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Lord Varion
March 10th, 2013, 5:02 PM
Or just RPG Maker XP for the matter...

Welcome, I'm doing yet another tutorial.
I'm going to cover the basics of events here, including:
Basic Talking, Warps, Movements, Battling, Major Events, Switches, Variables, and Self Switches.

I - The Event Screen/Window

This is the Event Window, perfectly labelled by myself. :3

1. The Name, this is for easy reference in moving the Event via a different Event.
2. Pages, When you add conditions and Switches, Pages are added for something to happen after the Switches or conditions are met.
3. The buttons, these are basically, copy + Paste.
4. The conditions, are assiociated with Pages, allowing more than one thing to happen per event.
5. Graphic, this is how the Event appears on the map. Default is transparent.
6. Auto- Movement, Normally for NPCs, it allows them to move to a set path round the map.
7. Options, covering animations directions and whether it's on top of everything.
8. Trigger, what triggers the event, whether you need to talk to it, walk on it, get something to touch it, or it does it automatically.
9. This is the event box, where all the magic happens, where you can add commands and such to happen when the event triggers.

II - Basic Speech

This is all straight forward, but I'll go over it anyway.
This button:
Is the first command you'll come across, it allows you to type and make text.
Here's some of the commands.
\n New Line.
\b Blue Text, \r Red Text, \g Money, \PN Player Name
\c[0]Black text, \c[1]blue text, \c[2]red text, \c[3]green
text, \c[4]cyan text, \c[5]magenta text, \c[6]yellow
text, \c[7]grey text, \c[8]white text.
<b>Bold text,</b> <i>italic text,</i> <u>underlined
text,</u> <s>strikethrough text,</s> <outln>outline
text,</outln> <outln2>thicker outline text.</outln2>
<fn=Arial>Arial text,</fn> <fs=25>size 25 text,</fs>
<fs=40>size 40 text,</fs> <o=128>half-transparent
Text is <r>right-aligned until
next line\n break. Text is <ac>centred</ac> here.
Text is <ar>right-aligned</ar> here.

\bThere are eight Gyms around the region.\nBeating
them all gives you access to the Pokémon League up
in Scarlet Hills.
Would show as:
There are eight Gyms around the Region
Beating them all gives you access to the Pokémon League up in Scarlet Hills.

III - Warps
Warps, casually are Door Events, Essentials covers doors differently, in the sense to make it look legit like a Pokémon Game. Alot of people tend to not use the function at all. Which is sad.

So, Here we go.


The first moveset is the door opening, to make it actually look legit.
The second allows the player to walk through events, and walk into the door, then turns the walkthrough off.
The third movement closes the door.
Then the color tone turns the screen black.
Which leads to the 'transfer player' command, which takes you to the designated room or map.
then the color tone turns the screen back to normal.
Pretty straight forward.

This tutorial is unfinished.
I've had to retire for the night in the middle of typing it, I shall continue it tomorrow of the next day,depending on how life interferes. Many Apologies.

Lord Varion
March 19th, 2013, 6:06 PM

Either Tomorrow, Thursday or Friday, I shall finish this.