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January 30th, 2005, 9:02 PM
Chapter One:

On a cold winter night through the dark and lonely woods a young boy walked its soil. He was tall, about 18 years old, he had black, long hair and black eyes, and he was wearing black baggy pants as well as a black shirt and a black, long overcoat and black rock boots. He had a serious look in his eyes and he appeared to be by himself, which wasn't a good idea in those woods. All that could be heard was the sound of muffled music coming from the young boy's MP3 player. He kept walking and came to a stop at a beautiful meadow, there he turned off the MP3 player and an Absol came towards him.

"We're safe...for now. Good job. Keep guard while I check our stuff.
"Ab!" Said the faithful Absol as it hid once more and kept a close watch over the place. Meanwhile the boy went into a cave hidden by thick moss and a trunk that had fallen to the ground. The boy took his backpack off and reached in and took out a strange looking pokball. It was a crimson color and it looked like it was glowing. He set it down beside him and then took out several pokballs and released the Pokmon inside. Out came a Sableye, Minun, Plusel, Grovyle, Skarmory, Houndoom, Sneasel and a Medicham.

"Hey guys." All the Pokmon greeted their trainer with joy but then fell silent to hear what he had to say.

"You all did an awesome job. No one else coulda done it like you guys did back there. But now it's my turn to take care of something. I gotta go back into town and get some supply for us and then we can move out." As the trainer turned to go out he froze and the Sableye looked at him as he said.

"Keep these psychos out of trouble. I'm counting on you Darkness."

The Sableye nodded silently and went back to the group. Once out of sight the Plusel went towards the strange pokball and pressed it, it opened and the surge of energy escaping from it revealed an Umbreon. It looked at the others sort of frightened, they could tell so the Sableye approached it and said in a sweet soft voice.

"Hi. Welcome to the team. My name is Darkness. Oh and these are the guys. The Minun is Lillth, the Plusel is Samael, the Grovyle is Raven, the Skarmory is Lestat, Houndoom is Angelus, Sneasel is Goethes and the Medicham is Winterborn. You are...?

In a soft timid voice the Umbreon said. "I'm NightWish."

"Hey! Welcome to my team!" Said Goethes while the others frowned at the remark and Lillith said.

"Your team?!! Who died and made you the trainer?"

"Tosh is the trainer but I'm the leader of his team." Said Goethes proudly but then all the other Pokmon fell to the ground laughing while Goethes looked at them annoyed.

"Please explain what is so dang funny."

"You're patheticness." Said the Absol as it entered the cave and sat down at the entrance. NightWish hid behind Darkness and looked at the Absol in amazement.

"Oh and that is Apocalypse."

"Thanks Darkness. So kid, how do you like the team?"

"O...kay I guess." Apocalypse noticed how nervous she was. It was understandable. She was on a new team and had just recently met them.

"Well, I donnu 'bout the rest of ya but I'm bushed."

Goethes went to the back of the cave and fell asleep. Samael grinned and said in a low whisper. "Hey, let's throw him out in the cold."

"Umm he's an ice type. Wouldnt really make any difference." Said Darkness as she shook her head. NightWish sat apart in a corner and Lillith came to her and said.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, just not used to other Pokmon or people at that."

"Don't worry, Tosh is a great trainer. We all help each other out and he's very nice to us all. I used to be like you, shy and all but give it some time and you'll get comfortable. It's--"

Lillith was interrupted by Apocalypse's yells. They all ran outside and found Tosh being tied up and dragged into a gray Ram pick up truck by some strangers. They ran to Apocalypse who was outnumbered by a massive crowd of Onix and Steelix blocking the way. One of the Onix slammed it's massive tail on Apocalypse sending him flying right into the rest of them. Before they could react an Alakazam stepped foward and created a powerful barrier trapping them as the strange men ordered the Steelix, Onix and Alakazam to back down. A woman wearing a pink blouse and white pants saw NightWish and called her Pokmon.

"Wicked, get me that Umbreon!"

A Jolteon came out of the tossed pokball and ran after NightWish who had been hiding in the cave when Tosh's Pokmon were trapped by the barrier. Wicked stood there and NightWish took off. She was being chased through woods she did not know and she was still scared from what she had just witnessed. NightWish just ran as fast as her legs could carry her, Wicked however wasn't planning on letting her get away. The Jolteon released a powerful thunderbolt and almost hit NightWish but she proved to be too fast. Up ahead she saw the end of a cliff; she was trapped with no way out. Once at the top of the cliff she stopped and looked down, it was a long way down. She turned and faced her attacker who seemed to smile wickedly.


NightWish hadn't been with the team that long but she knew that was Darkness screaming out to her trainer in fear for him. She looked at the Jolteon once more and it went at her with a double-edge attack. Suddenly all her worries were gone and she felt as if she were in another place, peacefully looking up at the midnight winter sky. As the Jolteon got close it actually went through her as if she was an apparition. Wicked fell down the cliff and landed hard on the river below. Without noticing Lillith had seen what happened with NightWish and saw how Wicked just went through her as if she was a ghost.

