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July 23rd, 2012, 8:11 AM
I thought that the next time the makers of the Pokémon anime need a filler season they could make one that takes place on the Sevii Islands, Navel Island and Birth Island. They would probably have to add Gyms, but that's fine with me.

This would fit perfectly when the next Kanto remake game is released. (There will probably be one at some point when the difference in graphics is big enough, but R/S remakes will probably come before).

Another idea I got was that they could temporarily reinstate Misty and Brock as Ash's travel companions for the season. That nostalgia would probably be tempting for the older fans.

The Sevii Islands has made an anime appearance in Pokémon Chronicles episode 18: The Search for the Legend (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/SS018). The Episode is about Moltres and takes place at Mt. Ember.

Would you like to see a Sevii Islands filler season the next time the anime makers need to buy Game Freak some time to finish the "next generation game"? Vote and argument why/why not.

Note: I don't mean that they should force in a filler season, just that the next time they do it / sometime when they do it, they could make one about the Sevii Islands.

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