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March 2nd, 2012, 12:17 PM
Hey guys,

Over the last while ive been working on a story, characters, locations and overworld ive been looking to create a fan game of a Golden Sun Rom hack and down the line ill have the tools necessary (The golden Sun Editor) created by Atrius. in the mean time im fleshing out what i myself can do. So currently I am looking 8 Protagonist characters (refrences below) Main characters have larger sprite sheets so characters that follow arnt too bad.

Heres a few examples of pixel art concepts of locations planned for the game, (just to show im serious)



Overworld as it stands atm


Now, I have maps, characters, plot sorted out however I just need someone to help create sprites, Golden Sun style Sprites are detiled thus would take a well dedicated and skiller spriter to do..

Example of offical sprite sheet


Now I would expect anyone to jump in without any refrence materials so alas


:Venus: - Uranus Adepts

1- Oscar


Gender: Male
Age: 18
Element: Uranus
Class: Squire > Knight > Gallant > Lord > Slayer
Build: Warrior
Initial Equip: Iron Sword

Story: From a small village south of Maipe. As a young boy often travelling to the temple to deliver goods he was inspired to learn psyngery of a young monk there named Sakum of whom the two of them went on many small adventures together but as the years went on Oscars farther stopped making the trip Oscar carried on with his life only to be united seven years later.



2 - Enya:


Gender: Female
Age: 22
Element: Uranus
Class: Squire --> Warrior --> Gallant --> Man Eater --> Slayer
Build: Fighter (Heavy Armor, Swords, Light blades and Cythes)
Signature Weapon: Pending
Initial Equip: Iron Blade
Personality: Pending
Physique: Pending

Story - Enya travels Weyard in hope to train and become good enough to win the Alchemy games Tournament in Athol and ultimately win a spot in the Pluto Knights of Kona, The Prize of such feat. Problems arise before the forcing her to team up with the main protagonist to overcome a mysterious threat infecting the city...



:Mars: - Saturn Adepts

1 - Sakum:


Gender: Male
Age: 18
Element: Saturn
Class: Disciple --> Scholar --> Mage --> Alchemist --> Sage
Build: Mage (Light Armor, Light Blades, Maces and Ankhs)
Signature Weapon: Staff of Hellish Fire
Initial Equip: Maipe Staff
Personality: warmhearted and kind, dispises misuse of Alchemy
Physique: Agile that allows him to move fast and to attack with smaller weapons (daggers). however main focus is on his psyenrgy which is his strong point

Story - A young monk from Maipe. A temple village that lies near Flares Rock with its adepts of Saturn. The markings on his face distinguish him being a poverful mage despite his young age. Having grown up exploring the secrets of the rock, Sakum and his desire for Knowlege of Alchemy and appreciation for his world sets him on a pilgrimage to uncover other places such as the other rocks. This being the first time that he has left the village he quickly finds out .The outside world isnt a plesent as he had thought nor been told.



2 - Coral


Gender: Female
Age: 17
Element: Saturn


Story: Coral is the twin sister of the King of Athol and travels with Enya to Kona to see her brother who is currently there in business with Savil on an airship he's developing

:Jupiter: - Pluto Adepts

1 - Logan

http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb90/maxipower90/Logan2-2.png (15 Colour Rom Hack Ready>>>>>>>>>>>> http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb90/maxipower90/Logan-3.png

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Element: Pluto
Class: Swordsman --> Defender --> Gallant --> Knight --> Captain
Build: Fighter (Heavy Armor, Swords, Axes and Maces)
Signature Weapon: Virtue Blade
Initial Equip: Steel Sword
Personality: Trustworthy and Virtueous to the end
Physique: Muscular on par with Felix for strength



Story - Being son of Hugh, the Captain of the Knights of Pluto has its advantages... One being that all his training to become a Knight of Pluto has made him one of the finest swordsmen in the land. After overhearing a conversation between King Savil and subordinate of his farther about a secret mission that would lead to the betrayel of his farther, Hugh decides that the only people that can help him is his enemy... The enemy of my enemy is my friend... This being the resistance, a group of Wind adepts who are constanly causing disturbance towards his people. These people are known as the people of Anemos Logans pursuit of the truth leads him to them

2 - Tova


Gender: Female
Age: 17
Element: Pluto


Story: Tova is from a clan of adepts that live in the village of Glynn, near tempest rock. Her clan have several ability's such as being able to see several minutes into the future allowing them to bend time and space to meet there needs, they can see how one will react and then repeat a scene and get a different response by acting differently. Its a power that her clan banned from using since it along with man kinds greed is a dangerous tool. Tova however uses her power instead to see the world of Lucere from a different view, she's interested in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She can also mind read people

:Mercury: - Neptune Adepts

1 - Artem


Gender: Male
Age: 21
Element: Neptune
Class: Disciple --> Scholar --> Mage --> Alchemist --> Sage
Build: Mage (Light Armor, Light Blades, Maces and Ankhs)
Signature Weapon: Staff of Heavenly Ice
Initial Equip: ? Staff
Personality: Calculated, likes to know his surroundings
Physique: Agile that allows him to move fast and to attack with smaller weapons (daggers). however main focus is on his psyenrgy which is his strong point. Master of healing arts

Story - Artem shares a bloodline with Sakum after a thier father cheated on both their mothers. When he got ill however and was unable to return to maipe to visit Sakum, he told Artem what he had done and asked him to find Sakum and tell him the truth reveal who he was.


2 - Koris

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Element: Neptune

Story: Koris motives are unknown but it is rumoured that he is involved in a rebellion group that has been sighted around Kona.

March 2nd, 2012, 4:22 PM
This section is for posting projects such as 'revamping sprites of G/S/C' or games like the 'fusion game' we have. I say this belongs more around the game development section.