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oni flygon
February 19th, 2005, 9:55 PM
*readies another piece*
Okay...here's another piece that I wrote some time last year...I posted this in my xanga...and I don't think a lot of people managed to read it... but hopefully you guys could enjoy it... ^__^
I'm open for comments and criticisms!


I moved the lead across the paper and watched the carbon trail behind it. The soft image of pencil carving through the thin paper showed intricate lines and shading. Every stroke and every movement conjured a small piece of my creation. Every line, curve, and complex shape made the image even more vivid. I moved the lead slowly into a circle and created the head, moving the pencil around as if caressing the face. Soon, the shape emerged.

I slowly made two almond shaped circles within the head. The tips were soon sharpened and now I see the eyes. I slowly curved and moved my pencil away from eye lids, creating eye lashes. Long eye lashes made the eyes show their unique beauty. A small circle was made within the almond shaped eyes with quick precision of the wrist. The shine within the eyes was filled immediately and the twinkling eyes made me sigh as I stared into those deep pupils. They were so full of meaning and full of life. If these eyes could see, I could make them see the beauty of the world. No matter how polluted or corrupted the world is now. These eyes will see nothing but beauty.

A short, sharp curve made by the lead tip of the pencil served as the nose of the image. A small amount of shading followed, and after that, I began with the lips. The lips of this image were softly made as I drew the line across the face. I drew them softly and gently, and hopefully not to mar them at the process. I was so silent that I could hear the lead scratching on the paper. As the lips formed, I began shading them with the slightly flat tip of my pencil. Slowly shading those lips and giving them lifemaking them soft and warm. If I these lips could move, I would make them kiss everything in the world. The kisses would not be for lust. Instead, these lips would kiss everything in the world because of love. Beauty or uglinessit wouldnt matter.

Two curved lines on both sides of the head served as ears for the image. A few simple lines made the image so beautiful. Then, I started on the hair. My hand moved on top of the head and I drew in the lines for the hair. It slowly cascaded down to the images head like silk. I continued on, drawing the curvy lines and I smiled as a beautiful face emerged. A few strokes on the flat tip of my pencil gave shine to the cascading beauty. Then, I used the rubber eraser of my pencil, erasing unnecessary marks around the face. I took off excess lines around the eyes, excess from the hair and made it even more beautiful by making the shine more vivid. I slowly and carefully took off excess lines from the cheeks and from the corner of the lips.

Soon, I began shading the face. I made her cheeks rosy, smooth, and soft. Her eyes twinkled more as the light shown in front of her. I slowly made my way downwards, making the cheekbone softly curved and not rugged. The soft scratching noises soothed my soul and soon, the image came to life. I saw the smiling face of the girl and I smiled back at the innocent eyes.

I made the neck and extended her hair downwards to her shoulders. I sketched the body roughly and made the shoulders slant. Her hip was so slender and so were her arms and legs. Her body was just so beautiful, as I sketched in her clothes. I admired her beauty as I shaped her fingers. I focused on her arms and wished that if these arms could do one thing, its to embrace someone. These arms will not mock anyone nor would they harm. Slowly connecting the slender arms to her shoulder, I then darkened them softly. I drew in her clothes a simple shirt because I couldnt think of what to make her wear. I shaped the body once more in order to fit the shirt and roughly sketched the pants and the shoes. I darkened her pants and made them fit perfectly for her. I shaded her lower body and darkened the lines. Down to her shoes, I slowly drew in the sketches and now, she only needs to be cleaned up before she is done.

I pushed the eraser softly around the spots where there were lines that I did not need and soon they were gone. Soon there were no more lines and I sighed while gazing at the picture I have created. It was silent as I stared at her innocent eyes and beautiful smile. Her arms were poised as if they were read to embrace and her slender legs were running towards me. Her silky hair cascaded down her shoulders and flew with the wind as she came to me.

With Love, I wrote down on the bottom and then signed my name.