, heading for Mt Moon, where I can get my Zubat and Magikarp! In the meanwhile Charmander and Pidgey evolved! I bought the Magikarp of the salesman and grinded it up to a Gyarados using the switching strategy, good thing I skipped some trainers on the route before! Then I caught a Zubat and grinded it until it learned Bite, then went to tackle Mt Moon. After Mt Moon, I healed up my pokemon for the Rival fight, Zubat died very quickly, but Pidgeotto and Butterfree swept him after that, so no big deal :). then we crossed the Nugget bridge, and the other route with a lot of trainers to find Bill, who was changed into a pokemon. I helped him out and got an SS ticket. then I went to the gym to battle Misty. The battle was easy, like expected.


Okay, so I released Gyarados, because it's the strongest pokemon stat-wise and already in it's final evolution. Now I'm off to Vermilion city, where the ss aqua and Lt Surge wait for us! For Lt Surge I think Charmeleon will be very usefull, since it has Dig and no electric weakness yet. Although I'm scared it'll be the strongest team member at that point. But first, the ss aqua! Aboard I battle all the trainers, Zubat evolving somewhere there! On the boat we battled our rival, who still was pathetically weak and we received HM Cut, which I learnt Farfetch'd. Then we battled Lt Surge, and won.


Also, how do I add a youtube video to this post?

January 8th, 2012, 2:44 AM
Name: Shijo
Game: Fire Red
Pokemon Choices:
Any Optional Rules?: no

i have a question, i have to release my stronger pokemon every 2 gyms? or every gym?
also, can i catch other pokemons and use them? or i have to use only the pokemons i choose?

January 8th, 2012, 4:57 AM
You should release the highest leveled one after every 2 gyms and you cannot use any other pokemon, but feel free to catch them.

Time to find my way to the Rock Tunnel, and worse, get through it! Eventually I reach lavender town, and I will first beat my sucky rival, for some exp. After that we took the road to cerulean city! After arriving there I went to get my Eevee and evolved it into Vaporeon, so I can use Surf on it later. Then we went to challenge the gym, which is more or less a choice on who I want to release, since any of my pokemon can solo it.


Then we entered the rocket hideout and beat Giovanno there, with the Silph scope as our prize! Then I went back to the ghost tower, to beat the crap out of team rocket, which wasn't too hard. After doing that I received the Pokeflute, who can wake up Snorlax who was blocking the way to Fuchsia city. Then on the bicicle road I caught a Doduo and grinded it up to the levels of the rest of the team and it's now the strongest member! Then Charmeleon and Pidgeotto also evolved, and Golbat tried to evolve, but mysteriously stopped, I think you need national dex for that. So now I have my whole team in final evolution. Then we went into the safari zone to get HM Surf and the Golden Teeth. After getting those I beat Koga.


Then I grinded up a bit, Golbat a little bit more, so it'll be the highest level after the 6th gym, so I can get rid of it, since it's too weak to do real damage right now. Then I beat the rockets in Saffron city. And of course my whimpy rival decides to show up as well. Giovanni was easy peasy and we went on to the Saffron city gym! And we beat it.


Then we went to cinnibar city and beat Blaine, this time without Golbat.


Then we were taken to One island to help Bill yet again. He asks me to get something, so I travel to Two island just to find that Lostelle is missing. Then we went to Three island to help her. Then we returned to Two island, got the needed item and brought that to Bill. Then we could go back to Kanto! Now we are ready to take on the last gym leader!!


January 8th, 2012, 4:03 PM
In response to the question 11wildy... I'd say release the pokemon you won the gym battle with... It may not be strongest of your group if they are equal level, but I think that's probably the fairest way to judge it lol.

January 9th, 2012, 2:58 AM
i have another question before i start the challenge

the pokemons that i cannot get before first gym, i need to hack them, my question is
do i hack the pokemons i choosed? or hack the pre-evolutions?

