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April 19th, 2005, 4:58 PM
In times of great need, one world must help another.
This is more then true for the realm of Aquariat. A land once full of magic and wonder, is now under the control of a Dark Syndicate called "Cruxaz," after the people of Aquarias lost the Great War to them.

Even with the special abilities related to Spirit Energy, the Aquariats lost, and it's been 5 years since. Though a ray of hope has appeared, as a small group of Aquariats created a portal to, and travelled to Earth, in search of help. They plan to sacrifice themselves in order to give the Earthlings the type of power they posses, in hopes that they can one day save the world of Aquariat.

Though there is one thing the Aquariats didn't anticipate - that Cruxaz would follow them, and begin to invade Earth, one small step at a time with the vast amount of powers they posess.

Now the chosen Earthlings must decide what they're going to do. Will they use their new found powers to save the world, while pretending to be normal citizens, or will they try to forget about the great duty that was bestowed upon them?

In a nutshell, you play one of those chosen earthlings, who now posess a power unique to their very heart. Spiritual power also plays a role, but will be explained as the RP is started. I will leave what kind of power you get entirely up to you, but don't make it totally overpowering, or I will ask you to change it, or if I see any other flaws, I may ask you to change. The possibilities are nearly endless.


Appearance: (This is current Earth, and it will be taking place in Japan for the most part, so keep that in mind)
Personality: (optional)
Other: (optional)
RPing Sample: (Unless I know you're good, I NEED A SAMPLE. Meaning that you pretend to RP for a paragraph or so, using your own topic, so I can see your ability. If the sample does not meet my expectations on the first try, you will not be allowed to participate. Also, if you post a really good sample, I suggest you make your posts just as good, or I WILL kick you)

April 19th, 2005, 5:20 PM
Name: Robert
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Power: Ghost. Basically, he can transform into a state that is to all intents and purposes, a ghost. However, using his "ghostly" abilities, and transforming between states drains his spirit power.
Appearance: American by citizenship, he has the attitude to match. He has brown hair, and rather than highlights, it's spiked with straks of a darker brown, practically black. He wears silver framed sunglasses, with orangish-yellow mirrored lenses, and a black leather jacket over a grey shirt, and faded jeans.
Personality: In a nutshell: A joker. Despite his somewhat tough appearance, he really isn't all that threatening, and has a taste for jokes that has gotten him in serious trouble more than once.
Other: N/A
RPing Sample: Daiaki has told me himself/herself that I do not need to fill this out.

愛Forgotten Angel愛
April 19th, 2005, 5:36 PM
Name: Kari
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Power: By focusing her mind, she can unleash punches much faster than normal that can also be shot like arrows.
Appearance: The regular Japanesse uniform with black arm socks. She wears Converse and has a black "I did not vote 4 Bush" and pink "Sharing the Promise" bands she hold in her fists. She has long, black hair tied in two pigtails.
Personality: She is very much a loner, and has no feelings for anyone, even her parents. She loves to talk about death and what the real meaning of life is.
RPing Sample:
Kari stood next to her best friend and waited. Her heart pulsed faster than usual. This was the final test; the test to see if she was strong enough to defend people. Then she felt it; the unmistakable evil aura the came with any "obtainer", or evil, Guardian. She focused her mind on her wolf form and began the transformation. She heard her friend say something, but it all turned to jibberish when she was completly formed. She heard the footsteps and bared her fangs. It came out swiftly; quiet enough that Kari could barely hear it. That didn't matter though. She tought about the words in her spellbook and howled, realsing spears of ice at the human/animal. It was quick, and it struck back, but she dodged, each time it attacked. She made sure her friend was always a fair distance away from the monster. Then, seeing her one, and most likely only, chance, she lunged and bit. The creature bent down, while Kari tore upward from the neck, ripping out a vein. Crimson blood poured out of the man's neck, while Kari's friend looked horried.

"So, so, that's what you can really do? Kill people. Is that what you were born to do?" she screamed at me.

