View Full Version : Petition: Okami HD for Wii U

November 21st, 2012, 12:44 PM
Why am I making a Petition for a game that not that many people in the US know about to be ported over to Wii U? Reasons below!

1: Touchpad could be used for the brush techniques by using a stylus and improved controls over the DS stylus controls in Okamiden. Making for a much better experiance than 'fake' drawing controlls like with the Wii controller or the PS3's Move.

2: Nintendo won't admit it, but they only ported the original to Wii for a quick buck.

3: The HD capabilities of Wii U will most likely never be used in a game except for enhancing colors and/or pre-rendered cutscenes.

4: The sales overseas would more than cover the lack of sales in the US.

5: Wii U exclusive content (exclusive carmic transformations, exclusive weapons etc) unlocked by meeting certain conditions in-game or with DLC. Could draw (pun not intended =_=) in new fans and old fans.

6: Fans want it, and the original was ported anyway as well so why the hell not?

If we can get enough fans to agree (500 - 1000 ?) maybe nintendo will listen, Nintendo does listen to fans and cooperate with them more politely (even if it's an automated email...) than others.

Captain Fabio
November 21st, 2012, 1:49 PM
I am afraid this isn't allowed on the board as you can't ask members to sign your petition. If I am honest, I doubt Nintendo are going to care all that much. :/

If the game is going to be made for the system, then it will be.