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April 27th, 2012, 5:03 AM
Hello guys.


WARNING: You will have to be confident programmer to pick up a project of this size.

I was asked to repost the thread with more information and pictures. Imagine logging into a game in your browser, walking around the massive world of Pokemon and then seeing your friends around around with you?

When I was a kid I had this vision and wrote a game engine that made that possible.


Codebase from scratch. This is an original engine that is not based on anything else.
Pathfinding: Most games here rely on the directional keys to walk around. In JSPKMNe, you can walk with the WASD keys but also walk around by clicking. Your character will walk around solid objects. This can also be used by NPCs.
See that yellow square? When you click it, your character walks around the trees.
Loading/Save capability The game can load and save state but the frontend has not been added.
Game Modes If you start coding for it, you'll have to add your game to gamemodes.js. Your game will then appear in the list:
Rudimentary Multiplayer There is currently a basic Java server that you can very easily extend to add other features such as chat or battling.

Single Tile Engine Unlike most games, to make tiles you simply load a single picture and then click where things are. This way you can export your tiles from other game engines or from the existing games:
Incomplete Battle System The battle system kind of works, as you can see from the video in my signature but it is largely unfinished.

Design Decisions

I took a number of design decisions to support interesting things in the game engine that I had never seen in other fangames. Namely:

Battling does not necessarily have to be graphical. When I wrote the engine I wanted to make it so that other NPCs can battle eachother too. The idea being that the game would simulate other trainers in the game world so you don't feel alone. They would walk around just like you - pathfinding lets that happen :-)
The screen only shows two Pokemon but the controlled player can be on either side. It should be possible to adjust the engine to add more Pokemon. It's not hardcoded. They're currently called LEFT and RIGHT and you can be on either side.

I have open sourced the entire engine. This means you can play with it today, look at the code, learn from it, update it and make it better. You will need a GitHub account to join the fun though. The link is in my signature. I'll accept pull requests when you want to push your changes back :-)

This project is better suited for more advanced developers and not for the faint of heart. You'll need to be familiar with Apache configuration, MySQL databases, Java sockets to work on the server.

I am releasing the codebase because I no longer have time to work on it but someone else may find it useful. I have so many ideas but not the time in the world to work them through. By releasing this, I may have saved some people lots of effort so you can pick up where I started.

Comments welcome!

GitHub Project (https://github.com/fuz/jspkmnengine)
YouTube Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcwPOfVXRc0)

May 13th, 2012, 4:46 PM
Nice thing going on here bit I find no download.

EDIT: since it's java script this supports begin on a web browser?

May 18th, 2012, 11:36 AM
Your engine is looking good, I have been working on the same thing, except mine is not a game making engine its just a game.

I should post a thread, I need to get it uploaded to a server tho.

NodeJS, PHP, Javascript, Mysql, oh my! lol.

Good luck! If you wanna beta test mine email me. [email protected]
it will be up in a month or so, I'd love to get feedback from a fellow web designer.