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January 12th, 2005, 1:40 AM
A fic inspired by a long discontinued one called Capcom Strike Force. This is the first chapter, Enjoy.

Nintendo Crew- Chapter 1. Here we go again!

A/N- All the Pokmon speech is translated to english here

Disclaimer- I do not own any of these Nintendo characters though I wished I did. The poem is written by me and may not be used anywhere else.

The mushroom's grow, Goombas eat
Don't expect to find a treat
Go head west and find the tree
This is just the Plumber's destiny
Find the gap opened by mishap
Beware of the evergrowing sap
Jump over it but don't get caught
It'll leave you with nothing that you bought
Find the castle that is so dark
Locate the pipe with a great big mark
If you fail you'll fall to your doom
So don't bother to stop for a groom
Crawl through the pipe that is so narrow
Get the 'key and through the barrel
Break the keyhole that is a bit lower
The guardian will rise, known as 'Swober'
To defeat him say the word
Jumbled up like the farmhouse herd
There you'll see the powers you hold.
A true hero, with a heart so bold.

Mario sighed. Such a pointless poem found in the big library of the Mushroom Kingdom. And it's the one he had to recite with his ever so popular Italian accent. He took it out to the librarian.

"Hello," the librarian welcomed. She had worked here before Princess peach was born and was kind and old. She cared for children a lot. She propped her spectacles up a bit more and strained her eyes. "Mr Mario?"

Mario smiled. Everyone here knew him even more than Princess Peach. He was known for countless savings of the Mushroom Kingdom, rescuing Princess Peach time after time. He was easily recognized, with his red hat, red shirt, and the overalls that once belonged to his younger brother, Luigi. He took off his hat, his coffee-brown hair bundled up in the hat. He leaned on the table and handed the librarian his ID card. "It is me."

The librarian smiled. "What brings you here to borrow a book? Aren't you supposed to be off fixing our pipes?" The librarian suffered from amnesia. She remembers long term things before her accident many years back. Her only memories of Mario were the fact that he and his brother were plumbers. She took out a notebook and printed out neatly ' 70 Most Mysterious Poems of the Mushroom Kingdom '. She took out a stamp which said Month of the Mushroom, Day 9, Year of the Koopa. He took the book out and slung a small leather satchel of tools over his shoulder. He jumped down the stairs with his trademark jump and started to walk. A small creature began rushing towards Mario, running in circles.

"Toad?" Mario squinted his big round eyes. Easily recognizable, a spotted cap with big red spots and a red shirt over his short and chubby body. His brown leather shoes were worn with age, though still able to walk in. Toad slowed down and panted.

"Prin...cess... Peach... Captured..." he muttered out. Toad breath heavily and leaned against the wall and slid down onto the floor.

"Get DK, Get my brother, get my Yoshi, the scouts of Mushroom Kingdom and get someone to give a message to Link in Hyrule." Mario ordered.

"Hyrule?" Toad cried. He jumped up from his feet and stared at the plumber in red. "Are you serious? Link! Hyrule! Hylians!"

"Just do it." Mario was in a pretty bad mood. He pointed 2 fingers at Toad and pushed him to the side a little. Toad scrambled back towards the Kingdom with Mario's message. He sat down on a small bench, wiping a sweat from his brow.
To the far east of the Mushroom Kingdom was a continent, known as Kanto. Creatures known as Pokmon played about. 2 purple rats called Rattata gnawed on trees. Brown and cream-colored birds known as Pidgey chirped away quiet melodies. A small yellow mouse stood out among them. Pokmon speak only their name, but experts realized that they do have a language. Each syllable, stretched or shortened shows a different meaning. Of course, each Pokmon's have their screams, shouts, moans, sighs and more in their own language.

"Pi..." The Pikachu sighed he crawled on his feet. Rushing south. He saw winged dinosaurs, in assorted colors. Ones from the Mushroom Kingdom known as Yoshi.
"Bro, Mario!" Luigi shouted. He leapt up with an unstable jump and landed just in front of Mario. Luigi was an exact replica of Mario, but in green and he was more stretched. Luigi has many nicknames, as very little know him as Mario's brother. Mr. Green, Mr. Mustache, Green Mario. Lots of names were thought up for him.

