View Full Version : Clash of the Mew brothers!

December 21st, 2003, 1:20 AM
Hi! Since I've written this fanfic about 7 times, and everyone liked it, I'm gonna write it for the 8th, and best time! Enjoy!


(If you read the Pokemon Prophecy, you'll understand the prologue better.)

When Deoxys was sealed away, he had already had a sample from Mew and Mewtwo to merge together to create the ultimate weapon of destruction... He told nobody of this project. The small problem was, he couldn't control it. He is now sealed away, and the Project is still being created. The Project never had Deoxys to teach him about the world, his being a weapon, and his limits... After long years of slumber and creation, he was complete. Three years after the Red and Blue orbs were restored to Mt. Pyre, the Project awakened at long last... A Project come to be known in the future as... Mewthree...