January 9th, 2012, 6:58 AM
For the most fun i would suggest you hack your whole team in immediatly, in their first form at level 5.

Update! I beat the Leafgreen part of the challenge!

Lorelei, Pidgeot for mvp. Who would've ever guessed that, when there's a Charizard on the team?


Bruno, wasn't too hard, Onix was annoying.


Agatha, easy sweeping :)


Lance, teached TM Dragon Claw to Charizard for this fight, but Pidgeot swept his ass very well already.


Red, his Rhydon and Alakazam were tricky, but the rest wasn't really, I got a little bit lucky vs his Blastoise.


Crystal team: Skarmory, Mantine, Xatu, Gligar, Togetic, Ledian.
I'll hack the team in

I started the game, hacked the first route to contain Ledyba, natu and Gligar, edited Skarmory te be my starter and changed the Onix trade to a Mantine one. Then I caught every pokemon and a Bellsprout, just to find out my Mantine is called Rocky xD.

Beat Falkner:

January 9th, 2012, 11:01 PM
so here is my first update:

started the game and choosed bulbasaur, then fighted my rival and defeated him

after that i started to get my team, hacked mightyena, kingdra, crobat, jolteon and growlithe


trainer a little and went to pewter, defeated brock with help of kingdra

now im heading to mt moon.

January 10th, 2012, 12:16 PM
xxFrom now I will add a rule that I have to be perfectly equally leveled before every gym leader ;D

Went through the union cave, nearly got pwnt by the hiker after it, but Skarmory saved the day again! :D
Then we beat the rockets, who apparently returned after I pwnt them in Saffron city last time, well I'll do it again you hear me! I'm having troubles trying to train Ledyba, it's so damn weak! It's Tackle barely does any damage, so no chance it's gonna be highest level after Bugsy >.> Same for gligar, but he is bulky enough to take a lot of hits :D
Okay, so we battle bugsy, and we lost our strongest member of the team :(

Then we went through Ilex Forest, getting TM Headbutt, which might prove usefull! Then we battled the trainers before Goldenrod, Ledyba evolved and I found out Ledyba could learn Ice punch and Thunderpunch, so it went from the worst to the best pokemon in the team (for now). Whitney will be hell with Rollout! Maybe Gligar can take it? ;o
Battle with Whitney:

Then we went to Ecruteak city, where we will yet again lose a pokemon :( Pwnt my rival, with the newly found Surf from Mantine :D. Xatu evolved while grinding up for Morty :D. Then we battle Morty, where we lose Ledian. Ledian would not be that usefull later on anyway, so I guess it's the best one to lose.

Then we continue and Togepi evolves already! :D. Go Togetic<3 then we reached Olivina city, but my gym battle has to wait, because Ampharos is sick! So we went to Cianwood city to get the potion for Amphy and to battle Chuck.

Then we flew back to Olivine city using the newly gotten HM, which also proves to be an usefull move! Then we need to do a lot of grinding, since Jasmine has 2 Magnemites which will be dangerous and a very strong Steelix, which Mantine can beat. Lets see how it ends.

Togetic saved the day! Quick claw activating and flinching at the same time is awesome! yet now I will have to release it, since same level and most used one :(. Then we flew to Ecruteak city, then surfed to Mahogany town, walked to the lake of rage, where I calmed down the red Gyarados. then back in Mahogany I beat the rockets, who were weak :3 then Pryce was next. Despite the type disadvantage it was pretty easy.

Then team rocket appears yet again! AGAIN! Don't they understand that I will pwn them anyway? So that's exactly what I did. And my rival came interupting me too, he should've helped me! Anyway, after the rockets got their last beat-up I travelled to blackthorn city, for my last gym battle. I'm predicting Gligar will stay on the team, which I actually think is good, since he will learn TM Earthquake whenever I get it! I teached Gligar Hidden power, turns out it is 70 power, or not much lower. Type: Ghost. EPIC! Now beat the gym trainers, just the last gym leader left. Where we will lose another pokemon...

