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Mr Cat Dog
February 5th, 2005, 5:35 AM
ouBla Bla... I think you get the jist of a rules thread. Basically... it's just re-emphasising stuff that normal good-hearted members know... and clarifying it for the n00bs that don't ^_^ Anyways, here they are:

1) Follow PC's main rules - Linky (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=22538)
I should hope that I shouldn't have to explain each and every one :P It covers spam and double posting and stuff like that

2) OVP is for Polls ONLY!
Basically... only post polls here. Threads like 'What is your favourite colour?' and 'When are you going to the cinema next?' go here, whereas threads like 'My dog died yesterday... I need some sympathy' or 'I need some advice! My girlfriend just dumped me :'(:'(' Threads that require more discussion than a simple answer go in OC, whilst threads that only need a simple answer (but should be slightly elaborated upon) go in here.

3) Polls on certain topics go in their respected boards
If you want to start a poll entitled: 'Mewtwo vs Mew... YOU DECIDE!!!' or something similar, then that would go in Pokemon General. Likewise if you wanted to start a poll entitled: 'Angemon or Angewomon, the great Digimon poll!' then that would go in Other Anime and Manga.

4)You may only post 1 poll per day
If you create a thread in OVP, you cannot start another one until THE NEXT DAY! There have been people in the past that have done 20 polls in 1 day, just to get postcount high and stuff, and that's really just as bad as spamming to be honest.

5) Don't post in threads over a month old.
Like the title says, please don't post in threads over a month old, instead post a thread with the same title, and it'll help greatly if you put [revived] in your thread name, post, etc. I know that this might be added in the forum rules, but I've seen like, alot of threads that have been revived. So I'm stating this again... Don't post in threads over a month old!

6) No offensive polls.
Whether it be directed to yourself or to other members as a group, gender, race, etc. (Ex: "Boys vs Girls", "Who hates me?", "Who do you hate on PC?" etc.)

7) No Polls on Reputation
We've had many polls on reputation, and nearly all have them have ended up being closed. So, to prevent them in the future, just don't post any polls about rep.

Well... there they are. I'm sure that Miyu or DSS will add to or edit these rules. But if you have any problems, then feel free to PM any one of us and we'll gladly help. It is our job after all XD Now... time to close and sticky XD

And by the way, not really a rule but a side note...
If you want us to add a poll, edit a poll, or change the thread name, just PM us. n__n I like being pestered. >>;

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