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oni flygon
January 22nd, 2005, 11:09 PM
Well...just the continuation to my other two poems...another poem about anxiety and fear followed by the sudden conclusion =D

Can't Take Her Off My Mind (1/21/05)

There she is
Walking with her friend
What to do?
Its not yet the end

I walk by myself and yet
When she comes, my heart aches
And my mind couldnt think
As if everything inside just breaks

I hate my mind at times
Because it couldnt think right
Sometimes I just want to avoid her
But I long for her at night

Even though I try my best
To leave her alone by herself
Because shes happy that way
And yet I couldnt think for myself

I try my best and with my whole heart
To take her away from my mind
And yet I always fail
It wasnt simple to leave her behind

And what I remember from her
Is that she would always smile
I couldnt take that from my mind
I curse, punch, kick and become hostile.

Why? I ask myself
This is just absurd to remember
Living in the past is wrong
Please forget November

So I took the path right of me
In order to avoid that person
What a coward I was!
I just wish I had a reason

She mustve been hurt
Or just confused
Or simply didnt know
Maybe it couldnt be excused

So then another night passed
Again I lay here in sadness
Thinking of her again
Trying not to fall in madness


Another Chapter Ends (1/22/05)

Its another page written in my own book
And I was free from these chains of emotion
Immediately I ran out and screamed
My happiness was as vast as the ocean

The music blares through my speakers
I stretch out and scream once more
A smile was in my face and I didnt care
I just didnt felt this feeling before

It was a feeling of freedom and happiness
The barbed chains were gone from my heart
And all the wounds have finally healed
I knew it was another time to start

My shattered glass heart was now formed
Every piece fitted in place of every crack
I see something new from this once broken heart
It was clear and it wasnt pitch black

Another chapter ends and yet another begins
I was moving ahead now and I dont want to stop
My hand continues to write in this page
Its a brand new page as I wrote at the top

Even though Im moving on with this time
Ill never forget the things you and I shared
When I run into you again down the street
You know that now Im not scared

So I smile as the music plays loudly
Its about love and moving on
Its so loud and I wanted it that way
I just wish you could hear it til dawn

Yesand if only you could listen to the melody
And listen to the wordsthen youll know
How I feel nowso free and so happy
Oh my, if only this feeling I could show

But in due respect, Ill move on silently
Still I continue to write down what I think
As if my hand moves on its own
Guiding the pen that doesnt run out of ink

January 23rd, 2005, 11:34 AM
Your poetry is so true to life, with sitautions that people deal with everyday. There is not much more to say that hasn't already been said in past poetry based on this, but it was excellently written, being true to life, and having it at its climax from start to finish.

oni flygon
January 23rd, 2005, 11:44 AM
Thank you for the comment...
I base all of my poems from real life situations that are mostly things such as paranoia, anxiety, loss, or love...

January 29th, 2005, 12:11 PM
Your poetry is so pure Oni. ^___________^ It really shows how the human mind and body work. It shows how your head can be filled with thoughts, some of which aren't the ones you want, so you try to get them out of your head. Your heart wants something different from what your mind wants, causing conflits within yourself.

Your second poem seemed to suggest the idea of infinity, what with the never-ending pen and all. For you have resorted to writing down your thoughts, and your thoughts seem to become never-ending as your hand keeps moving and the pen keeps writing.

I loved both poems very much Oni, keep up the awsome work. ^___^


February 18th, 2005, 6:19 AM
Thats so sweet oni flygon.