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Sandra's Chargon
February 6th, 2005, 1:59 AM
I don't believe in this fluffy pink world where nothing bad happens.

Pokemon, meet some **** reality.

The Reality Trainer
Chapter 1 - Introductions


The word trainer

What does it make you think of?

A shoe?

Something to do with a gym maybe?

How about someone who owns Pokemon?

For me, it means nothing of the sort.

Trainer equals Master, no two ways about it.

The Master is not of the fluffy world of fools, the prayers to the pink saviours that keep all the bad things away, the keeper of darkness away from thy soul.

He IS the other half, the other half of the coin, the yang, dark, evil or however you choose to flip it.

Either way, there is no cuddly kids show surrounding my life.

The Master even went and stretched as far as to call me Diablo, I had to take it without question lest I wish for a fist to my ribs or a kick to my ailing skull.

Believers of no ills, a perfect life, a faade, turn your tails and backs away and do not come closer or read further. You will find nothing of yours here, my life never contained it and nor shall it ever for me or any other under the Masters enslavement.

Leave, while you still have the option.

I lay here quietly, not daring to speak up lest my Master hears but even he cannot stop my thoughts bound in a diary. My front paws stretched loosely in front of it supporting my muzzle and my ears flattened so close to my fur they become one with the pelt. A yawn holds ragged in my throat but I can not release it, when the Master commands you to come into our quarters, a sound would be punished no matter how simple or needed they may be.

I am Diablo, my birth name nothing now. I was once part of a great pack, the strongest of the Mightyena in the region and our pride shone in the howls we gave to mark our presence.

But now I am alone, broken, there is no unity or single mind, understanding now, there is only the Master superiority and our deemed pathetic existence that we much beg to keep at his command, grovel on paw or wing for scraps like dogs.

No pun or insult to my relatives intended.

My fellows in the constricting rooms around me would be Drakcree, Yami, Hell Spawn, Hades and the recently deceased at my Masters whim Pluto.

You see we are all in isolation rooms, so small we can barely move without light and only substance when the Master decides we can have any. The stone is so cold letting the thickness of the winter attack shatter through the barrier and touch our flesh. Our rooms are side by side; we all feel it but even if we could talk the stone would stifle our cries.

Drakcree is the youngest of us, a black Dragon of the skies with a furious jasper tang to his tail flame. His hide is riddled with punishing scars, it took him a long time before in the presence of our Master he was cold and indifferent yet on one of the few times he is left he can always be seen sobbing quietly clinging to his innocence like a blanket amongst his tears.

Yami, well what is there to say about her sides from the fact she is the oldest and probably the most deranged? She is unusual even for an Umbreon but the species is known for strange rituals under the full moons that give them powers they should not be able to access. She is like a Pokemon version of a witch from a tribe of them and asides from her disgust at not being able to do most of her calling; her twisted little mind loves this life.

Hell Spawn, I do not know whatever possessed the Master to call her that but who are we to question? The name is such contradiction but she is an unusual hybrid. She is a cast off looking a mix of Rapidash and feralized Houndoom but full ability to call upon the thunder of Raichus despite only her cheeks show any trace. She is like a centaur, the Houndoom half embedding mostly as an, anthromorphic? I do not understand such lore issues, for the upper half of a centaurian beast. The light tan battling in her coat causes her to be a rather subtle light slate blue, which is what makes her odd as the rest of us are the darkest colours. Her flames sparkle in raw cerulean energy stretching down her neck and stopping below her shoulder blades and only resting again as they trickle down her tail bone causing her tail to be living Houndoom fire. She has those shackles around her would be ankles as well as wrists, that dark ginger from her throat to her rear. Her skull is a mix of equine and canine, with horns of both species with fangs and ears with Raichu yellow cheeks on the bone near her standard pupiless eyes. That outer rib necklace goes down her two backs while those with the extra accessory skulls attaching around her throat and just as it hits her total equine body.

She is generally the rattiest of us here and has a tendency to stamp and growl at any given opportunity deciding to take her fury out on us which is much to the delight of our higher. She is loyal to the Master so she of all of us gets more privileges than we dare fathom.