We lost Mantine. Later it turns out my Hidden power was Dark, so it wasn't as good as I hoped, but I guess it'll work vs Will! So we continued, did the dragon test, professor Elm gave me the Master ball and we went off to KANTO! Then we reach the victory road, which has no trainers, only a noob, who also turns out to be my rival. We finally found TM Earthquake and FIND OUT GLIGAR CAN'T LEARN IT!! SO I'VE BEEN TRAINING IT FOR NOTHING!! WHY THE FUDGE DID GAMEFREAK NOT GIVE GLIGAR EARTHQUAKE!!

Ok, so I'm at the league now, will start grinding tomorrow.

January 13th, 2012, 12:38 PM
Sorry for double post, but I want this thread to be noticed!

I beat the full Elite 4!
Will, wasn't hard at all, Fury Cutter did the job!

Koga was slightly more difficult, but no big trouble here.

Bruno was easy, yet again!

Karen was the most difficult of the elite four, since I could not het pokemon very well.

Lance put up a great fight, but we won!

I will be speeding through Kanto, not putting up vids. I released Gligar for the ultimate challenge! So kanto will be soloed with Xatu! I'll be grinding it up for Red a lot I think, else Pikachu and Blastoise will be pain ;x.

Edit: Grinded Xatu to a point at which it can OHKO Pikachu, then I beat red.

Team for Ruby: Swellow, Pellipper, Altaria, Salamence, Tropius and Ninjask
I will hack in Tropius, Swablu and Bagon, since I can catch the other 3 before the first gym. :)

I've started the challenge, grinded up the team and beat Roxanna EASILY!

I needed more grinding to be able to even 3HKO Machop with Swablu's Peck.

January 16th, 2012, 8:25 AM
Omg this thread needs more updating! Cmon players, PLAY!

I beat a few gyms, I´ll skip the parts between them, since everybody knows what happens by now..

Wattson was INSANELY difficult, luckily the 13th try worked! Coincidently, on friday the 13th :).

Flannery wasn't a problem, since I still had Pellipper at that point!

Norman was, LOL U GOT PWNT, I OHKOd Slaking number 2!

Winona was item spam, pretty boring.

Tate & Lisa was a very fun battle! And a lot of strategy involved. 3 turns is FAST for a gym battle!

Wallace wasn't hugely threatening, although I got very lucky on the 1 HP!

January 16th, 2012, 8:18 PM
I'm sorry I've been ignoring this here lately, but I've been preocupied with other things... Any ways I'll continue updating this like normal and continue on with the challenges like normal lol. So happy challenging lol.

January 18th, 2012, 8:26 AM
Okay, so I beat the Ruby challenge as well, and the OP should be fixed. I have completed Leafgreen and Crystal already and now Ruby as well. I won't do gen 4 and 5, since I can't hack in a team OR I can't record battles. That's on emulator and on cartridge, respectively.

Now for the Elite four, that was mainly Ice beam pp stall, then setup, baton pass, sweep.

Sidney, no stall needed, immediate setup and Brick break killed all!

Phoebe, Most difficult one, surprisingly. Curse was hell, since it gets Baton Passed over too. Then Dusclops could be Ice Beam pp stalled, then Ninjask setup, Baton past and Hidden power Ghost proved very usefull here!

Glacia, second most difficult, Ice beam stall, but Crunch kept lowering special defense during setup, luckily Double team and Brick break did their work!

Drake, the only one beaten without baton pass, since Dragon claw murdered him already.

Steven was beaten by constantly switching between Slamence and Ninjask, to make Skarmory's Aerial ace very weak so I could setup 3 Swords Dances. Then I swept, Claydol sets up Reflect, which was broken by the brick Break!


I never used Salamence before, but he's BEAST!

January 24th, 2012, 4:06 AM
I'll give this a shot before I start my next challenge.