"What the heck is going on?"

Thanks to Dark Light Angel and deathbyalice for coming up with the wicked title.

Dark Light Angel
January 30th, 2005, 9:48 PM
OMG!Wow that's a greta first chapter!I hope you write more soon!I really like how your showing what the pokemon are saying and such and how they're acting.And NightWish sounds very intresting.

January 31st, 2005, 9:40 AM
Chapter Two:

NightWish turned and saw Lillith standing there in shock so she went over and from the look in her eyes she could tell Lillith had seen the whole thing. Her ears dropped and a sad look invaded her face. She sat next to her and said.

Idonnu what that was. Ive been able to do things other Umbreon cant. Some times I think Im part ghost but I know Im all dark. You wont tell anyone will you?

Lillith shook off the shock from her face and just felt how sad NightWish was. She smiled and hugged while saying.

I wont tell a soul. Youve nothing to worry about, you can trust me.

Thanks. Said NightWish with a big smile on her face. Both headed back to where the others were to see if anyone was hurt. Once there they saw Apocalypse sitting on the dirt road looking away while the rest were gathered and trying to comfort each other.

How could we? Were better than them! How could we have let them get away?! Said Darkness as she waved her fist at the dirt road where the Ram pick up truck had run off with their trainer. No one else said anything and all was quiet for a moment and then Apocalypse said while starring into the forest.

He depended on us to help him and we let him down. We have to find him!

Whoa! Whoa! Slow down James Bond, we dont even know where he is! Goethes quickly interrupted as he stepped forward.

How the heck do we find Tosh? He could be all the way in London for all we know!

Angelus had heard enough from Goethes and shoved him to the ground while snarling at him and he said.

Tosh would do anything for us! Now that hes in trouble youre gonna run away like a scared little girl!


As quick as Goethes interrupted Apocalypse a fight broke out and all the Pokmon began to argue. Apocalypse and Angelus anger were quickly building and Lillith noticed so she did the one thing that came to mind. Lillith stood in the middle of the mob and zapped everyone except for NightWish, Apocalypse and Angelus with a powerful Thunder. Lillith then sat beside Angelus and Angelus said.

Tosh is up creek you know what without a paddle. Hes not just our trainer but also our best friend and hes saved our butts as many times as weve saved his. Are you sorry bunch of maggots gonna sit here and fight or are we gonna get out there and bring him back?

All of them looked at each other and yelled in agreement as to what Angelus said. As Angelus sat back down Apocalypse stepped forward and continued.

Now, we know just who is behind this act. And knowing them they wont rest until they find NightWish. Its very likely that they send some troops of Pokmon after us so we have to keep a sharp eye and defend NightWish by any means necessary. That Ram left a nice trail of tire tracks for us to follow so we gotta move quickly before it starts to rain. Lets move out!

Darkness, get Toshs backpack.

Sure thing boss. Said Darkness as she saluted him. Apocalypse smiled and after Darkness got the backpack Angelus went ahead and Lestat flew high in the sky to keep an eye on the ground below. Angelus quickly picked up Toshs scent and ran ahead. At dusk Lestat went back down and Angelus stopped sniffing the ground.

Its getting late.

Yeah I can barely see you guys from up there.

Apocalypse didnt want to stop and take a rest but Lestat and Angelus were right. It was pretty late and at night they had no chance of finding Tosh even with Angelus keen sense of smell and Lestats aerial search.

All right. Well stop for tonight and continue first thing in the morning. Goethes gather some wood, Winterborn any food you can find would be great.

Wait. Why do I have to go get wood?!

Apocalypse approached Goethes and snarled.

Because I said so.

Goethes laughed in a nervous way, while scratching the back of his head he said.

Hesure okayno problem boss.

Goethes went off to find wood for the fire while Winterborn went off to find anything they could eat. Darkness sat there next to Samael and suddenly the smell of Bluckberries hit her nose and a huge smile washed across her face. She looked around and saw a bush full of them and next to it an apple tree. Her mouth turned to water as she walked over to the bush. She picked out as much as her arms could carry and NightWish saw her and went over.


Oh hi NightWish. Hey, be a dear and help me carry these over to them.


NightWish saw a huge dried leave on the floor and thought it to be perfect for carrying the berries on it. She put the berries on the leave and dragged them over to the others.

Hey, thanks NightWish. Said Raven as she stuffed her face with the berries.

Dont thank me, Darkness found them.

She went back to Darkness and while Darkness brought some more over NightWish noticed the big apples on the tree branches. One branch in particular was low enough for her to jump and snatch it off. She jumped several times but it was no use. Lestat saw her trying her best to jump as high as she could and went over to help her.

Need help.

Itsthis darn thing

Lestat flew up and clipped a few of them lose with his beak. As they hit the ground NightWish gathered them on the leave. After a lot of apples filled the leave she said.

All right thats enough.

You sure?

Yeah. Thank you Lestat.

