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Maximo v.2
January 30th, 2005, 7:57 AM
i allready posted it at serebii but im posting it here enjoy

Chapter 1: leaving the
So are you ready Nathan or is that a stupid question an overexcited teenagers mom asked her son as he gulped down his breakfast.

Yea stupid question after all I am getting my first pokemon my first friend since we moved from new bark also he stood, putting his bowl and plate in the sink that previously held his cereal and toast he grabbed his back pack and prepared to say goodbye to his mom.

Well this is my son ready to travel threw the orre region without a care in the world sob I will miss you she hug him and he hugged her back tears fell down on shoulder as he was released from his mothers grasp.

Arell see you soon he walked out the door and headed for professor pines lab were he would make one of the most important decisions of his life.

Nathan lived in one of the smallest towns in orre technically it wasnt a town there use to be a big train here were a man made his money by selling pokeballs and food to travelers, he is know the president of the town and has decided to call it the outskirts.

After about ten minutes of walking Nathan had arrived at the lab were a couple of playful sandshrew an armadillo like pokemon watched him walk in.

Inside the walls were a clean white and plants were all over, there was also a desk in the middle with paperwork and boxes and a couch at the side.

Arr Nathan youre here theres just two more pokemon left for youre partner And Jeff was very patient and decided to wait Nathan looked over at the labs couch were a boy about his age sat with a carton of orange juice.

Well time to meet the pokemon professor pine shot out the two remaining pokeballs, the first was a small grass pokemon Nathan knew as chickorita and the second was a tall gecko like pokemon knew as treecko.

Hmm I think arell take treecko he looks faster and more athletic Jeff commented as treecko walked up to him and jumped onto his shoulder.

<You have good taste im much stronger then that wimp> Treecko said to him in pokelanguage chickorita heard this and shot two vines out of the side of his neck slapping treecko off Jeffs shoulder.

<Take that back tree boy> he snapped back as treecko lifted himself up off the ground ready to fight.

Now treecko that wasnt a nice thing, Jeff heres youre pokeballs and pokedex you should go now before someone gets hurt Prof pine told him, Jeff nodded and put the things into his back pocket treecko jumped back on his shoulder as they exited the lab.

Now Nathan chickorita may look girly but hes a strong fighter just hold on to him and make sure he fights a lot and youll have a champion on youre hands sooner or later He smiled as Nathan picked up his new pokemon.

So you want to come with me buddy He asked chickorita.

Chickor chic Chickor <Well you look better then this old coot> he answered as Prof Pine shot her a look.

Hay Prof how can you understand what chickorita said Nathan asked him curiously looking down at chickorita.

After spending twenty hours a day researching pokemon you start to understand the little critters, now heres youre pokeballs and pokedex have fun exploring orre but I must go now im missing my soap operas he left to the back room as Nathan put the pokeballs and pokedex into his pocket as chickorita looked up at him from the floor.

Lets go to my house so my mom can play with you for a bit shell love you since you smell like perfume They walked out the door heading for Nathans house, Chickorita seemed to feel weird any other person he was around he found something about them to make fun of.

So chickorita what kind of things do you like, I enjoy pokemon battles and eating and girls o and eating, dam I already said that didnt I Nathan told him as a faint chuckle came from his pokemon.

So you do have feelings I was beginning to think that you didnt like me He smiled at him as he smiled back.

After walking and talking for a good ten minutes they had arrived at Nathans house, he pushed threw the door and walked into the living room were his mom was sleeping but began to wake up.

Hi Nathan is that youre pokemon she asked as chickorita just looked at her still amazed that there was nothing wrong with Nathans mom either.
Yea and remember hes a boy not a girl, his name is chickorita Nathan introduced him as chickorita began to examine his surroundings.

Chickor Chick <food, food, food> Chickorita began to chant as he found a fruit bowl near the TV dangling with berrys, a vine began to straighten out of chickoritas neck grabbing the berrys and taking them back to him.

Nathan chuckled slightly as his mom stood and walked over to him Nathan youre finally a pokemon trainer, Ive waited for this day since you were born not because I can use youre room for my art work but because youre becoming responsible oh I almost forgot I got you a little present she walked over to a small box in the corner of the room, by now chickorita had stopped eating and watched Nathans mom as she pulled out a bright blue grey egg.

Its a pokemon egg it will hatch in a few days and will need a proper trainer to take care of it she smiled handing over the egg.

Thanks Arell call you when I reach the next town He walked to the door as his mom and chickorita followed.

A blue backpack was near the wall; he packed the egg inside it and put it around his body.

Bye mom Ill miss you Nathan hugged her goodbye and left threw the door finally leaving the outskirts for his pokemon journey.