Name: (My player name I assume?) Red
Game: Pokemon Green (In english)
Pokemon Choices: Venusaur, Dragonite, Gyarados, Jolteon, Gengar, Raticate (Last two were randomly chosen haha)
Any Optional Rules?: None

Should be fun! Aiming for Ultimate Champion obviously :D


Started my challenge, got Bulbasaur from Oak and nicknamed it BULBA:

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7017/6755370025_e241702866.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6755370025/)
Got Bulba (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6755370025/) by ShinyPichu (http://www.flickr.com/people/[email protected]/), on Flickr

Got Oak's Parcel and some Pokéballs (10, to be on the safe side)

Hacked in Gastly, Eevee and Dratini to Route 1 (only ones I can't get before Gym 2). Caught Rattata (RATTER), Eevee (EON), Gastly (PHANTOM) and after a very long while of searching, Dratini (DRAGYN)

Would post all the pics, but I screencapped the capture of everyone in my team so far (only need Magikarp (SKULKRAKEN) now), so instead I'll post a link to the album on Flickr (in the spoilers below)


Now I just need to train...

Edit: Trained like mad till everyone was at least level 10, then trained Bulba to level 13 to learn Vine Whip, and owned Brock (OHKO on both his Pokémon). Current levels are: Bulba - L14, Dragyn - L10, Ratter - L10, Phantom - L12, Eon - L12

Edit 2: Made it to Mt. Moon, got Magikarp (SKULKRAKEN)
New Levels: Bulba - L14, Dragyn - L13, Ratter - L11, Phantom - L12, Eon - L12, Skulkraken - L5
Got my full team now, so far its looking like Bulba is gonna be leaving us after Cerulean Gym, but who knows what everyone's levels will be after Mt. Moon?

Edit 3: Ok, so now we are through Mt. Moon, Phantom and Bulba are tied for highest level, both level 15, not gonna challenge the Gym just yet, time for some rival!

Edit 4: Rival was stupidly easy thanks to Phantom and Dragyn, Phantom cos most of Green's (my rival) moves were normal type, and Dragyn cos it has Wrap (spammed it haha)
New Levels: Bulba - L15, Dragyn - L14, Ratter - L12, Phantom - L16, Eon - L13, Skulkraken - L14

Edit 5: Bulba just evolved!
New Levels: Bulba - L16, Dragyn - L14, Ratter - L13, Phantom - L16, Eon - L13, Skulkraken - L16
It is once again looking uncertain as to who will be released, I just hope it isn't Skulkraken, I've starting to like the little guy, plus I want him for later battles :D

January 24th, 2012, 10:08 AM
Nice to see someone else playing this! And yeah, Bulba should leave, since he will pwn Misty! Also, going to play Platinum, monotype flying again! This time without hacking my team in, since I can't.
Team: Staraptor, Drifblim, Togekiss, Gliscor, Yanmega and (Vespiquen or Mothim, whichever I find first on honey tree)

Will be making vids of gym leaders again, although the first one seems impossible? :(

January 24th, 2012, 11:59 AM
I was wondering if you were gonna be back for another round :P

Anyway, I just beat Misty, I was a little unorthadox in that i beat nugget bridge, went to Bill's, then off to Vermillion to train before Misty, here is the final levels for after Misty...
Bulba - L18, Dragyn - L16, Ratter - L22, Phantom - L19, Eon - L15, Skulkraken - L17
Yep, I did all of Misty's Gym with Ratter (Hyper Fang is awesome, shame whats gonna happen after I finish typing this). Sadly that means its time to say goodbye to Ratter, gonna save on my DS then resume on the PC so I can screenshot his/her (no way of knowing) final stats.

Edit: Ah...just loaded it in VBA-M and I'm getting this "The save file data is destroyed!" I've never had this problem before, but it looks like my challenge may be over prematurely, unless its just an error in VBA-M...

