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August 13th, 2013, 4:43 PM
So who do you guys think is the best version of Megaman?


There are lots of different versions, from the original Megaman, to Megaman X, to Megaman.EXE (etc.) Take into consideration:
-The design of the character
-The role that the character plays in their respective games
-The character's abilities and weapons
-Any other traits

My personal favorite version of Megaman is Megaman.EXE from the Battle Network games for the GBA. He is a netnavi and the partner of the main character Lan. Megaman has different customizeable "Battle Chips" that grant him temporary abilities to use in Battle.

I'm sure plenty of you haven't heard of the Battle Network game, but I adore them ^.^ (Battle Network 6 is actually my favorite game of all time)

Anyways, what is your favorite version of Megaman?

I've Come to Bargain
August 15th, 2013, 2:33 PM
I was a big fan of the Battle Network series. The battling system was amazing, battle chips were fun to collect, and the storylines were very intriguing. My favorite MMBN game was Battle Network 5, because you had the ability to use Dark Souls. I liked the Star Force series, too, but Battle Network will always prevail over it. Battle Network games were more fast-paced, simplistic, and easier to be addicted to.

Water Gym Leader
August 15th, 2013, 8:05 PM
I played every Megaman game, even some of the Rockman exclusives, and to me the Starforce series was the best plot and story wise. I know its an extention of Battle Network but to me Battle Network was all over the place and this one isn't. So Starforce, final answer.

Apple Juice
August 16th, 2013, 8:41 AM
Megaman is one of my favorite video game series, and I've tried to play most of the older versions to get a feel as to what they used to be like. As much as I loved the Battle Network series, I really enjoyed the spin-offs featuring Zero. He's probably my favorite characters from the franchise, and for good reason. His abilities in game make him a formidable battler and a tough warrior to take out. Other than that, though, I'm going to go with the BN games. One of my favorite aspects of the game besides the graphic perspective was the battle chip feature. It was unique and coded well, adding a new twist to go with the rest of the unique concepts introduced in BN.

August 16th, 2013, 8:52 AM
I like the X games but also Zero series was great... I dunno realy. I just cant decide. Also ZX and ZX Advent were great. Ill say X due to his story arc branching multiple series (X and Zero) Also he looks cool at times and because I wanted to see Maveric Hunter... (different game than Maverick Hunter X)
This article pretty much sums things up... http://www.polygon.com/2013/4/9/4179628/mega-man-fps-maverick-hunter