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February 1st, 2005, 5:57 PM
Hoenn For The Gold *A Fan-Fic Of The Series*

Episode 1: "A Rival Arrival"

It had been three long months since Ash had had that intense battle with Adan in Sootopolis City for his eighth badge. That badge secured him a spot in the Hoenn League located in EverGrande City.

He had been training hard all three months, only taking off to watch May compete in her Contest. She had competed in the Pacific Lodge Town Contest a few weeks after Ash received his badge from Adan. It had been a great duel, but finally May's Skitty beat her own rival, Drew. He had fought well with his excellently trained Wynaut, but when May's Skitty evolved into Delcatty, Drew stood no chance.

With the Hoenn League two months away, and May's Master Contest only three weeks away, the gang decided to head up to Lilycove for grand festival. It was a long contest, drawing out for the course of four days. After defeating five other trainers, May had found her way into the Championship Round, facing none other than Drew himself. Drew used the first pokemon May ever saw him with, Roselia. Thinking that type would help out a lot in this situation, she decided to go with her most trusted as well. Combusken was her truest friend, but after a long drawn out duel, neither pokemon had fainted. With no pokemon down, it came down to the final tally of the judges. May's score was called first. She received a ten in type match-up, an eight in battle skills, a nine in endurance, but a six in beauty. Drew's score was revealed. Battling May's score of thirty-three, Drew was given a six in type match-up, a nine in battle skills, another nine in endurance, and finally a ten in beauty, beating May by one point. Amazing May hadn't taken it hard at all. She hugged Drew, and looked at him in new eyes, ones only a secret lover might be able to do.

As Ash stepped from the boat on to the pier of EverGrande City, he couldn't wait to jump right into that arena. Quickly he took off down the road, only to be grabbed and slapped by May, for he was being too anxious, as she put it. The group of four headed to the PokeCenter, knowing Ash could sign up there.

When entering he approached the desk, "Hello, Nurse Joy. Can I sign up for the Hoenn League here?"

The Joy turned around and smiled greatly, "Yes, you wouldn't believe how many trainers have been through here asking that same question. Now, could you please hand me your Pokedex?"

Ash handed his PokeDex to Nurse Joy, who then placed it into a scanner on her computer. It scanned for few seconds then words popped up on the screen:

Trainer: Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town

Current Pokemon: Pikachu

Badges: 8 Rustboro City- Roxanne
Dewford City- Brawly
Mauville City- Wattson
Lavaridge City- Flannery
Petalburg City- Norman
Fortree City- Winona
Mossdeep City- Tate and Liza
Sootoplis City- Adan

Past Competitions- Indigo Plateau
The Orange Islands
The Silver Convention

Entrance Into The Hoenn League:

The screen went blank as Nurse Joy handed back Ash his PokeDex. "I wish you luck in the Hoenn League," Nurse Joy said he thanked her and turned away. As Ash approached the door she shouted after him," Wait, Mr. Ketchum!"

He turned around," What is it, Nurse Joy?"

"I almost forgot a young trainer about your age came in and registered this morning. He asked if you had already came by, I told him you hadn't, so he asked if I saw you, to tell you he is staying in Room 314 of the Grande Hotel. Gosh, I can not remember his name though."

And off she went to check on the pokemon in the backroom.

"I wonder who it is," Brock said as they all left the PokeCenter, headed for Room 314.

"I don't know. Think it's Misty?" Ash asked excitedly.

"No, Ash," May shoot down his spirits," she told us she was going back to Cerulean."

After quarreling down the road, Max shouted over their voices, "There is the hotel!"

The four of them checked with hotel manager, and told them 314's occupant was in his room. It was a "he", they thought as they rode the elevator to the third floor. Down the corridor, 310, 311, 312, 313, and there it was, 314. Ash knocked.

There was surely someone in there, for the gang could hear them getting up and crossing the room to the door. Inside they could hear some sort of animal running back in forth of the door. There was a pause, as if the trainer inside was checking the peephole. Slowly the door was unlatched, and opened.

A Pikachu darted out and pounced on top of Ash's Pikachu. The two rolled together and played, as Ash and the gang all got reunited at the door with his long time friend and rival, Ritchie. His Pikachu, Sparky, was almost the twin of Pikachu, and the two remembered that horrid day they had to battle one another in the Kanto League. They introduced Ritchie to May and Max, and he invited them all in to talk and have a bite to eat.

