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December 21st, 2011, 2:13 AM
Welcome to the Ghost Trick Fanclub!
Ghost Trick is an action/adventure game developed for the Nintendo DS. It throws you in the shoes of a newly departed ghost apparently named "Sissel". After saving a life, he learns that he is a special ghost, with special powers known as "Ghost Tricks". About that same time, he remembers that he doesn't remember a thing.

So, Sissel uses his newly-found powers to protect anybody who could help him figure out who he is, and gather whatever information possible in order to figure out who he is, and why he was killed.

... And with only a single night to do so, before ceasing to exist, he'd better do so quickly!

Rules of the Ghost World:
1. Basic Pokecommunity and Other Clubs rules
2. Be respectful of others
3. Be sure to use Spoiler tags when saying anything that would spoil the game

Put "Odd girl" somewhere in your post to show you've read the rules.

Heroic Ghost with lost memories:

The "Other Me":


Newly departed "Trick Spirits":

Corpses along the way:

Discussion of the week:

What is the funniest moment in Ghost Trick?