Edit 2: Ok, that save file is definately corrupted, however I do for some reason still have a save file from before Brock's GYM, so I don't have to stop altogether, but that is a LOT of progress lost...

Edit 3: I've decided to chalk this run down to bad luck and start again, I'll have a new team too, though I'm not sure what yet...may use that random Pokémon generator...for my whole team!

Edit 4: Ok, so this one is gonna be tough, here is my new team: (as decided by the random pokemon generator) Marowak, Farfetch'd, Tentacruel, Venusaur (odd how it chose that), Hitmonchan and Magmar. I'm not liking my odds with this team, so I'm gonna give the generator another shot, and see if its got anything better to offer.

Edit 5: THAT'S MORE LIKE IT! Gengar, Lickitung, Electrode, Dragonite, Arcanine, Starmie. Pretty well balanced powerful team (powerful for gen 1, maybe not in later generations). Also, when I'm put in the list, put me under Pokémon Blue, even though I'm doing Green xD

Edit 6: Ok! And we are away (again). Started with Charmander since I have to start with something, will release it as soon as I catch my first Pokémon. I did record this, but as usual when I record an AVI in VBA, it corrupted or something (grr). Anyone else had this problem? More to the point, anyone know how to fix it!

Edit 7: Caught Voltorb, so that is apparently my new starter! Nicknamed it Volt, and released Charmander. Im tempted to catch one of the level 0 Mew i put in there for the lulz, but I know from experience that it will just level up to 100 after a single battle, which is boring.

Edit 8: Caught the rest of my team! The team is as follows:
Volt (Voltorb)
Tonguetyd (Lickitung)
Phantom (Gastly)
Dragyn (Dratini)
Blaze (Growlithe)
Starried (Staryu)

Uploading pics of everyone as I type! In fact they just finished, so I'll post a link to the album now: http://flic.kr/ps/29miNH

Edit 9: Upon re-reading the rules, I decided I shall catch a Mew after all, to use as an HM slave

January 25th, 2012, 12:33 AM
I'm kinda troubled with the first gym, I can't beat it without hacking or insane grinding to level 34. I don't want to grind that far just for the first gym, or I could hack in TM Steel wing, so I actually stand a chance in the gym. But that would be hacking! What should I do?

January 25th, 2012, 12:42 AM
What is your current team? Do you have everyone already? Also, I just beat Brock again, didn't train much this time. Current levels: Volt - L12, Tonguetyd - L11, Phantom - L10, Dragyn - L10, Blaze - L10, Starried - L10

January 25th, 2012, 12:45 AM
My planned team is: Staraptor, Drifblim, Togekiss, Gliscor, Yanmega and (Vespiquen or Mothim, whichever I find first on honey tree)

But since I can't hack in or trade in my pokemon I currently have only a level 17 Staravia, the next pokemon becoming available ir Drifloom and Burmy or Combee, but that's after the first gym.

January 25th, 2012, 12:55 AM
Ah, ok, i can see the problem. I haven't played DP in a while, so I'm unfamiliar with Staravia's learnset, the only suggestion i have is to grind up a few levels...just remembered i have the guide,i will check for anything helpful

edit: did you try hidden power? You may get lucky with it

January 25th, 2012, 1:04 AM
This is Platinum, so I didn't get Hidden Power before the first gym, only Return. It's levelup moveset contains only normal and flying type moves, unless I train it to level 34, where staraptor gets Close Combat. But level 34 is insane, and then it would be a sure lose after the second gym.

January 25th, 2012, 1:29 AM
Ah, I didn't realize they swapped Hidden Power for return in Platinum (haven't played that in ages either). It's looking like the only option is grinding up stupidly high, either that or spam its normal moves + potions, it's costly, but worth a shot. If you do choose potions, I would save beforehand, just in case...