Youre very welcome.

In the distance they could hear Goethes singing loudly and NightWish giggled and Lestat shook his head.

Dark chest of wonders, see through the eyes

That song used to be my favorite.

He doesnt sing so bad.

He just ruined my favorite NightWish song.

At the mention of her name NightWish became confused and she looked at Lestat curiously and said.


Oh. Realizing he confused the poor Umbreon Lestat laughed and explained.

No, my dear. Tosh names us after bands or songs or whatever the heck else appeals to him. NightWish is a band and you are named after them.

Oh, what kind of band is NightWish?

Symphonic Metal, although there are those who argue that they are Goth but they are not.

Is Lestat a band?

Lestat laughed at the innocence of the little Umbreon and as he put one wing on her shoulder he said.

No, Lestat is a vampire. A vampire created by my Toshs favorite writer Anne Rice. All right, Goethes is named after a band, so are you. Darkness is named after a song; Winterborn is named after a song from The Cruxshadows. The rest are named after demons or myths, such as Samael and Lillith.

Having understood NightWish felt kind of silly for asking those questions but then again she didnt feel so silly. They dragged the apples to the group and just then Goethes walked in with wood.

All right, heres your stinkin wood.

Put it all in a pile over there.

Goethes put the wood in a pile and then he stood in front of Angelus and said firmly.

Now what, your majesty.

Angelus and Apocalypse looked at each other and with a smirk on his face Angelus used Flamethrower to light a campfire.

Youre burning the wood I gathered!

Apocalypse groaned and Raven said as she exhaled deeply.

Duh!! What did you think the wood was for? Building a bird house?
Eh forget you all.

Goethes saw the apples and berries and dug in. After stuffing themselves with berries and apples they sat in a circle surrounding the fire as they played one of their favorite games.

My turn! Said Darkness eager to sing the song theyd have to guess. She inhaled and sang in a beautiful soft voice as the others listened and tried to guess the song.

Witches they ride on broomsticks ya know, angels use wings to catch the winds blow and theyre moving as fast as they can and as far as they can

Witches (Temple of Rain Mix) by Switchblade Symphony! Yelled Angelus as the rest groaned and jeered at him.

What? Its my favorite song!

Lets call it a night guys, we have a lot to do in the morning. Said Apocalypse as he rolled up and went to sleep. NightWish twirled a few times and lay down to sleep. She remembered one of the songs in particular, it called Judgment but she couldnt remember what band sung it. She started to hum the song and before she knew it she was deep into the songs rhythm and suddenly she began to glow a purple like color. The glowing aura was so bright that it seemed to keep Angelus from keeping his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and saw NightWish glowing that purple color. He gasped and she suddenly awoke and just in time for not far danger was lurking in the shadows.

Suddenly Wicked the Jolteon from before popped out of the bushes and used Thunderbolt on them. They werent hurt, that attack was more of a wake up call, a rude one at that. They all stood their ground and prepared for battle. From behind Wicked came several more Pokmon.
A Bayleef, an Abra, a Mightyena, a Ponyta, a Shuppet, a Fearow and a Donphan.

Well, look what we ran into boys, road kill. Said Wicked as she laughed out loud.

What do you want Wicked? Said Apocalypse as he stood between Wicked and his team. Wicked smiled and said in a bittersweet voice.

Wheres the Umbreon?

Thats what you want? Take her and get the heck away from us! Said Goethes as the rest of the team said in union.


Hand her over and they wont harm Tosh. Its as simple as that. Said Wicked as she smiled, a smile that really enraged Apocalypse but he had to keep calm and he said.

Well you cant have her.

If we cant have her the nice way then well just have to take her.

Youve made your decision, now lets see if you and your pack of rats can enforce it. Apocalypse said that in a taunting way in hopes to really get Wicked fired up since he knew Wicked couldnt keep a cool head when enraged.

Suddenly all the Pokmon went at each other and began to battle each other. NightWish wasnt one to quickly meddle into a fight. She was nervous enough and battling would just make it worse. Wicked made her way to try and find NightWish but she was nowhere to be found. But then her luck changed when she saw her standing away from the group. Wicked growled and ran to her in a Double Edge Attack. NightWish simply closed her eyes and began to hum to the same song she was humming earlier. As her body began to glow that same purple color she began to sing in the most peaceful and most beautiful voice any of them had ever heard.

Standing still here for a moment, breath held tightly in my body, the world is growing darker, all the wisdom that I earned can make a change

As Wicked approached the night sky above them seemed to split in half, everyone froze and looked up to the sky and Wicked did the same. NightWish continued to sing in a low whisper and suddenly a baby blue light came from the crack that split the sky. The crack seemed to grow wider and when it was wide enough a giant burst of that baby blue light hit the ground and quickly moved towards all of them. The light then stopped above them all and it seemed to be carrying Wicked and her team. They were lifted up high into the sky and as sudden as it appeared it vanished along with Wicked and her team but NightWish and the others were unharmed.