April 19th, 2005, 7:31 PM
Name: Kuma Li
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Edited-Power: Has the ability to manipulate (reform, reshape) most solids. Excluding some types of wood and vegitation.
Appearance: Brown hair with sinlge red streak. Wears a blue touque, glasses/sunglasses on head, Two red bandanas(one on left ankle and one on neck), black fingerless gloves, vest, t-shirt and kinono, knee pad on left knee and wristbands.
Personality: A pevert, to put it bluntly. Has a relaxed nature, but is fierce in battle (or at a buffet). Never worries about the future, and doesn't think highly of herself. Would pick her family over family anyday.
Other: Is Canadian, and proud of it! Has never worn a skirt in her entire life. Asks every hot guy in sight for a date (granted she doesn't pay). Has developed an ability to talk to animals. Always carries around an albino ferret named Fubuki.
RPing Sample:
"What is it?" I asked.
"No matter how many times you ask me that I'm going to keep saying: I don't know." My friend Draik replied as dumbfounded as I was.
We'd been sitting here for over an hour just... staring at it and occasionally poking it. I poked it, it jiggled. Draik poked it, it jiggled. Then it popped and and a putred gas came gushing out. We both gagged in disgust.
It was green and it was slimy, and unfortunetly it... was dinner. We both crouched on our knees and begged my mother to spare us, earning us seconds. My brother laughed and we both chucked a quarter of the slime on his plate, luckily no one noticed.
I guess this was the punishment you get for street fighting. Actually it was a roof. Well it was the top of the CNTower, but it still wasn't that bad. We won and my dad was happy for us(he was betting after all), that is until my mother threatened him to the couch. Sadly, even a hanyou prince has his limits.
So here we are, staring down fate, without hot sauce, thanks to Draiks mouth. He mentioned that my dad was a wimp.
I took a piece of it with my chopsticks, plugged my nose and ate it. I put my plan into action while I went down to gag I swiped half of the goop and ran to the bathroom.
((seems I got cariied away again...))

April 19th, 2005, 9:37 PM
Name: Rio Chidori
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Power: Light and the Shadow, to put it simply; her abilities are mostly centered on those two elements. [Meh, Mari ish feeling lazy ~puu X3]

Appearance: Locks of wavy, shimmering yellow cascades right beside her chin which is often under a cap. She has large, cherry-red optics that appears eerie to most, but the childishness it holds often lead to second thoughts. She is almost always dressed in shorts, denim or cargo, along with loose shirts she finds comfortable. She loathes skirts and dresses and would never be caught in one [yesh, the skirt ish teh evilness~!]. She also appears younger than she truly is.

Personality: An immature, always hyper, tomboy. She always love pulling tricks on others and is just simply loud and unruly. She can be very annoying, but her enthusiasm is very contagious. She is utterly reckless and pays no heed to her wellbeing; she'll try out any risky stunt no matter how impossible it may seem.

Other: Her affinity with nature made her senses slightly more enhanced than normal, and she gets along with most animals just fine because of that.
RPing Sample: Nee, nee, Dai-chan, does Mari have to this~? X3;

April 20th, 2005, 3:54 AM
(I know I'm a n00b on here, but I've had.. er have, whichever, plenty of experience on other forums [not allowed to state which ones.. very bad, against rules])

NEWay... This RP sounds just like one I would have done on ************** (long huh?) and I think I'd be a great asset to the team!

Name: John Luke (Pronounced with a French accent)
Age: 16
Gender: Male (there's only one other!! Poor dude!)
Power: Basic elements (can controle the basic elements, i.e., fire, water, earth, and wind but only if there is already a source of it)
[Example: If there was a match lit, I could controle the fire so it wouldn't go out or anything else I desired}
Appearance: An almost g0th appearance, John Luke is often found wearing dark jewel toned tee shirts with dark blue or black baggy jeans with his hair all spiked out. He has green eyes, but often wears contacts that make his eyes look red.
Personality: (I'm not any good at summarizing up what my personality is, since it is normally the same as me in real life so I'm leaving this part blank)
Other: A transfer student from France, suprisingly he still hasn't lost his accent.
RPing Sample: Nicholas wandered around the cemetary, wondering where in the world had just happened, and then the transformation began. Suddenly, Nicholas started to quickly grow in size, sprouting massive clumps of hair from all over his body. His face began to twist and distort, seeming to melt into the head of a gypsie like bovine, but no, his face melted into the face of a werewolf! His snout stretched out and trillions of huge, sharp pointed teeth began erupting out of his gums. His hands began to grow huge rough sections on his palms. His fingers turned into long claws. His feet, which were already covered in thick fur, shrank down to the size of an ordinary dogs'. After the transformation was complete, Nicholas looked up toward the silvery full moon and let out a long, antagonizing howl.

