View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts:The New Cards (Invite Only)

January 15th, 2005, 9:18 AM
Ok Get An Invatation From Me Or Prof.Pine You Get In
The Plot Is
Sora Just Finished All His Cards And When He Was About To Leave Alot Of Cards Droped Down He Picked Them Up He Saw Cards That Said Kokiri Forest,Hoenn,And Toadstool Castle,Oh And Hogwarts XD.So He Got Goofy Donald And Went To A Door With A Card...Then Right Before That Characters Kept Poping Up...King Mickey!!!!!Said Donald...

So You Choose A World And Explore How Heartless Got There Too.

Heres The Form For Me And The Form You Fill Out


World You Go In:Hogwarts

2 Cards You Always Get:Donald,Goofy

Villian That Pops Up Whenever You Least Expect It:Lord Volder-Wait Hes

Pure Evil Dont Say His Name

Remember Invite Only