View Full Version : How In The World Do I Activate The Eon Ticket Without Cheats

latios tamer
December 2nd, 2003, 4:35 PM
ther has to be a way of activating the eon ticket without a cheat device if you know it than please tell me

December 2nd, 2003, 5:00 PM
if you have the real eon ticket it should be self-explanatory... or have instructions of some sort on how to use it too. The real eon ticket will trigger both "add item Eon Ticket" and "Unlock Southern Island Option (for the boat" special triggers at once. With a fake ticket *coughgamesharkcough* you'll need to activate 2 codes at once.

December 2nd, 2003, 5:04 PM
er..do you like have the Eon Ticket downloaded? cause ya need it downloaded, then a defeat the elite 4 and talk to your dad. oh, ya have to belong to that secret profile club thingy...(what were they called?)

latios tamer
December 2nd, 2003, 7:07 PM
thanks but im talking about sharking it than not yoosing codes