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April 21st, 2005, 2:58 PM
The drow. Throughout all of Faerun, their name inspires fear and dread. If you see one of these elvish devils, you run for your life. If they're feeling merciful, it only takes you two weeks to die. Millenia ago, the surface elves dove them underground, deep into the Underdark, the massive cave network running all across Faerun. There, the drow grew still more evil, still more twisted as they discovered Lloth, the Spider Queen, Godess of Chaos. They perfected the arts of fighting and magic, transcending every level imaginable through necessity. The Underdark is not a forgiving home.

However, some drow shunned the evil ways of their kin. Some, such as the infamous rogue, Drizzt Do'Urden even went so far as to flee to the surface world. Inspired by him, a group of the all too rare goodly drow banded together and escaped to the surface. Though they met with rejection and fear, the decided to remain in seclusion, high in the mountains of Faerun. There, the lived equitably, unlike the matriarchal drow society, calling themselves the Nystrameil (the Uncommon Ones in the drow tongue).

Lloth, though, doesn't let go so easily. She maintains an elite group known as the Kazhid'hea, the Cutters to protect the entrances to the Underdark, act as liasons to the surface world from the two drow cities of Menzoberranzan and Ched Nasad, and most importantly, to destroy any group of runaways they can find. Unlike the rest of drow society, skill rules the rankings of the Kazhid'hea, instead of gender and House ranking. These warriors, mages, and priestesses are conditioned from birth to tolerate the harsh sun of the surface and to fight with unparalelled skill. And now they have found the small mountain camp of the Nystrameil.

After the first skirmish, the Nystrameil have sent messengers to Silverymoon, the Moonwood, and Mithral Hall in desperate need of aid in their one-sided fight against Lloth's elite army.


Silverymoon: Famous around Faerun for being a city of art and learning. Ruled by the magically powerful Lady Alustriel, it is a predominately human city, though any races aside from drow (excepting Drizzt, who has proven himself a goodly creature many times over) and orckind (the orcs, trolls, and goblins) are welcome inside her walls. Many underestimate her military prowess.

Mithral Hall: Home of Clan Battlehammer, Mithral Hall also provides refuge and home to Drizzt and his companions when they aren't on the road. The Hall is led by Bruenor Battlehammer, the Eighth King of Mithral Hall. He is widely considered the most famous of all dwarves. The weapons and armor produced by the Hall are thought to be the best in the Realms.

The Moonwood: After the fall of Myth Drannor, the elves of Faerun were scatered across the Realms. The Moonwood provided ready settlement to many of them and now is considered the largest elvish settlement in Faerun, if not Toril as a whole.

Information-Races (by no means all-inclusive)

Elves: Slender of build, all elves, be they Sun, Moon, Wood, or Dark share similar charicteristics, a fine bone structure and an average height of about 5'3''. Many times, their magical prowess far exceeds that of the other races. They they are not physically strong, they are exceedingly fast and make excellent mages, archers, and assassins.

Humans: The most balanced race in the Realms, a human can succeed in almost any field, though they are best suited to the warrior class. They stand roughly 5'9''. Stronger in constitution than elves, they can weild heavier weapons and armor, though their speed suffer drastically. a human subspecies, the barbarians has an average height of about 6'6'' and is perfectly suited for warriorship, though they are magically incompetent.

Dwarves: A charging dwarf is not a thing to be in they way of. Though comically short (about 4' even), they can weild the heaviest of weapons and armor with ease. Even their females have beards. Dwarves are absolutely loyal to their friends and kin and would willingly die to save another. Stong of constitution and with a decent speed, they make excellent melee fighters, but little else. They also are uniqe in that they can access the battlerager class.