Suddenly Nicholas wakes up, covered in his sweat, and walks to the bathroom. He turns on a light and looks in the mirror to collect his thoughts, when he sees that the cause of the nightmare was himself!

(Hope this is good ^_^)

April 20th, 2005, 1:14 PM
Shiney, Sel_Girl, Mari- You 3 are in.

eevachu- Your power is too intense. All forms of matter seems a little much, so maybe try making it seem less powerful?

~Nightingale~- All I need to see is your sample.

Now, for my character, XD

Name: David
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Power: Has the ability to change his appearance at will, under the following conditions:
1) What he becomes must be humanoid
2) It is selected at random, so he has no control over how he looks, the gender, what he ends up wearing, age, ect, and his rotten luck usually brings him female forms.
3) He must stay in that form for 12 hours before being able to change back, or into another body.
Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, 5'11". David is usually dressed in a grey sweatshirt, and a pair of navy blue jeans when he isnt transformed, along with a pair of black shoes. He also has a gold chain necklace on, a gold pendant hanging from it.
Other: An exchange student from Canada, spending the summer in Japan before returning to his school at the end for the next semester.

I guess I can start. I will allow late sign ups for 3 days.

IC: "We need your help..." A girl from within the darkness pleaded. "Please save us..." A that instance, I saw a sword appear, and was launched at my chest. Upon impact, I awoke from the nightmare, beads of warm sweat falling down my face.

"Just another one of the dreams..." I sighed to myself as I glanced out the window. It was morning now, and the streets had become busy. It was a small town I was staying in for the exchange trip. I found it relaxing really, except for the weird dreams I had been having.

I got dressed and ready in a hurry as I noticed the time. It may be summer, but I still had school! In a rush, I sped out of my room, and began running towards the high school.

OOC: The person you see in your dream may not be a girl. It depends on the gender you wanna make the Aquariat that gives you their power.

April 20th, 2005, 7:12 PM
((I thought it sounded a little,"I shall take over the world with my intense power! All bow before me"ish. I'll change it to just solids. And if it's that's okay may I add liquids to my powers?))

April 20th, 2005, 7:39 PM
Pitch darkness.

Rio's crimson eyes searched the void warily, she could hear a cry; a plea for help. But there was no one in sight. "Please" She heard it again; the tone of his voice was making her feel morose, highly unlike her.

Her eyes widened at the sight of a boy. His visage was filled with grief, it was...saddening. "Please, save us" As she slowly neared the boy's silhouette, an image of a feather abruptly appeared out of nowhere and plunged to her chestthrough her heart.

Rio immediately awoke, eyes wide in shock. "Aiya," She sighed softly, "just a dream."

She reached for her clock and huffed. She kept having weird dreams, and it was getting worse every passing day. It didn't bother her that much, though. In fact, she really wanted to help, if she could, anyways.

"Mm, let see. It's just"

Without hesitating ay longer, Rio jumped off her bed and hurriedly dressed. She dashed out of their house and sprinted as fast as she could to school. Oh great, she was going to be late for school again.

April 20th, 2005, 11:06 PM
I turned around. I was standing in a black void, but for some reason this didn't upset me. Suddenly, I saw a large, male behind me as I turned. He was beginning to lose his hair, but he was still extremely muscled, extremely lethal, he ahd the look in his eyes of a soldier, and his outfit seemed strange, yet decorative. "We need your help," He said simply. Blunt, and to the point, like me. "Do your part, and you won't regret it." He said, turning away. I was about to speak, but what looked like b ball of gas with a billowing trail suddenly began bearing towards me, and it hit me in the chest, going right through me.

"GAH!" I yelled, straightening up. It wasn't often I remembered dreams, but a nightmare? Still, did it count. I shook myself, speaking softly in english. "Get a hold of yourself robert. No more watching Torrented anime after two." I said, before promptly falling back into the bedding...

