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January 17th, 2005, 8:38 AM
~*~*Chapter 1: Can I Keep her?*~*~

Jessica strolled down the dirt path, her long, chesnut-brown hair in a ponytail. She had on a plain, button-up pink shirt, faded blue jeans, and a pair of brown sandles. Usually not the type who is the daughter of the most powerful and rich gym leader in all of Kanto and who finsd herself in strangle situations, right? Wrong. As the young, 8-year-old Jessica wandered down the path, she saw an unusually small Charmander on the ground. She hurried over to the injured creature, picking it up gently. The Charmander looked up weakly, then allowed itself to be carried down the path. Suddenly, two new Rocket members that didn't know the Rocket motto and had a talking Meowth with them jumped down and tried to take the Charmander away.

"What do you two think your doing?!" Jessica replied angerly, glaring at them and putting the Charmander down.
"What else do you think, you silly little girl?" the red-haired woman siad, reaching for a Pokeball on her waist.
"Do you want to keep your job on Team Rocket?" Jessica answered cooly.
"How'd you know we were part of Team Rocket?" said the puzzled and not-so-bright blue haired man, tilting his head slightly.
Jessica smiled wickdely. "My daddy is your boss," She calmly replied, picking up the Charmander again. "If you help me take this Charmander inside, then I might be able to talk my dad into promoting you to able to travel around the world."
"You can do that?" The Meowth quizzed.
"Weren't you listening? Now, help me take this Charmander home." She ordered impaniently.

The two other people quickly picked up the Chamander and headed towards a large, gray building with the Meowth and Jessica following. Once there, she told them to talk to her dad and tell him what they just did. When they left, Jessica got out her small pack, getting out all of her medical supplies. She quickly dressed the Charmander's wounds, and cured the Charmander of Poison. Now for the hard part. She lead him to her father's office, and knocked on the large oak door. She heard her father's voice coming from behind the door, telling her to enter. She opened the door, lead the Charmander inside, and shut the door behind her. The two Rockets she sent up here were already gone. Her Dad was sitting behind his desk, his face hidden in the shadows. His Persian was calmly laying down bedise his desk, looking the the pair.

"Yes?" Her dad, Giovanni, asked, eyeing the Charmander beside her.
"I found this Charmander in the forest. She was hurt pretty bad, so I had two Rockets help her inside, so I could help her out. Can I PLEASE keep her?" She half-told, half-begged her father.
"Well...." He started, apparently deep in thought, "Ok. You may keep her."
"Thank you, Daddy!" She said, running up to her father and hugging him. "Can I give her a name?"
"Of course you can. She is your pokemon, after all." Giovanni siad with a slight smile.
Jessica turned to the Charmander. "Do you like the name Ember?"
"Char, Char!" Ember happily replied.

Of course, that was 5 years ago.

January 17th, 2005, 5:58 PM
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~*~*Chapter 2: Never Trust A Ratatta*~*~

Jessica and Ember were taking a stroll through the woods, one of the things they do in the morning, when a strange thing happened. Well, it didn't seem strange at first. A plain wild Ratatta had run across the path they were walking on, the same path Jessica had found Ember on, in fact. The Ratatta looked at them for a moment, then took off running into the woods. Ember, being the fiest little Charmeleon she is, took off after it.

"Ember!" Jessica called, chasing after her because she didn't have a Pokeball for Ember. "Get back here!"

Ember ignored her, and kept running, with the Ratatta still in pursuit, and Jessica still chasing. Suddenly, they came to a clearing, and Ember stopped, causing Jessica to crash into her and flip over onto the ground. Looking up from the oh-so-thrilling brown dirt, she saw a group of Duskulls floating in a circle around them. She quickly stood up, standing beside Ember, who was staring at the biggest one. Surprisingly, the leader(she thought) started to speak. And not in Poke-talk, either.

"Who are you?" The lead Duskull demanded in a gruff voice, pointing to the pair. The other Duskulls started to whisper amongst each other.
"What do we do?" Jessica whispered Ember, half-thinking that Ember could talk.
"Don't worry. I have a plan." Ember replied, looking at the leader.
Jessica stared at Ember. "You can talk?" she whispered in disbelief.
"I'll explain later." Ember whispered to her in a voice much like her own, then looked at the leader again.
"I said 'Who are you?'!" he reminded them impaniently.
"Sorry for distrurbing you. We were just taking our daily stroll when that Ratatta-" Ember paused, pointing at the Ratatta that was watching nearby and snickering at them. "said something in Poke-talk which angered me. I tried to catch up to him to make him apologize, but he insisted on teasing me and running away, the coward."
"Hmm....well, what did the Ratatta say?" said the Duskull leader.

Ember then leaned in and said, Jessica thought it was, the same thing the Ratatta said earlier. The Duskull stood straight up, and ordered two Duskulls to catch the Ratatta. The Ratatta, seeing danger, ran for his life. Jessica never knew what happened after they walked out of the clearing. They then continued on their walk like nothing happened.

January 23rd, 2005, 4:34 AM
Hmmm it's okay [sorry for the short review, I'm in a hurry], but it has a short plot, and it's not really original. Also a few typos.

I promise I will return and write more.

Keep working on it, this has potential. ^^

January 23rd, 2005, 5:55 AM
It needs some work. It's not very original, and I know you've tried to put originality into it, but it just doesn't work out for me. Perhaps it'll get better thoughout the fic. Description is quite good though.

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thats a cool storie dood. i wish i could right that good. i want to read more.

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you should. reading is teh sweet.

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