Information-Classes (again, not all-inclusive)

Ranger: Perhaps the most balanced of classes, rangers are decent in ranged combat, melee combat, and spellwork, though they are masters of none. They prefer to spend time alone in nature, acting as guardians of Mielikki, Godess of the Forests. Though they are predominately solitary, rangers will associate with almost any race, though they bear a particular hatred for orckind

Paladin: The classical knight in shining armor, Paladins are masters of melee combat, preferring heavy armor and a big sword to anything else. They have limited access to clerical magic as well. A subclass, the fallen paladin is capable of accessing clerical magic of the darker gods instead of the lighter.

Assassin: Though not necessairily evil, you wil most often find assassins working for evil means, mainly because evil tends to have more gold. Assassins are masters of stealth and lighter weaponry. They don't have much in the way of defense or magic, though their speed can more than make up for this.

Cleric: Clerics can be found working for any god and are also referred to as priests/priestesses. The spells granted to them by prayr to their particular god/ess can be shockingly powerful. They have minor skill with melee weapons, most likely a small mace.

Mages: Flowing robes, lightning, and fireballs, the mage is unique among all classes for having no melee skill. Their magic, though, is undeniably the best. A skilled mage can decimate entire legions coming after him if he has the right spells prepared.

Battlerager: A class unique to dwarves, the battlerager is remarkable for their tolerance for pain, foolish courage, and most notably, their smell. They rarely take off their army and bathe still less. They make a lot of noise when atacking, but if they latch onto you, you're going to die. Their preferred weapon is their own bodies, encased in ridged, spiked armor that they shake to turn their opponent to mashed pulp.


Too lazy to type it all up, so you get a link: http://www.geocities.com/rtrmdnd/gods.html

Alignment: (Combination of Lawful, Chaotic, Neutral and Good, Evil, Neutral)
Primary weapon:
Secondary weapon:
Other items:
RPing sample: (I won't be as strict here as I usually am, but I do want to make sure that you are at least decent. A few of you don't need a sample, though. You should know who you are. You must wait for my approval, and if I make any suggestions, I expect you to take them.)

April 22nd, 2005, 1:10 AM
Name: Firthalas 'Firth' Archbow
Age: 100 *Looks 14*
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful GOod
Race: Half Elf, half Human?
Class: Archer (No?)
Appearance: A reddish tone of brown hair coming to his neck, emerald green eyes. Firth bears a dark brown shirt of rough cloth, black pants of the same material, a brown leather belt with a shining silver buckle with a sword forged by Dwarven smiths danging from it. A small pouch for arrows hangs on his back, and a oak bow tied to his back. Firth wears a fine brown suede cloak over his tall body when not in combat. Coffee Brown leather boots are on his leg, with reinforced leather, and a soft insole, preventing Firth's legs from getting blisters.
Personality: Often loses himself in battle. He is brave, and willing to risk his life for others.
History: Firth never really met his parents. He was an orphan, and never really wants to meet his blood-dad, who was said by many to have raped his mum, causing Firth. Firth still can't decide if this human heritage is a benefit to him or not. Firth likes to show off his swordsmanship to his elven friends, who still can't make a head or tail of how just half of him being human blood can make him more skilled than them.
Primary weapon: Sword
Secondary weapon: Bow
Other items: Firth has great medical knowledge, and often bears a few potions with him.
RPing sample: Panicing, Firth pulled and arrow from his pouch strung to his back. Holding a good grip, Firth pulled back, The arrow flew with grace, striking a nearby goblin. A horde paraded behind Firth, as he swiftly swung his bow around his back. Firth motioned his hand onto his silver sword, each strike cleaving through the army of Goblins. His strength was unexplainable. With the swordplay of a human, but the gracefulness of an Elf. The whole goblin army was taken down within seconds of the Half Elf as he leaned on his sword, wiping blood off the blade with fallen leaves.

April 22nd, 2005, 11:30 AM
This sounds kewlz!!

