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January 14th, 2012, 1:18 PM
I have the White version, and I have five Pokemon I plan on keeping permanently, but I'm not sure which one to add to it to complete my team. I currently have:
1. Pignite
2. Blitzle
3. Pansage (Should I not keep this one long term?)
4. Sigilyph
5. Tirtouga
6. ??? (I was thinking Axew, but I don't want to wait until almost the end of the game to get a sixth Pokemon)

I would love to get Cryogonal, but again I'd have to wait fairly long. So what do you think is the best Pokemon I can add to my team, and add to him fairly soon (I'm just after getting the second badge, looking for those guys in the forest).

Any help appreciated.

January 14th, 2012, 1:41 PM
You can get axew midway, they are wild in the cave you find cobalion in, mistralton cave or something, right outside of driftviel, get surf from alder right outside of twist moumtain then turn back around amd head that way, if you do go axew, I would suggest only settling for an adamant nature, dont let it learn dragon pulse ( wtf is it even axys move set ) fly to route 1 knock out about 50 lillipups amd patrats ( if you dont have power bracer use the macho brace ) if you do use macho brace knock out 100 lillis amd patrats, them aplit your speed amd defense between basculin for speed ( these give off 2 a piece speed ev ) and swadloon amd whirlipede for defense ( 2 defense eva peice also ) evem if you dont believe in ev training trust me axew will possibly chamge your mind. By the time it is lvl 50 and evolved to haxy its attack should be about 216 or so ( adamant nature )

Im about to restart my white today and im thinking

Emboar ( adamant )
Accelgor ( boost sp attack lower speed nature )
Dark pulse hydreigon ( boost sp attack lower attack nature )
Ice punch scrafty ( adamant )
Stunfisk ( not sure the nature )
Jellicent ( boost sp lowerd att nature ) not sure if I will even go water for the 6 bc stunfisk can learn surc. We'll see

January 14th, 2012, 1:46 PM
if i was you id go with drilbur or lilipup getu a good ground type or or normal

January 14th, 2012, 5:54 PM
It's up to you, really. Although the Pokemon you have chosen aren't necessarily the greatest, they're the ones you want and we can't really decide for you. Plus, scprepschool has explained how to make getting Axew easier, so that's a positive.

However, I think you can get away with five Pokemon for most of the game since some people even play through the games with one Pokemon! But yeah, we don't really allow these types of threads here, BUT! Once you complete your team you can receive help within in-game team help @ Competitive Battling Centre, so head over there for moveset help, etc. As for now since it's mainly up to you, going to lock this. :(