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April 1st, 2005, 7:52 PM
Side 1
This world...this world that has been devistated by the creation of these new life forms known as "Robots" have been destorying the order of life on earth..A hero the earth once depended on,my brother,has turned against society wreaking havoc where ever he went.The world is in distress the other heros known as Bass,Protoman,Roll,Rush have all dissappeared from this world mysteriously,nobody knows the whereabouts of there special robots that once protected mankind.Niether do they know why Megaman or "X" has turned over to the bad side."X" has achieved maximum control over the world and is now tryen to kill off the human race,he thinks that "his" world should be only inhabitited by robots like himself.He sent out his minions to demolish what is left of mankind.There is only one person who knows how to deactivate "X" and his name his Dr.Light but he had a public execution a couple of days ago.Now the world is in need of help please whoever hears this message come and help us fight the battle of against "X" and his army we need to save humanity!............

End of transmission....

"Oh bass do you think that they will come to aid us?"A mysterious voice said
"Yes have faith,im sure they will come"Bass replied
"I hope so,i really really hope so..."

Hello you have been contacted because i must of heard of your outstanding abilities and crulness to lifeforms.Please let me introduce myself i go by the name of Megaman or what i liked to be called now "X" i am sick and tired of these beings known as humans treating robots and other electronic devices like garbage!They treat us with no respect at all and they should considering that we are the superior being's of this world!Help me my fellow brotherin and sisterin wth your help we will destroy what is left of this tiny pathetic race and conquer there world!We will anilliate them from the face of earth.Speaking of earth that is where we shall do battle,the humans are rising up against me and im losing power as i am sending this message to you.Trust me my people as soon as we destroy this race we shall conquer the entire galaxy!.........

End of transmission.......

"Hmmm we shall see how powerful my reinforcements are going to be!" X yelled
"Listen to me X dont reley all that much on your new allies remember depend upon yourself more then you depend upon others"A mysterious voice replied
"......................We shall see...."X said

Description: (remember your like megaman,bass,etc. you look like them)
Special Power: (Like the powers megaman gets in the game,Only one for now)