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December 28th, 2003, 1:22 PM
Prelude: Zack's Destiny

The time unfolded like any other time in Traverse Town. Heartless invaded, people lost their hearts, and it was just like any other normal time. That was where Zack Day roamed. Zack was about 5'8", which was big for his age considering he was only 12. He has silky black hair and sapphire blue eyes. He weighed less than 120 lbs, making for a quick target. He was a very fast runner, often beating his friends Riku and Sora back on the Destiny Islands. However, the days of his islands were cut short by this Heartless invasion. Zack had been cursed by Malificent, thus having gold dragon-like wings and a similarly colored dragon-like tail. He didn't seem to resent these things; he was merely puzzled because they seemed more of a blessing than a curse. He was able to pound on enemies with his tail and could fly about 3 times as fast as he could run. Zack was with his best friend Sora, at last reunited with his pal. Zack had just found a new sword: the Sword of Dragons. It greatly raised his Strength, which was low to start with. He had excellent defensive and magic powers, which compensated for his low level of brute force. He knew all the 2nd level spells, and his greatest quest was to find Kairi, so he joined Sora. Donald and Goofy were close by, arguing like always.
Now Sora and Zack were very close, almost like brothers. They had just finished battling each other, which drew up a narrow victory for Sora. Zack didn't seem to mind; he just saw it as a sign of necessary improvement. "So Sora, you've got some nice moves there," Zack commented.
"Gee thanks," Sora replied.
"Should we head back to Hollow Bastion? I mean, we looked there, but I think that place is bigger than we thought."
"Good idea. We only left because we got run down by those powerful Heartless."
"You know, I can't help but think Kairi has to be there..."
"I know, Zack, I know."
"Hey, Sora?"
"We're still pals, right?"
"Of course. Why wouldn't we be?"
"Just making sure..."
"What's up?"
"Zack? You okay?"
"You miss her, don't you?"
"Yes. I sure hope the Heartless didn't get her first."
"Me too, buddy, me too."
And with that, so began Zack and pals' adventure to rescue Kairi...

December 29th, 2003, 11:05 AM
Your Kingdom Hearts fan-fic is really catching my interest, your chapter 1 was more like a prelude, which is always good to get more familiar with the characters, and I hope to see more.

December 29th, 2003, 4:55 PM
Hmm, looking good to me! Keep it up,. But needs more description!

December 30th, 2003, 2:22 PM
Chapter One: Sweet Revenge

Sora explained to Zack that their ship was too small for him. However, Zack didn't mind, for he had a gummi ship of his own. He called it "Dragon," for it was shaped very much like a dragon would be. It was painted black with certain blocks on the tail painted golden yellow. When Sora saw this ship, he jumped in excitement. "Whoa! Stay back; I'll handle him." And Sora began hacking at Zack's sleek ship.
"Sora, stop it; you'll chip the paint!"
"This thing's painted?"
"Hello, it's a gummi ship, lucid head!"
"Oh really? Take me to Hollow Bastion in it then."
"Okay. You two can go alone right?"
"Of course we can," Donald said as he came up to his pal Sora.
"You can count on us!" said Goofy.
"Right..." Sora remarked sarcastically.
"Come on Sora!" Zack commanded.
And so the two ships left Traverse Town. Their rides were smooth, for both had Warp-G blocks in their ship and had been to Hollow Bastion before. When the two ships arrived, the gang got out, and looked at the place in awe.
"It's huge!" remarked Sora.
"You don't remember it?" Zack asked.
"Guess not... let's go save Kairi!"
"Yes... let's."
As they made their way to the castle interior, Sora and Zack talked about Kairi. Zack had admitted he once shared a paopu fruit with her. Sora seemed shocked by this. But Zack just laughed, calling it a joke. However, he wasn't joking... and he had the feeling soon their destinies would cross...

February 7th, 2004, 5:59 PM
Chapter Two: The Other Brothers

As Sora and Co. made their way to the Library of Hollow Bastion, they encountered and old friend. "Sora! Zack! Hold it right there." the voice called.
"Riku?" Sora uttered, stunned.
"Sora... I won't let you take Kairi."
"Take Kairi!? We don't know where the **** she is!"
"Pth. Right. Like I'm that stupid."
"Come on, Riku, be serious. Zack shared a paopu with her, we have to find her."
Suddenly Riku's eyes narrowed as he turned to Zack.
"It... it's a little joke, Riku..." Zack stuttered.
"You stay the **** away from my girl, monster. Or I'll slash your heart with your own sword."
"Riku? Be... be serious."
"Get... the... ****... out...."
"I'm not stupid enough to need any more tellings. Come on, Sora."
"No way, Zack."
Zack look flabbergasted. He couldn't understand his friend's motives.
"There's no way in **** I'm leaving, Riku."
"Then I'll just have to slash both of your hearts!" And with that Riku moved towards his former friends... and...

Author's note: Sorry I've abstained from my fics from a while. I took up a job as a replacement in the SoCal supermarket strikes. And I got fired. And whoops, I think I just started this into rated PG.

February 7th, 2004, 6:06 PM
i dont like because the zack guy he just it should be sora not zack

February 7th, 2004, 6:57 PM
Author's note: Not all stories go the way you want Fudge. Just keep in mind Sora will get the girl... 'cause eventually, he will. Trust me.

Chapter Three

"Sora! Zack! It was nice knowing you... well not really! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" And with that, Riku slashed Sora with one swing of his mighty sword. Sora fell down, as if his heart had just been unsealed...
Zack stared at his friend in disbelief. He got back up, and smashed Riku with his tail. "No one hurts Sora, jerk!"
"Feisty, aren't we dragon boy?" What... you gonna save Kairi and kiss h-" But Riku couldn't finish his sentence, for Zack had cut him with his mighty sword, the Dragon Fang. Riku attempted to slash Zack's heart, and was just inches from his body when...