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April 27th, 2012, 1:55 PM
Welcome to the new world of...
Mario Kart Universe
This new universe is the place where you will discuss anything and everything Mario Kart!
Let's Go Racing!

1) Please follow all PC rules as they apply here too
2) Respect each others opinion
3) Discussion may be discussed however you want, as long as it relates to the show & no fighting/argument.
4) Upon signing up, please state the only two Kart games that has at least 20 characters.

Bringing the universe onto the Discussion Pad:
Are there any characters you wish to see in the Mario Kart franchise?
Are there a specific racetrack you wish to race or see created?
How and when did you first play any of the Mario Kart franchise?
Which is your favorite Mario Kart game?
Do you wish to see more Kart racing with the Mario gang?

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Sector Revenge

Past Mario Kart Franchise:
Super Mario Kart; Mario Kart 64; Mario Kart: Super Curcuit; Mario Kart: Double Dash!!; Mario Kart Arcade GP; Mario Kart DS; Mario Kart Arcade GP 2; Mario Kart Wii; Mario Kart 7