~Name: Faye
~Age: 16
~Gender: Female
~Alignment: Chaotic at times, but mainly neutral
~Race: Sun Elf, but raised Dark Elf
~Class: Mage
~Appearance: Faye is scrawny, yet she still has some muscle. She is very agile and acrobatic, allowing her to retaliate quickly. Her high stamina gives her a sort of advantage, seeing as most people assume she doens't have a very high stamina and think she will be easy pickings. Her long golden locks come close to her behind, but are often tucked into a tight bun square on the back of her head. She has the typical pointed ears and almond shaped green eyes. Her fair complection is somewhat a disadvantage in at night, as she seems to glow in the dark. Faye often dresses like she is royalty, in a long silk robe covered in gems of all colors. She carries a napsack, but is often hidden beneath her robes. Faye is somewhat tall for an elf, rounding out at five foot five.
~Personality: Faye doesn't take things for granted. She cherishes every moment she has just staying alive. She doesn't like people being mean to others and will stand up for anything she believes in.
~History: The drow had killed her parents and taken her as a slave in Menzoberranzan. She has been a slave since she was old enough to pick up the tools. Eventually she wised up and figured out a way to escape and now she's been free for five years.
~Primary weapon: A staff (Imagine Gandalf's when he becomes a white wizard)
~Secondary weapon: twin long knives (Imagine Legolas's knives)
~Other items: Spell book, assortment of potions and ingredients in unbreakable vials
~RPing sample: (hope this is good... Its what I used for "Spirit ~ Heart")

Nicholas wandered around the cemetary, wondering where in the world had just happened, and then the transformation began. Suddenly, Nicholas started to quickly grow in size, sprouting massive clumps of hair from all over his body. His face began to twist and distort, seeming to melt into the head of a gypsie like bovine, but no, his face melted into the face of a werewolf! His snout stretched out and trillions of huge, sharp pointed teeth began erupting out of his gums. His hands began to grow huge rough sections on his palms. His fingers turned into long claws. His feet, which were already covered in thick fur, shrank down to the size of an ordinary dogs'. After the transformation was complete, Nicholas looked up toward the silvery full moon and let out a long, antagonizing howl.

Suddenly Nicholas wakes up, covered in his sweat, and walks to the bathroom. He turns on a light and looks in the mirror to collect his thoughts, when he sees that the cause of the nightmare was himself!

April 22nd, 2005, 12:18 PM
<OOC>Omega, you're in. Nightengale, no. You need some serious revisions to your profile.

Name: Dinin Sun'wett
Age: 253
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race: Drow
Class: Assassin
Appearance: Slight of build, even for drow, Dinin stands 5'1'' and looks scrawny. Only looks. He moves with a grace that belies the unusual strength in his muscles. Like all drow, his hair is snow white and his skin is pure ebony. Unlike the crimson eyes of most of his kin, though, he bears lavender eyes similar to those of the rogue Do'Urden. Wears drow mail that allows for silent movement but is stronger than a full suit of plate. Covers this with a modified drow cloak, woven with enchantments to keep his armor and weapons in perfect condition even in the sunlight.
Personality: Most of the time, his face is a mask of perfect calm, though he often wears a small smile when he's killing someone, or about to kill. More than a little touchy about his height, calling him short or any equivalent is liable to have you in his torture chambers.
History: Jealous of the tales of the two weapons masters from House Do'Urden (Zaknaefein and Drizzt), Dinin devoted himself from a young age to perfecting his skill in the arts of combat. His devotion and skill soo earned the notice of House Baenrae, the ruling House of Menzoberranzan, and soon thereafter, he was recruited into the Kazhid'hea. Using his newfound freedom and without the matriarchal rule of drow society over him, he was allowed to hone his skills even further and rapidly climbed the ranks through a combination of assassination, blackmail, and political manuverings. Now, he commands as much respect as any drow matron mother and is as free to act as he wishes as Matron Baenrae herself.
Primary weapon: Katana
Secondary weapon: Kodachi
Other items: Several health potions, rope, food, lockpicks, and various small acids and knives used for torture.<OOC>