Edit: Cleared the first room of Mt. Moon, solely using Volt to train him up for Misty (I decided he is the most logical one to lose here). I also caught a Clefairy for use as a HM Slave, I'm gonna use my Moon Stone on it to evolve it into Clefable. Also, can HM slaves be used to use out of battle TMs, such as Teleport? If so then Ariala (Clefable) will be for Teleport, Strength and Flash. I will be heading back to Route 1 and catching a Mew for use as an HM slave for Fly, Cut and Surf. So this is my current team (I will add Mew in now to save editing in a minute):
Volt - L19, Tonguetyd - L11, Phantom - L10, Dragyn - L10, Blaze L-11, Starried - L10
HM SLAVES - Ariala - L8 (Teleport, Strength, Flash), Mewzel - L0 (Cut, Fly, Surf)

Also, I just remembered I caught a Pikachu in Viridian Forest...I'm not gonna use it for anything (may evolve it for Pokédex space) but when it popped up I was like "THATS RARE! GO POKÉBALL!" then remembered I was in a challenge...

January 25th, 2012, 5:56 AM
Thanks for the help! And yes, I would recommend losing Voltorb against Misty, it's not the best pokemon ever.

So it was using X attack, X defense, dire hit and a few potions that brought Roark down!

Then I continued to floaroma town, got myself some Honey, changed my laptops time to activate honey tree, then soft resetted for a female Combee and I found one! :D
Then we beat the galactic people and saved the kids daddy, and I set the laptops day to friday, so I could get a Drifloon! :D

January 25th, 2012, 6:28 AM
Just found out that in gen 1 voltorb doesn't learn a single electric move naturally...so I'm gonna be using sonicboom and tackle against Misty + co. I'm now in Cerulean City, gonna head straight to the gym this time...actually, I'll beat Green first due to everyone except Volt being seriously underlevelled atm. I'm gonna record Misty, and every Gym from now on. You didn't really miss much with Brock, it was a rather boring in and out battle, his trainer gave me more trouble than him. I have some screencap software already, but I can't do sound very easily, as my laptop (well the laptop I'm borrowing till mine is fixed) doesn't have Stereo Mix.

Edit: Beat Green, then headed off to the Gym, nearly forgot to start recording...video is currently compressing or something, so I'll upload it when it's done

Edit 2: Oh yeah, and I released Volt (recorded it too, its with the Misty fight)

Edit 3: File got corrupted cos I stopped it during compression (oops) so Misty is also unrecorded...Lt. Surge should be though! With SOUND!

January 25th, 2012, 7:00 AM
Maybe you should've kept Volt, since next gym you can get the Thunderbolt tm? Whatever, it happened already, so I'm too late. I grinded up a little bit before continuing, now heading for eterna city. I'm kinda in doubt on who to lose though, since all 3 can solo Gardenia. I currently have Staravia, who I want to keep since Staraptor is awesome and I tend to let the fully evolved ones go, which he isn't yet. I never used Drifloon or Vespiquen before and both seem interesting, so I'm kinda leaning towards Vespiquen...

Also, my desmume emulator keeps randomly getting insane lag! Which is really annoying, do you know how to fix this?

January 25th, 2012, 7:07 AM
Vespiquen would be the better choice in my opinion, as a bug its not gonna be as helpful later on, but then again Drifloon is a bizzare Pokémon to use, as you basically only get stockpile + some moves that use stockpile. With Drifloon being ghost type, you get some protection from normal etc (and as Drifloon doesn't have ghost moves from what I remember). Keep Staravia definately, it is pretty useful later on

Edit: I've never had a problem with DeSmuME lagging, but apparently it does happen, try No$GBA, that seems to have less lag problems, but seems to not be as good as DeSmuME...its worth a try though, only other thing i can think of is close as many windows as possible, that stopped my VBA lag problems (yeah, i get lag emulating original game boy, but not DS, madness)

January 25th, 2012, 7:22 AM
Lol, my vba works perfectly fine! And idk, but Drifloon comes with Astonish and gets Ominous wind and Shadow ball later on, also Thunderbolt by TM, so it's a good pokemon! I'll let Vespiquen go I think, but not happily.. :(

January 25th, 2012, 7:48 AM
I think I have problems with VBA cos I have sound boosts and stuff...anyway, on a more related note, as Misty's recording messed up, I did a recording of Nugget bridge with my stupidly underlevelled Pokémon, its quite funny tbh. It's currently compressing, and has sound! It's mainly a test for the Lt. Surge recording, but also some light comedy after losing Volt.