He explained he had just missed them in almost every city he went to, and how he was amazed when he reached EverGrande before them. That is when they explained that they had backtracked so that May could enter the Lilycove Master Contest. Of course dove straight into details of all her contests.

That night the five of them set out for the Stadium, where the rules for the next days' events would be given. At exactly seven o' clock, the Chairman of Hoenn came out onto the stage in the center of the field.

He blabbered on for an hour about the rules, stating that the first four rounds were one vs. one battles, where each trainer used three pokemon. The next two rounds would be four pokemon to four pokemon, but two vs. two this time. Then the Semi-Finals would be a five on five match, one vs. one Round. Finally the Finals would be a full six on six, two vs. two match.

Ash was adding in his head, when Max told him there were one hundred twenty-eight trainers in the tournament. Ash was angered and asked how he added that up so fast, and Max told him it had been flashing across the JumboTron for the past twenty minutes. Ash got mad and pouted the rest of the time.

After the Chairman congratulated them all for making it this far, he wished them luck, and the Stadium cleared out. After grabbing a bite to eat at the Diner, Ash and the gang said good-bye to Ritchie, and that they would see him in the morning.

Hoenn for the Gold

Episode Two: "All the Round One Fun"

Ash woke up early that morning. He had been so anxious to get started. All night he could see visions of different things bouncing through his head. First he saw himself standing victorious with Pikachu, receiving the grand honor of the Hoenn League Champion. The next dream to bounce into his mind was of him being crushed in the First Round. No, he thought, no, no, I have to win it. Then he was back in the Championship Battle again. This time he watched some pokemon he had not seen in his line-up, it wasn't Grovyle, but he couldn't tell. After he won, two girls ran up to him to congratulate him. Each kissed him on the check and each grasped hold of his hand. Misty and May....

He woke up suddenly to the sound of his alarm. It was exactly eight o' clock A.M. In about one hour he would be watching over a hundred trainers battling for the same thing he was. They would be battling for that chance to be crowned Hoenn League Champion. He got of his bed and saw that Brock and May had already gone down for breakfast. He gathered up all his Pokeballs, and opened each of them up. He stood before his six pokemon, and explained how important it was to him that they all do their best.

"Now I don't care, as long as you give it all you got," he was saying, "Understood?"

They all nodded in agreement. He placed his hand in between them all, and the all came in tight together.

"One, two, three," he counted off," Let's win!"

"Pika!" Pikachu chimed in after.

Grovlye was excited by all the competitive talk and jumped up and down," Gro! Gro! Grovvvlye!"

Snorunt was the newest member, but he was so happy to be there. " SNO-RUNT!!!" he squealed extremely loudly.

Next was Swellow. He spread his wings wide opened, and sang the most beautiful song of victory.

Corphish gave a grunt of encouragement, but excitement was not his thing. However, he did jump onto Ash, making Ash remember his old pokemon at Professor Oak's.

Finally Torkoal started getting Overheated with excitement, and blew a huge flame straight at his trainer's face. Another old time memory Ash thought of.

He returned them all to Pokeballs, and left the room in a silence that only an explosion could break. When he arrived at the Diner, Ritchie was with Brock, May, and Max. Max was completely intrigued by Ritchie, for he had just learned that it was he who eliminated Ash from Indigo Plateau. Of course this did not encourage Ash at all. His team was Rookie, and he wasn't sure how they would compete, however, he had complete hope in his pokemon.

Ritchie handed Ash a complete bracket of the tournament as he sat down to eat. Ash quickly noticed Ritchie was in a complete different bracket as him. It would be the Finals if they ever battled each other. Down the bracket Ash didn't recognize very many names. It was at least fifty names down before he noticed his own. Who was he battling? He checked the name adjacent his in his bracket, and saw it was none other than their old pal Nicolai. At least Ash knew this guy, but what pokemon could he expect from him. He'd battled him before, but they never finished their battles due to interruptions. Last time they met, he had a Marshtomp, Zangoose, and Zigzagoon. He could almost bet that Marshtomp and Zigzagoon had evolved, plus Nicolai would have new pokemon now.

