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September 9th, 2003, 6:33 PM
First of all, for everyone who read the first L of L thank u and yur in for a real treat. For those who didn't read the first 2 parts u might wanna read them on the old Pc. Anyway from now on it"s gonna be in chapters. Just in case your wondering this is PG-13 because of language mild violence.

Chapter 1: Day of the Dragon

"I've got a great idea!" exclaimed Prof. Oak "Why don't you two travel together."
"Us!" cried Evan and Lance in unison.
"Yes it's perfect. You can learn teamwork and you'll take care of each other, it's perfect." said Prof. Oak with sheer confidence.
"Actually now that I think about it, it might work." said Evan.
"I guess it would be okay." grumbled Lance.
"It's settled then. You'll leave tommorow."

"Bye, Celia!" shouted Evan "Saying bye is always hard isn't it?"
Lance said nothing.
Lance rode on his motercycle, a gift from the monks, Evan rode his Rapidash.
"We're almost at Viridian City. We can rest Rapidash there."
Lance and Evan's stomach's grumbled, they both laughed. That was the only time Lance had smiled the entire time. Kind of ironic because that was when the Rockets attacked...

(to be continued, sorry for making it so short. I promise the next one'll be longer)

September 12th, 2003, 5:56 AM
Here's Chapter 2, enjoy^_~;

Chapter 2:When things get hot

[INDENT]"Hand over your pokemon and no one gets hurt" bellowed an obviously obese pokemon thief.

This thief was in a rather strange outfit, a black jumpsuit and beret like hat, sunglasses, and a giant "R" on his chest.
"Oh I hardly think we're the ones who will be recieving any pain today" Lance replied coldly.
"Okay wise guy. But I warned ya."
"I choose you, Raticate!"
The raticate seemed fairly wimpy, probably newly evolved.
"I'll handle this guy" said Evan holding Lance back.
"Go, Dugtrio!"
Lance had never seen a Dugtrio, this would be interesting.
"Raticate, Hyper Fang"
The clumsy raticate missed by a mile.
"Dugtrio, let's make this quick. Magnitude!"
No sooner was the command given that the attack was executed. The perky raticate was burried under three feet of gravel.
"Ahhh! Raticate, return. I'll get you for this!"
The strange thief then ran off into the forest.
"Good job" Evan complimented "Dugtrio, return. Rapidash, return. I think that we should fly over to the Pokemon Center, you can ride with me."
"Fine" Lance said, almost rudely.
"Charizard, fly us over, huh?"
Soon they were airborn, Lance chuckled as Evan almost fell off of Charizard after passing by some cute girls.
"Hey. You got a girlfriend?" Evan asked. "I did. It didn't work out, she moved to Celadon City. Plus she was into Grass-Types (*hint hint* Erika).
"I think we're here" Evan said, but he soon gasped.
Lance looked over the side, he soon followed suit, the Pokemon Center was on fire.
"Look there's a gang using Pokemon to burn the place down. That isn't right, we gotta help."

"Hey boss, look up there. Some trainers ridin on a Charizard."
"Just torch 'em or something."

(to be continued)