Now Hades would be Yamis rather unwilling mate as he is down right terrified of the twisted little female despite the size difference. Hades is an Absol of light grey colouring and a bit larger than the average Absol that was his appeal to the Master I guess, a little bit different. He is naturally very quiet and generally avoids any contact, I am aware the Master uses him much like Yami does but unlike her who wishes for him only in pleasure, the Master chooses to use him as a con to rip people off for oncoming disasters I am told. If it keeps meat in our bellies, whatever goes I guess.

Finally there is or was Pluto. When alive, he was a Grumpig but now he is devoured meat inside of us all and pearls for desperate uncaring traders. The Master became angry at his weakness, how many times he had to drag the wretched animal in and out of battle.

He was slaughtered only hours ago, his psychic connection that told words to at least Hades, Drackree and me suddenly severed told us all. Chainsaw I believe, to pre carve the meat and to crush his skull so the pearls could be torn from the corpse and twirled in a bloodied hand.

I fear for whoever is next enslaved, how will they handle our existence? Beatings are common as well as starvation for long periods as well as battles where we win and live or lose and be put to death at our Masters hand. The isolation is the worst if you are a pack animal such as I that severed connection to leave only one mind.

Only you

With nothing but darkness as your friend

And silence to tend your wounds

My ear flicks, scuffle sounds and keys entering the lock of my door. I lift my head and watch as my door is drawn open giving a silhouette of my Master against the light outside.

Get up he growls, I obey and am on my stiff legs, my gaze averted by a dipped head to show my submission to his whim.

Come Diablo, you and your litter mates are going to help me find your dinners replacement. I nod, my tail hung low as I trot quietly up to him looking at his shoes, then follow as he leaves my door but within a seconds breath I am ensnared by my other home, an Ultra ball. For a moment I see red, nothing but then my vision fades and the technology sends me into a sleeping stasis until my master requires my services again.


Master, is there any real place of your choosing for this hunt? Hell Spawn queries with a slight tilt of her head. She stands on her legs, not bothering to appear submissive before her Master.

No my little Helle but you could find us a place couldnt you? he coos softly in her ear with an arm stretched over her waist. Dipping her head slightly, she replies.

Of course, what you allow me to study helps locate areas which may hold interest for you as well as carrion should you choose to have some, my Master. She whimpers slightly as he brushes his lips against her face; he smiles darkly at her unwillingness for him to leave her face then pushes away from the female and hoists himself over her back as she turns a little way to see him.

Then off you ride my little Helle, I look forward to your choice. She nods obediently, trotting though the open door and begins to gallop into the open air of the night wanting to please her Master and not caring of anything that stood before his pleasure.

February 6th, 2005, 2:10 AM
She's Alive! :D Nice names. Dark Pokmon. Meh. Hell Spawn seems a pretty good character to sprite. Can I sprite her?

Sandra's Chargon
February 6th, 2005, 6:25 AM
Who's alive? *looks*

If you wish.

I'd prefere to have darker fics up and not have to cut stuff but because the rules are so much more snarky that the SPP rules I set I can't which sucks...


February 6th, 2005, 3:19 PM

Remember Lily?

Sorry for overeacting. Yay! You finally posted. X3~ (so on with this pointless review...and don't lie, I know you love fluffy pink stuff. :O)

Need I repeat? ;_; As usual, your details were excellent and the angsty stuff at the beginning was a nice way to introduce the chapter, (although that huge paragraph later on just threw me off. Your descriptions are..like...o_O;) Only thing that kinda bothered me was your writing style that kept going...back and forth, somehow. Either way, it's those kind of fics where they make you feel helpless.

Nice job! =3

February 7th, 2005, 6:16 PM
You're alive. n.n Can you still find Sandra's Chargon anywhere? As in the fic... :/

Sandra's Chargon
February 8th, 2005, 2:09 AM
Chargon is only in two fics and they're waaay too mature for the kids round here that drop at the sight of blood. I'm already having to cut this fic so nobody complains -.-


February 10th, 2005, 5:26 AM
Lol. I read it when I was like, 9-10 years old in SPP. I thought blood was cool. I'm so mature now. :p When's the next fic coming?

Sandra's Chargon
February 10th, 2005, 5:57 AM
Chapter for this? Most of its written out its just Helle and Yami won;t stop fighting o let me finish.