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April 2nd, 2005, 4:15 PM
Chapter 1: The first pokemon

Ryu couldnt sleep. He had been up since midnight thinking about what pokemon to pick to be his starter. At first he wanted a charmander because he had always loved fire pokemon. Then he changed his mind and wanted a squirtle because he knew water pokemon could help him get his first badge. Last but not least, he wanted a bulbasaur so he could suck the life out of other pokemon.
Ryu finally decided that he would pick a squirtle because in the last pokemon world tournament a person with a Blastoise won the world championship. He also wanted to beat his sister, who started her pokemon journey two years ago. She had chosen a Cyndaquil.
That morning Ryu got dressed and quickly went to the pokemon lab. Professor Oak told him he was the first pokemon trainer there. His friend, Mike, came a few minutes after Ryu and finally Maria, the only girl from the village who would pick a pokemon this year.
Ryu picked first since he was the first one there. Ryus pokemon was squirtle. Then Mike picked, his pokemon was charmander. I love fire mike said. Finally, Maria picked a bulbasaur. Ah, you have all picked fine pokemon said Professor Oak. Hey Ryu, want to battle? said Mike. Okay! said Ryu.
Ryu and Mike both went to a side of the lab. Go Charmander! Yelled Mike. Squirtle Go! Yelled Ryu. Charmander had 20 HP and so did Squirtle. Both pokemon were watching the other as they got ready to battle. Squirtle, use tackle! Squirtle attacked Charmander and took away 5 HP. No! Charmander use scratch! Charmander scratched Squirtles head and took away 3 HP. Ha! Now your squirtle only has 17 HP left! Mike said. Umm..Mike. yours only has 15.Said Ryu. Oh...Ummright. Said Mike. Squirtle, use your tackle again! Squirtle tackled Charmander then Charmander lost 7 HP. Ha! Only 8 HP left compared to my Squirtles 17! Face it Mike, you lost! Said Ryu. GrrNot for long. Charmander, use scratch! Yelled Mike. Charmander leapt into the air and scratch Squirtle on the back of his neck. Squirtle lost 15 HP because it was a critical hit. Yes! Now Squirtle only has 2 HP! Mike said happily. NoI cant lose. SQUIRTLE USE TACKLE! HIT THE FIRE ON HIS TAIL! Squirtle did as it was told and because of the wind the tackle made, Charmanders fire went out and lost the battle. NO!!! I LOST RYU YOU CHEATED!!! Screamed Mike. No I didnt Mike, I just used the resources I had to my advantage. Oh, and my Squirtle is now at level 6!

What do you think of it so far?

April 2nd, 2005, 4:31 PM
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Umm...okay. I read it.... Umm....Ya....Ummmmm................ya..

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Dude, don't spam. This is a warning.

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