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January 23rd, 2012, 4:54 PM
Just thaught I'd post my opinions on things that have been added this generation, things I didn't and things I think they should add in the third model (gray) and possibly even the speculated RSE remakes.


1) Graphics as usual with advancing game franchises. Includes animated battle scene.
2) pokemart in pokecenter.
3) Elite four are all equil in strength and interchangable inchallenge order.
4) Whole 150+ new pokemon rather than a region botched together consisting of other generations. Atleast until postgame.
5) Plotline involves much more of the rivals, gym leaders, E4, evil team and Champion.
6) Much more diverse and sometimes humorous dialogue. Clay is a good example. Overall people don't talk like an automated phone call as much.
7) Seasons. Pretty self explanitory.
8) rare wild pokemon. But why so many audino???
9) New abilities and moves. Enhanced sturdy, Buffed moves like scratch I think and rock smash. Scald was pretty neat to name one.

Disliked: (some are a trend of my just wanting more challenge)

1) Champion battle sucked. Ghetsis was tough (almost beat me), but Alder was a complete joke in terms of team building. Accelgor could've been replaced by something such as elektross that has no weakness, can set up a light screen and toxic or thunderwave spread. Volcarona's quiver dance is screwed up by overheat and hyperbeam leaves it too vulnerable Psychic or hurricane would've worked. Druddigon is the weakest dragon type in this generation and weak compared to other generations. Hydreigon is the 600 base sublegendary that a champion should have. Vanilluxe has horrible coverage. A water type like jellicent can use ice attacks too and use recover.

2) cynthia? I liked her Sinnoh teams better. I want moar hoenn! Steven or wallace!

3) The random useless town just north west of undella bay near kyrem's cave. Absolutely nothing there but an item I think. perhaps something of interest in gray?

4) The global trade thing is annoying This is the first generation I've used wifi for actual trading and battling so I'm not sure how much it changed but everytime I request something people want level 9 reshirams. Are these people that stupid???

5) Some music wasn't as good as I've seen before. Most were okay but some like the elite four, champion and rivals were a bit annoying rather than previous tunes. Sometimes I would go through the league just for the music now I only do it if I need the exp I can't get from nimbasa stadiums, the rivals and cynthia.

That's all I got for now.

January 23rd, 2012, 5:32 PM
I agree with most of what you said. I thought it was really cool that Cynthia was in there at all though, plus I really liked the music to tell ya the truth; It was a lot more natural sounds, and less 'bloop, bleep, bloop'

I liked the random useless town near where Kyrem is, but I HATED the tiny little town that you can only get to via the train. Theres so much they could have done with that. Grey will probably improve on that though.

All in all, this is one of my favorite pokemon games for sure

January 23rd, 2012, 5:57 PM
While those thoughts are good and all, the whole point of this thread seems to be covered already.

We have a thread asking about your pet peeves of Black and White, whether we need a third game (need to include these features that is!), things you think were missing in Black and White, and threads covering various things you've mentioned. But... yeah. Use the search feature and if you'd specifically like to discuss any of those things you've mentioned in your post, search if they're made or not, and make a thread which can create discussion! Or alternatively, re-post your thoughts in the appropriate threads, whichever works!