April 21st, 2005, 2:50 AM
OOC- eevachu- Again, most things are solids, so its still too overpowering. It is this part: manipulate (changing, reforming, decreasing, increasing), that I have a problem with.

IC- "Phew, made it!" I exclaimed as I took my seat, panting wildly. Luckily, the school was only a few blocks away, but it was still quite the run. Like 10 seconds after, the bell rang, and noticied nobody else was at school. Wait... was it Saturday? Darnit!

After leaving the school, I decided to lie down on a park bench, in the center of the nearby park. I was lying on my side, staring at the penguin slide across from me, thinking of my previous dream.

April 22nd, 2005, 6:11 AM
John Luke found himself wandering through what looked like an old forest of sorts. All of a sudden, he finds himself walking toward this beautiful lady, he tries to stop, but somehow he cannot. The lady started talking in some weird language and suddenly, four orbs of fire, water, wind, and earth were encircling John Luke. The orbs began to spin, slowly at first, but soon they are spinning faster than he can follow. In a flash the orbs have vanished and the lady says, "There now, the process is complete. You now hold the power I once had." With a sort of shimmer, like in water, she was gone and John Luke was being woke up by his alarm.

"Dang, That was the weirdest dream I've ever had." Slowly and steadily he got up and got around. He took a quick shower, shaved, got dressed and ate. He took his car keys and decided to get the little class over with. As he was walking toward the door, he notices that it is Saturday. "Awesome! Now I'm free for the rest of the day!"

John Luke heads out the door and over to the park to wait for his buddies, since the park was their meeting place since all of his friends couldn't drive. When he arrives at the park he decides to sit down on one of the benches. In doing so, he notices this young man, but decides not to bother him, so John Luke goes and sits on a different bench, right across from the young man.

April 22nd, 2005, 4:54 PM
Hey I hope it isn't too late to join.

Name: Kane
Power:Can move thing with his mind(he can only lift things he can actually pick up) and can cast illusoins of whatever he wants to ( He can only do this about 2 times every hours do to the mental stress).
Appearance: He has short light blue hair and green eyes. He wears black jeans with a silver chain with a cross at the end of it hanging from his pocket. He also waers a red t-shirt with a flame symbol on it.
Personality: Very kind and caring person though once mad he's a force to be recconed with.
RPing Sample: With Teresa's help the giants heartless' other leg had dissapeared. Kay tried to concentrate on it's torso and kept attacking. He was so focused that when it's arms swung it knocked him far away from it. When Kay hit the ground his kayblade flew out of his hands a few feet behind him. Kay sprinted toward his kayblade hoping nothing would happen to it. Just then some hearless surrounded it and were ready to fight him for it. Kay didn't stop runing, he held out his right arm and made a leap for it. Before he could reach it a heartless knocked him away again. Kay got up and started to walk toward them. He concentrated on his kayblade and held out his right arm again. This time his keyblade appeared in his hand. Kay rushed at the heartless killing them all with one slash. He now hurried back to help Teresa with the boss.

April 24th, 2005, 1:06 AM
There was nobody inside. The whole lot was vacant.

Rio reached for her cell phone in her pocket and glanced at the date and day written on it. "Eh?!" Rio screamed in aggravation. She just stressed herself out in making sure to arrive to school early on a Saturday. Wow.

She groaned irately and sluggishly walked away, searching for a place to stay for the time being. She didn't want to go back home and be teased endlessly, not yet anyway. She had an abrupt halt of her aimless saunter, just a few minutes of walking, at the sight of the park nearby. In an instant, she disregarded her little misfortune and ran to the park, giggling inwardly.

She climbed up the penguin slide and slid down in an exceedingly hasty pace, now giggling out loud. She looked like a child, but she couldn't help it. She caught sight of a boy who, like her, seemed all ready for school. It made her happy that she wasn't the only one who naively assumed it was a school day and went to school.

She flashed the boy a grin, quietly thanking him for making that mistake, then made her way to the verdant part of the park. She plopped down and stared at the sky. As optimistic as she was now, her dream still haunted her. She couldn't take her mind off the boy, his plea, and everything that happened. It all did seem a tad too realistic.

"I hate my imagination sometimes." She muttered softly to herself, breathing out a sigh.