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Water Spirit
March 5th, 2005, 8:26 AM
OK, here goes. This is my very first fanfiction (of any kind) and a number of people have asked me to post it here so we'll see how it goes. ^_^

This is an AAML but you don't have to be a Pokeshipper to enjoy it - I have many readers who don't support Pokeshipping and still enjoy it. Well, enough rattling on by me, here we go! ^_^

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon etc.

Rating: G

Fate and Destiny of Friends

Chapter 1 Gonna See Ya Soon!

Hi Misty!

Hope youre well coz I havent heard from you in a while and just wanted to let you know that I only have one more badge to go and then Ill be on my way to the Houen League Championships! Ive heard that the leader of Sootopolis is a water trainer; do you know anything about him? If not Ill speak to you soon and let you know how it goes.

Hope everything is well at the gym. Brock says to say Hi to your sisters and Max wants you to say Hi to Prof. Oak if you see him. Say Hi to Tracey for me! Oh and I hope youre OK too!

Speak to ya soon!


Misty, a red-haired water pokemon trainer and one of the leaders of the Cerulean Gym, read her e-mail happily and clicked on the reply button. She was happy that her best friend could stay in contact with her even though they were so far away.

Hiya Ash!

Ive been really busy teaching my sisters new techniques so that when we have new challengers they arent beaten so easily and humiliate me! Anyway, they seem to be getting better and are definitely paying more attention to their Pokemon rather than their looks!

I havent heard much about the water trainer in Sootopolis but my sisters say that his name is Wallace and he is very artistic. Im sorry thats all we know.

Everythings OK here, hope you are all well. Say Hi to Brock, May, Max and Pikachu for me!

Speak to you soon



She clicked on the send icon and was about to log off when a familiar window appeared stating that she had new mail. She read it over quickly and grinned to herself.

To the recipients of the Cerulean Gym,

Wallace of Sootopolis City has invited all recognised and official gym leaders that specialise in training water types to attend a demonstration of his techniques and skills. The event will take place next week on Thursday at 5pm.

If you are able to attend please reply to this message with a YES or NO and how many people will be attending.

Yours sincerely

(Apprentice of Wallace)

Misty jumped out of her seat and ran towards the pool where her sisters were practicing their battle skills.

Dewgong! Like, use an aurora beam to like finish Lily off! Daisy shouted across the pool.

The seal pokemon obeyed its master launched an aurora beam at Shellder who fainted after the impact and floated on the surface with swirls in its eyes.

Shellder is unable to battle. Daisy and Dewgong win! Violet shouted indicating towards Daisy.

Daisy started jumping up and down on her platform at her victory over her sister as Lily recalled Shellder. Dewgong swam up to her as she gave it a big hug.

You totally did it Dewgong! Im am like so proud of you! Daisy said lovingly to it.

She stood up and pushed back her long, golden hair out of her face as her little redheaded sister approached her.

Hey Misty! Did you see my awesome win over Lily?

Yeah, it was great! Misty replied to her sister. Listen I just checked my e-mails and I got one from Wallis saying that hes holding a demonstration on his water techniques next week. Can I go?

Daisy frowned at her as Violet and Lily started to walk towards them.

Isnt he in the Houen region? Daisy asked

Misty looked confused. Yeah.

The same place as your friends are travelling? Violet asked

Misty looked towards her. Yeah.

Psyduck, Mistys yellow duck pokemon, started absent-mindedly talking to itself while walking along the side of the pool. It looked at the four girls as it walked past, lost its footing and fell into the water. It splashed around helplessly and yelling at the top of its voice as Misty ran over and pulled it out. It sighed in her arms and started looking sorry for itself.

Isnt one of those friends of yours the one you like? Lily questioned.

Misty froze and felt her face burn a blushing red with embarrassment and secrecy. She was grateful that she had her back to them. Psyduck looked up at her and grinned knowingly. It started sniggering and Misty furiously threw it back into the water. It started panicking and splashing around.

The one that you wouldnt say who it was that Casey was talking about?

Casey was a friend of Ash and Mistys who was a huge supporter of the Electabuzz baseball team. She had visited the gym a while ago to try and get tickets to a game when she had found out that Misty liked someone.

And then you go off to Houen for a couple of days and come back without saying why and no Togepi? Lily continued

Mistys heart skipped a beat and her face fell. She missed Togepi terribly, who had evolved into a Togetic when she had to leave it to guard the Mirage Kingdom. And she had left Ash. And Brock too.

When she had returned to the Gym, she had wanted to be alone. She had lost too much in one day and she had thought that the best place to be was away from everybody, but she knew that she had regretted making that decision as soon as shed left. She knew that she couldnt go back and say Hi Ash! Ive changed my mind, can I travel with you anyway? Hed probably say yes, but something held her back something that she wanted to hide from him, something he shouldnt know yet. She hadnt found any opportunity or excuse to go after him but now she had the perfect one.


She looked up over the pool. Ash? she quietly whispered to herself.


She quickly snapped out of her trance and turned towards her sisters who were screaming and pointing to the pool. Psyduck had gone underwater and had blue lines running down his face (anime style). Misty gasped and dived in after it, still fully clothed. Her Gyarados saw her from the bottom of the pool and started swimming towards her and Psyduck. Misty grabbed Psyduck around the middle as Gyarados let her land on its eyebrow and it swam quickly to the surface. It roared and water flew everywhere, soaking Daisy, Lily and Violet.