"You've got to be more careful. You're lucky I don't mind your jumps all wobbly, but one day, you'll get into trouble with your jumps." Mario remarked. He walked towards a kart that he had once driven and his brother as the co-driver. He hopped into it, Luigi following as they checked put their hands on 2 plates, one red and one green, giving them the power to shoot their Fireballs and Lightningballs. The engine of the kart gave a big roar, and sand puffed up from the flatlands of the Mushroom Kingdom Kart-Park. Yoshi followed Mario with a Kart of his own, this one with a Yoshi's head on it and a supply of eggs in the pack. A few Toads walked over to the Kart, tieing a knot on the small handle at the end of the kart to a green replica of Mario's one. A few more Toads helped load food into the kart, when a blue Toad gave a thumbs up to Yoshi. Yoshi sped off, not as fast as Mario with the load behind him and followed Mario's Kart-Tracks.

January 12th, 2005, 1:57 PM
Cool! I love Mario!! XDXD I think this fic was a great one-shot, though you could've explained what was happening a bit better. We really don't know why Mario had to recite a poem in Italian. XD Also, it was a bit short, so I'd recommend adding more detail into this ficcy. ^o^

I think you could have explained what the librarian looked like, and her personality a bit, remember, even the smallest characters or details count. Even describing Mario and Yoshi, though nearly everyone knows what they look like, nothing beats reading a long and descriptive story. ^^

Well, other than that this fic looks like it can be a great fic. I sure hope Bowser ends up in here somewhere. ^___________^ Nice job, Omega. ^^


January 12th, 2005, 2:00 PM
I like it, its freshing to see a Nintendo type fan fic XD, seeing as how its only the first chapter just make it a little longer because the descriptions that you're giving is fine, it dousn't have to go into deep details and you gave basic ones which is fine.

I really liked reading this, it went from a fic about Mario, to finding the rest of the Nintendo characters, and in that short amount of time the stroy is moving along nicely.

Great job, just make it a bit longer!

January 14th, 2005, 4:54 PM
Something that I'm confused with myself, why do they need Link to save Princess Peach when he does it by himself all the time???

January 15th, 2005, 10:48 AM
Something that I'm confused with myself, why do they need Link to save Princess Peach when he does it by himself all the time???

^^; I'm sorry, I don't quite understand your question. Are you referring to your own fic, or the games in general?


January 29th, 2005, 6:30 AM
-Nintendo Crew-

Chapter 2
Double the Trouble.

Mario raced in his Kart. A Toad was next to them.

"Mario." The Toad muttered.

"Yes?" The plumber turned his head slightly, still eyeing the road in front of him.

"It's not Bowser how captured Peach."
The clouds turned grey. A drizzle or two would come every hour or two. The Hylian, Link stood up. He looked at his hat, named Ezlo and picked him up.

"Hey! I'm sleeping!" Ezlo complained. His beak, which was sunk into himself earlier rose like the sun. He attempted to hit his companion Link but Link jumped back. "Why in Hyrule would you wake me up like that! It's not even past the 6th Hour!"

Link closed his eyes. "I had a dream..."

Ezlo stared at Link. "A nightmare!?" He bounced off with his 'legs' and onto Link's yellow hair. "What was it about?"

Link opened his eyes, and sat on his bed. "It was about..." He paused, and took a deep breath. "It was about Ganon... being chased by the Minish!" Ezlo roared with laughter.

"Haven't had a joke like that for a long time!" Ezlo jumped from Link's messy hair. He rested on the firm Oak table, and a loud banging was heard. Link took his Master Sword and Mirror Shield from under his Bed, walking closely towards the door. He took his chubby hands and turned the brass doorknob.

"LINK!" A voice cried. Link looked down. Toad was standing in front of him.

"Aren't you from the Mushroom Kingdom?" Link asked. He bent down, looking directly at Toad.

"Princess Peach is Captured, not by Bowser!" Toad yelled. "And your security guards said that Princess Zelda has been captured too! It's by the same person!"

Link stared in horror. He opened his drawer and took his bow out, a handful of arrows, and started packing.

"I'll leave with you."
"Mario." A familiar voice called. The primeape with his sidekick, Diddy Kong stopped in the middle of the road.

"DK." Mario smiled. He looked at Donkey Kong's barrel-shaped kart.

"Peach is captured huh?" Donkey Kong boomed.

"Yes, and it's not by Bowser too." Mario stated. "And I don't think it was you."

Donkey Kong chuckled. "Ever since you actually defeated me all those years back. 'Jumpman'" he teased.

