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Dragon Paw
January 14th, 2005, 4:29 PM
This is Invitation Only. If you did not recieve an invite from me or Flygon Trainer, you can not participate.

PLOT: At the beginning of time, two dragons existed. One was the dragon of Light named Hikari. Hikari created and shaped all the worlds, dimensions etc. and filled them with light. Then her polar opposite appeared. Darkon. Darkon created the bad side of everything. For a while their power was equal. But now, Darkon used a power Hikari hadn't known he possessed to seal her away into a cave in a strange planet called Crystalia at the south pole. Darkon now controls the worlds. he has begun to fill them with anger, hate and other negative emotions. He has even begun destroying worlds that still hold the power of Light.

Darkon is coming to the planet Crystalia to anniliate all living creatures on it for it has a strange immunity to the dark magic of Darkon.. Darkon has unleashed various demons and dragons under his control to try and stop anyone from unsealing Hikari and to destroy the creatures of Crystalia.

Crystalia is where everyone starts. Crystalia is a world just like earth, in other words, it has technology etc. but it also has demons, dragons, and other fantasy creatures. In this RP you can be whatever character you want to be and can control up to three characters (I may make exceptions to this rule...).

Crystalia much like Earth. Except it is all two contienets. One continent that is place in the middle of the world that spans up to the north pole and a second contiennt at the south pole. The rest is all a large ocean with various islands.

Sign Up Form:

History: (optional)
Personality: (optional)
Other: (optional)
Powers: (optional)

January 14th, 2005, 5:04 PM
Flygon_Trainer just invited me via MSN :)

Name: Mizuiro
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: Has pearl white fur and very light blue eyes. Her wings are the same color as her fur.
Race: Wolcan (winged wolf)
Powers: Um...She can fly and talk and shtuff XD

January 14th, 2005, 5:15 PM
Name: Eromir (known by his friends as Earo)
Appearance:Silken smooth skin, but a look in his eyes that shows his elven warrior heritage. He is extremely stern yet unoffending.
History: (optional)
Personality: (optional)
Other: (optional)
Powers: (optional)

edit: BTW, Rachel invited me.

Kunoichi's Dragon
January 15th, 2005, 7:45 AM
((Sorry if the bio is a tad cliched, I'm a bit rusty. ))

Name: Kyaku Tokubetsu
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Description: Kyaku is what most people would see as a grade A nerd. Even though hes 57, his body build is rather weak. To the point where even a child could beat him up! His spiked up dirty blond hair is rather messy, thanks to that failed potion he used on it to try and keep it nice. And his baby blue eyes were so pathetic on him, especially with his rectangular glasses on. You could just imagine the ridicule he gets from people ((Sorry if I offended anyone with this.))

History: Kyaku was different, that was obvious to everyone around him. He was a child prodigy, able to decipher complex puzzles and equations at such an early age. By age eight, he was able to surpass everyone in his school in just about every subject, from physics to magical theory. Unfortunately, that did nothing to help his reputation. His curiosity would constantly get him in trouble, kids would pick on him because he was so scrawny, and many of the adults would always question why he never put his great height to good use. This went on for eighteen whole years; he was pretty much a laughing stock.

And his parents never knew. Kyaku would never tell them that he had so many problems, even when his clumsiness was quite evident. They always saw him for what he was, their son who they would always support. Unfortunately, by age twenty he had to move out of his home. He knew his parents would never be able to help him out in life, especially since they were growing older and were having their own problems supporting themselves. So he moved out to follow his dream of being a world renowned magic caster. Kyaku was always so fascinated by their ability to summon such power to their aid, no matter their body build. He went to the magical academy to try and reach for his dream. Unfortunately, he found out that he didnt have the one thing needed to use magic- raw magical ability.

So for half a year, he wandered about doing odd jobs to support him. All the while questioning- why is this happening to me? He was a genius who had nothing but a bit of cash and no real career. One day, Kyaku was sulking in the park, sitting next to some old man feeding the pigeons. They both ignored each other, and merely went off into their own worlds until the old man said something.

In order to gain something, you must give something of equal value. That is the law of Alchemy. You are an ideal example of this. Although surprised out of his wits, Kyaku questions the mans words. It seemed that the man was a retired alchemist, who just happened to be here to relax. The old man explained him that with gifts, there are always prices. Nothing is free in life. Which would somewhat explain why he was having such an unhappy life, regardless of his gifts. After meeting the man, Kyaku went to the Alchemists guild to train as an alchemist, inspired by the mans words. And now, even with his lack of coordination and physically weak body, hes building his life on alchemy

Personality: Though physically weak, that doesn't mean his mind is! Being a genius, he's able to rely on his witt and his alchemist abilities in order to get around. While normally shy and rather content with himself when it comes to strangers, Kyaku is a bit of a smart aleck when he's with people he actually knows. Which is both a good and bad thing in some cases.

Powers: Other then his brilliant mind, Kyaku can use powerful spells using alchemy, that is if he has the materials on hand. Though that's never really a problem 'cause he usually carries a lot of raw materials around with him.