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July 16th, 2013, 3:24 PM
OS: windows
Ram: at least 200 mb ram going at least 1000 mhz
Processor: 1.0 single core
Engine: Game Maker 8.1/Studio

Percent complete until public release:

Hello everyone, i am unveiling that i am developing a new open source engine for a pokemon game, there will be 2 versions to the game, a single player version, and a multiplayer version, so you can either make your game alone, or with your friends, if it is multiplayer, then you will need a website, and a mysql database. the game will require the registered version of game maker 8.1, and studio, i will release versions of the engine for both platforms, the game MAY only be windows compatible, because i may use dlls in the future, to make the server connection, but the single player version will be able to export to all platforms (including html5) but if i do make the html5 version, i will require donations (for inspiration) to prove that people do like the work! i will release donation details once i get the main engine released! i will not be releasing the download untill i get the whole engine done, or at least most of it, it will be containing the first 600+ pokemon in the pokedex, i will most likely add the rest later, if i need to.
The 8.1 or lower version of game maker, will not be able to connect to sql, at least not with the early releases, so everything will be saved to the server instead, encrypted ofcource, i will not be revealing the encryption algorithm, because it might lead to some possible hacks. the first releases of it (if i decide to release a open beta version of the project) will not have much, if any, online interaction, so things such as sql and things of that nature.

You can use this engine in any way you see fit, but you HAVE to give credit back to me, somewhere in your game, with my logo on the lower right corner of the screen on the main menu. the logo has to either be 100 px in width, and 100 px in height or it voids the terms of use, and you will not be allowed to use the engine anymore.

Source download link will be released when i feel it is deemed fit for the public

Screenshots will be coming soon!

rater193 - ME - Lead Developer
powertooldragon - Lead Beta Tester
Pokemon Essentials - Pokemon resourceses