Mario was angry, yet laughing at the same time. "Doesn't matter, 'Monkey'"

Luigi got off Mario's Kart and got on his own, as the 4 Karts raced down the road.
"Link?" Mario questioned. A boy walked out, He had blonde hair, his green tunic and hat, A shield strung to his back, and being leaned on, was his legendary Master Sword.

"Ma Ma Mia." Link replied. Although this trademark was more along the lines of 'Oh no!' It meant a whole lot of different things. Link was on horseback, not something Mario had expected. Link threw his sack across his shoulder and hung it in a kind of wagon trailing behind the horse.

"You got any clues?" Link asked.

"No, but we figure that for the first 50 kilometres it would be this path, Mushroom Kingdom is pretty much isolated." Mario said.

Link pulled the reign of his brown mount. He fed it a small piece of an apple with his leather gloved hands.

"Let's get going." Link said in a much more serious tone. He yanked the reign of his horse, his green tunic waving in the wind with his polished oak bow banging against his back. Mario's Kart roared, Luigi's, Yoshi's and Donkey Kong's trailing behind.
"And we so happen to end up in Pokmon Land." Luigi complained. A few Rattata bothered them for food and some young Pidgey wouldn't shut up. But something stood out from the crowd of wild Pokmon. A Pikachu.

"Pika!" He cried. The yellow mice bobbed its head up and down. His plump red cheeks 'shock'ingly 'stun'ning. It produced a small sphere of lightning.

"What did he say?" Donkey Kong asked in confusion.

"Listen carefully" The party moaned. Soon it came clear to Donkey Kong. The language was a pretty easy one to understand. The 'Pi' sounds and the 'Ka' sounds at different pitches and such.

"I want to join you." The Pikachu said. He crawled towards Mario, the team leader. Pikachu's eyes gazing into Mario.

"Uh... Yes." Mario replied, everybody looking at him. Pikachu leaped in happiness, he calmed down quickly, after receiving an apple from Link.

"Who's our first... er... 'Boss'?" Link joked. A sweatdrop leaked from his blonde hair.

"This Mewtwo Per..kmon" Mario called. The flickering warm flame came to an end. The moonlight still shining bright on them.

"Sleep?" Yoshi questioned.

"Ready to go!" Mario and Luigi said in unison.

January 30th, 2005, 7:33 AM
I really am loving the whole plot of this fic. I think it's a neat twist to have Princess Peach and Princess Zelda captured, but not by the ever menacing Bowser. Then, you have all the Nintendo characters banding together to rescues the two Princesses. ^o^

A few words of suggestion: try adding a bit more detail here. I was curious as to what Ezlo, Link's hat looked like. Was it the hat he wears in the game? Or possibly some different kind. Any and all detail is always appreciated in fanfics. ^^

I might recommend adding a bit more into the plot. Though your plot is wonderful so far, it's still a bit confusing, especially when you change scenes so rapidly. Maybe add a nice transition in there like, "Meanwhile in Donkey Kong's tree house..." etc., etc.

Well, Omega, I am really starting to like this fic. I hope to see more chapters from you soon. Keep up the great work. ^_~


February 1st, 2005, 9:34 AM
thats really cool keep going really well i like it

February 4th, 2005, 6:25 PM
thats really cool keep going really well i like it

Can you not give replies like this? It annoys me.

I don't really know much about Donkey Kong. It mainly centers around Link, Mario, and Pikachu. (Maybe Kirby, but is Kirby a Nintendo-made character?)


I'm going to plan a crossover of Nintendo Crew with some of the other big characters, like Megaman and Sonic

February 5th, 2005, 12:39 AM
kirby is hal and nintendo and sorry about my post dk well he has a coconut gun does that help he has some animal buddies

February 8th, 2005, 2:24 PM
OMG this is the coolest fic in teh world! i love the description! and Mario and Link are so funny! XD I like how you described the pokemon language, how each syllable stood for something, very creative! you just need to work on some of that gramemr, some of it didn't make any sence, i would quote them, but your stories so loong 0.0;; XD which is good! just read them over and see which parts don't make any sence, otherwise your story rocks...and plz, DON'T MAKE MEWTWO EVIL! ;_; i mean makeing him evil is fine ^^ just not deadly evil ;_;

February 10th, 2005, 4:57 AM
I'm getting very lazy with this fic, but I'll continue somehow. It's long? o_O, oh and Lizzie, your siggy hurts your eyes if you're using the Alto Mare Layout.

February 10th, 2005, 7:02 AM
umm thanks i'll change it 0-o;; plz edit that