Usually they would start complaining about their hair being ruined but they seemed to be more concerned about Psyduck. Misty jumped off Gyarados, thanked it and let Psyduck fall flat on its back and sprout out a fountain of water from its mouth.

Is Psyduck OK? Violet asked with concern.

Misty pulled her wet hair out of her ponytail.

Yeah. She said while wringing out hair tie.

Her short hair fell just above her shoulders and the dampness gave it an auburn glow. She took off her crop top and shorts to reveal a pink and yellow halter neck bikini. She left her hair tie on her wrist and looked at her sisters.

So can I go to Wallis demonstration?

Misty, what do you wanna be? Daisy asked her seriously.

I wanna be a Water Pokemon Master! You know that! Misty said angrily.

Then why are you wasting your time at the gym when you could be travelling the regions and gaining more experience?

Mistys face fell. Well Ive never been in charge of the gym before and it was a new experience. And when you came back, I didnt know what to do because I liked being responsible for the gym. Then I went to Houen to find Ash and I wasnt sure where I belonged. So I thought the best place to be was back home where I could start over and keep an eye on you guys. And look how much youve improved with my help! She said brightly.

Daisy looked at her calmly. Misty, we have improved, but there is only so much you can teach us. The rest we need to learn on our own. And you need to learn things on your own too. Like where you wanna be right now. Youre young and more experienced than any of us! But we love you and we want whats best for you. You were always high-spirited when you were little and you were always roaming around where you shouldnt have been. And now you have that opportunity to go where you want and you decided to stay here and not travel with your friends

But they looked so happy together without me! she shouted with tears in her eyes. Theyve got new friends now and I dont think they want me around! Id just hold them back.

Her sisters looked at her in shock but Violet smiled knowingly.

You think that girlfriend-

He doesnt have a girlfriend! she shouted then covered her mouth with her hand in shock at what shed just said.

You think that girl that travels with him are fine without you? Because you were like the only girl and thats how you see it should be. Just one girl in their group? Violet continued softly.

Misty looked down at the floor. Can I go to Wallis demonstration or not? she asked bitterly.

The three sisters looked at her apprehensively.

Yeah, you can go. Daisy sighed. But just remember that there is no hurry to come back to the gym because we can now manage without you. And if we do need anything, then that hunky Tracey comes up to see us every other day! she winked at
Misty who smiled back.

Are you guys gonna come? she asked.

They smiled at her. Nope. We are gonna stay here and make a huge reputation of not allowing anyone to beat us! Violet said.

Misty looked over the pool. Im gonna see Ash! She thought to herself.

Gyarados emerged from the pool and splashed her. She shielded herself and laughed at it. Then she dove neatly into the pool and grabbed its tail. Gyarados swam underneath her and launched a hydro pump, which sent Misty flying up to the surface and sitting on top of a huge fountain of water. She kept her balance as her sisters applauded her. She gasped.

I need to reply to that e-mail! she shouted.

The fountain vanished beneath her and without warning she hit the water her arms and legs flying about to stop her. She surfaced as her sisters stood there laughing at her. She put on an angry pout and muttered to herself that she wouldnt miss their taunting.

End Chapter 1

Well thats Chapter 1! I know its a bit boring because nothings happened but there is a lot more to come! I do like writing but Im not to good at it so please feel free to comment your honest opinions and reviews!

Ive made this chapter a bit more of a mini Hoso episode and the rest should be closer to the anime.

Water Spirit XxX

March 5th, 2005, 8:35 AM
Woo! you posted it at PC anyway, I think this is a great way to start the fic off, as good as ever, great job ^^

Asura Nirosuki
March 5th, 2005, 11:27 AM
YES! youre posting it here!YAH

March 5th, 2005, 1:01 PM
I've heard of this fic and would of read it too if it hadn't had so many chapters. ^^; Glad I could start from the beginning though.

Anyhoo, a pretty good story Water Spirit. A few minor errors in the grammar department (btw, is it Wallace's or Wallis' because you seem to favor both sometimes) but nothing too big to worry about.

Misty and the other canon characters are IC too. :) Especially Misty and Psyduck. I'm glad that you changed Misty's sisters personalities just a tad as well to show that they do care for Pokmon.

I likey. ^_^ And that's saying a lot since I don't usually read Pokeshipping either. Hope you post the second chapter soon!

LaTeR dAyZ!

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March 7th, 2005, 2:44 AM
OMG! You're here! *Hugs* I remember reading this in Serebii, telling you how much I love this fic. I'll never stop loving this fic and I'll be supporting you all the way.

BTW, it's me, Brian Powell, formerly known as Big Evil. (Yeah, I know, my name for this forum is a bit *shrugs*)

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hey water spirit you know the serebii forums doesn't exist anymore?
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Uwaaa--! It's the lovely Pokeshipping fanfic from SPP forums! You're posting it here? Yay! I'm absolutely one of your biggest fans! You should seriously publish this into a book or something... it's the best! I hope you post the next chapter really soon (so that I may reread it!) ^_~

March 14th, 2005, 9:52 PM
WOW,that is really awesome!^^ I love it! It's like so good,that they should make an episode about it or something^^

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Wow...just like on Serebii....

If you were to see WS's copy on Serebii, you'd be shocked! I know, I've seen it...

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No second chapter yet? I'll just head down to SPP forums, then :)