Time drew near for Ash to battle. He had watched many battles. He watched Ritchie completely rip apart some boy from Rustboro, the man he met named Steven beat a girl with one pokemon alone, a young boy about May's age looked extremely good (he was in Ash's bracket), and a man who resembled the battling of Adan very much (he too was in Ash's bracket). They were all very good, the top four so far he had seen in his own opinion.

Finally, at around three o' clock that afternoon, Ash stepped onto the Stadium field. Across him entered Nicolai. He was hardly recognizable without some crazy costume on. The enter crowd knew he was there to win. The announcer began commentating.


The referee explained the rules; a three pokemon battle, one vs. one. Ash was ready. He knew there was going to be a strong water pokemon in Nicolai's lineup, so he hesitated on starting with Pikachu. Instead he sent out Swellow. An aerial attack should start things off quite nicely, he thought to himself. Nicolai began the battle with, a Swellow!

Ash's hopes dropped, but he thought back to his win over Winona with this same Swellow. Of course, Nicolai's could be no where near as powerful as her's. Ash decided to get things off to a start, "Swellow, start a Twister and close Swellow up in it!" It worked. A giant tornado formed around the opposing pokemon, but it fought back with a Twister of its own. Both pokemon were trapped inside the tornados.

However, with one quick lunge of energy, Ash's Swellow burst from inside the Twister, and started a gigantic Sandstorm. The dust was blowing everywhere; even the spectators in the stands could not see the battle. From somewhere in the dust there was a shriek, then a thud. Slowly the dust faded away. Ash's pokemon circled its fallen opponent.

Nicolai unfortunately called back his pokemon. He carefully selected his second pokemon, and this time it was Zangoose. Zangoose got off to no slow start. It immediately began shocking Thunderbolts at Swellow, as Swellow flew to and fro to avoid contact with the lightning. After a long confrontation of defense, Swellow took off straight for Zangoose. Flying straight through a bolt of electricity, Swellow crashed into Zangoose, causing it to stagger around and regain its stability, as Ash recalled Swellow from the battle.

Ash had to choose carefully about this next pokemon. Zangoose was tough, and it was fairly quick as well. He made up his mind, and sent out Grovyle. The two pokemon got off to a quick start, and were immediatly at each others' throats. The two were no longer battling, merely fighting each other. Grovyle threw a punch to Zangoose in the face, and Zangoose returned it by striking Grovyle in the stomach. For ten minutes straight the two pokemon refused to obey their trainers. Only fighting each other with fisty cuffs. After hundreds of punches to each other, Grovyle started to get mad. He started to glow. It was not an evolution glow, but following the glow, an enormous sunbeam struck down from the sky and hit between both pokemon. Each one flew in opposite directions, hitting the walls of the Stadium. It was down to one and one.

Ash knew what was coming, so he sent Pikachu out to finish the battle. Nicolai sent, much to Ash's amazement, Marshtomp. What, Ash tried to figure out, why had Marshtomp not evolved? He didn't worry about it long, for he realized that Pikachu had taken upon itself to use its Agility to get straight in and Iron Tail Marshtomp in the face. Meanwhile as Pikachu repeated this over and over, Marshtomp blasted Water Guns at Pikachu, making no success. Soon, Marshtomp fell to the grown. It was Ash's battle. Pikachu leaped with joy, and was heading back to Ash, as the announcers declared him winner.

But then a blast hit Pikachu in the back. Pikachu spun around to see a huge Swampert towering at the other end of the arena. It stared down Pikachu. With as much shock as everyone else, the announcers apologized for the false conclusion to the battle, and stated that the battle was to continue.

Pikachu was hit with another Hydro Pump. It began its Agility; this time was blasted back by the water. It tried again, but only succeeded to be blasted back again. After two more failed attempts, Pikachu laid on the ground. Swampert raised a giant wave from the ground, and rode it straight at Pikachu, which blasted a Thunder attack at the wave. As the wave caught the electric charge, it shocked through and caught Swampert off guard. It was electrocuted, and KO'd. Pikachu stood swaggering, and only stood long enough to hear that Ash was definitely the winner. That night Ash and Ritchie were comparing who they would be battling in the next round. Ritchie had some trainer named Trixie from Celadon, one of Erika's they assumed, and Ash had a boy from New Bark Town named Yoshii. Somehow, Ash had missed this guys match, so he had no clue what to think.

That night he fell asleep, dreaming of victory, dreaming of lose, and occasionally being kissed by Misty and May together....

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