Edit: Currently uploading to YouTube, it should be live in about...half an hour?

Edit 2: It still isn't uploaded, had to restart the upload, however I just beat Lt. Surge, its been recorded and is currently uploading (should be quicker as it's only 2 minutes or something).

Edit 3: Stopped the upload last night as our internet had some major slowdown. Restarted it this morning, and it is currently 60% uploaded, will post a link when it's done

Edit 4: It's finally uploaded! I didn't upload Nugget Bridge for now, I may upload it at a later date. Lt. Surge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTfhNt3yHOg enjoy. Will be continuing this challenge shortly...in like half an hour or something

January 26th, 2012, 4:13 AM
Okay, I beat Gardenia, with Vespiqueen, wasn't really difficult for a Bug/Flying type. :P

Then we went off to beat the team Plasme people, the boss put up a very difficult fight, but we managed to win it! Then we received the Togepi egg from Cynthia, time to hatch!!
So now I have a Togepi and I caught a Gligar, now i'll be training them :)

January 26th, 2012, 4:15 AM
uh oh, you are catching up to me! I need to beat more Gyms!

January 26th, 2012, 5:12 AM
I would've beaten the 3rd gym if not for my laggy emulator -.- I did the other games in a few days.

January 26th, 2012, 6:53 AM
I could have easily done this by now if I didn't have to revise at the same time :/

Edit: Did a quick recording test with my new setup http://youtu.be/MKB0f4OsIc8 uploaded much quicker, and is 360p, rather than 240p. It is sped up to make it shorter and has no sound, figured that as it was just a test, video quality was most important.

Edit 2: Spent most of yesterday doing recording tests and mass level grinding. Finished off the grinding this morning, and now everyone is Level 30, with everyone except Dragyn fully evolved. Will be taking on Erika later this afternoon, and releasing another Pokémon (probably Tonguetyd as whilst it is really strong, I don't think it's going to be as useful later on, but we shall see). Photos of everyone evolving on my flickr. RSS feed for the album here (feed://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photoset.gne?set=72157629017092643&[email protected]&lang=en-us)

Edit 3: Just beat Erika, recorded it and...when she gave me the TM I got the message *glitchblock*ERROR and then the EMULATOR crashed :S thats some pretty strong TM you have there Erika, I shall use it wisely. But anyway, luckily I save stated beforehand so i haven't lost anything, and I still have the recording, so maybe I'll upload it, dunno, maybe I'll just upload after I beat her, as the error is the odd bit, the fight was quite quick.

Edit 4: http://youtu.be/iBVWM1gxVX8 gonna try again in a bit

Edit 5: Ok, so I never tried it again, and spent the weekend with family, so i haven't even played it since i got that error...will try in a bit, but I'm not recording the battle this time, as I can only record after 3 and I want it done before then

January 30th, 2012, 10:56 PM
My challenge is currently dead, since I need to grind Togepi and Gligar and neither of them gets good moves, so I can't even reliably beat wild pokemon without having to heal after every single battle...

January 31st, 2012, 12:51 AM
My challenge is pretty dead too, that thing with Erika put my off a little, and I've been getting quite into my Solo Run of Platinum (its so much nicer playing these games on the 3DS than a laptop). Still, I might get in some training today, I want to get this out of the way so I can start on my Ultimate No Catch Challenge.