April 22nd, 2005, 12:26 PM
Name: Master (It's unknown if this is his real title, or a self appointed one) Happosai
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic good
Race: Gnome
Class: Monk
Appearance: At approxomately a foot and a half tall, happosai is strange, even as gnomes, or monks go. Completely bald, aside from fluffy tufts of hair on the side of his head, and a simple, purpleish-mauve outfit. (If you want a more descriptive version, look at my current avatar and signature. >_>)
Personality: Mostly calm, but will not tolerate insubordinance, and will retaliate with considerable force. He is generally calm, but has a short temper, and an extreme weakness: His perversion.
History: He keeps himself as secretive as possible about his past, considering his story is far longer to tell than anyone could stay awake.
Primary weapon: A simple corn pipe, that he somehow uses with superb effect as a weapon.
Secondary weapon: His tricks. Granted, none of them are truly reliable, or effective as weapons, but he's gotten through many fights on them alone.
Other items: When going through a town, he usually carries a large sack on his back, usually larger than he is, which contains many... Items, he has procurred from women, or their wardrobes. He also has a decent ammount of the supplies he uses for his tricks in combat.
RPing sample: May I assume that I am exempted from the sample?

April 22nd, 2005, 1:06 PM
Name: Herect
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil Chaotic
Race: Demon/Human
Class: Sword/Bowman
Appearance: DEMON: Bright red horns extend from his head, the horn on the right side is fairly bigger than the one on the left. His wings are also of a dark red tint. He has long, menacing claws, and also has a long tail. His skin is a darker shade of gray.
HUMAN: Just a normal human, but he wields a bow and arrow.
Personality: Human: Rude and rather mean.
Demon: Chaotic, lawless, enjoys causing mass chaos.
History: None to date.
Primary weapon: DEMON: BroadSword HUMAN: Bow and Arrow
Secondary weapon: DEMON: ShortSword HUMAN: Knife.
Other items: None

April 22nd, 2005, 2:20 PM
<OOC>Shiney, approved, of course. RPF, your profile lacks creativity and detail. also, you lack an RPing sample.<OOC>

April 22nd, 2005, 3:16 PM
Kay, this is gonna be bad...

Name: Ami (Pronounced Aw-mee)
Age: 15
Gender: female
Alignment: Erm... Lawful Good
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Appearance: Like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v629/Master_Becca/MeAvieNoClothes.png
With a dark-blue robe.
Personality: Like a cat (I use this with almost all my characters now, XD) A lot of how she thinks about you is based on a first impression. If she gets a good impression, she'll be your best friend through thick and through thin. If she gets a bad impression though, she'll hate you for life. If you try to kill her, she won't stop until you're dead.
History: Not much to speak of. She lived with her mom for the first few years of her life. When she was 9 she moved out by herself. She never made any friends, or really ever knew any people except for her mom.
Primary weapon: A basic wooden magic staff.
Secondary weapon: Nanchukas (they belonged to her dad. She hates them)
Other items: Erm... nothing.
RPing sample: I don't need one, do I? Because I was told I was always allowed in TAD's RPs so if I need one I will be VERY offended. XD

I hope it's alright. I probably need to change... everything except the name, XD

April 22nd, 2005, 4:03 PM
OOC: Just stoppin in to say, Great job on the RP, although I won't be joining, becauase your RPs always go to fast for my liking. Oh, and I just wanted to say that I made an RP to compete with this one, another Fantasy Rp, with a ton of detail, proly the best RP I've ever made, oh and again, great job!

April 22nd, 2005, 4:55 PM
<OOC>Becca, approved, Nightengale, approved. Thankies, Jared.<OOC>

April 22nd, 2005, 5:19 PM
<OOC> Oops, you're right. Can I put up my sample now?<OOC>

Herect walked through the darkened forest path, and wondered what the Goblins would throw at him next. He considers this unknown forest a threat, for there could be Tangle Trees or Goblins everywhere. Suddenly, a rustling is heard to the left in a small bush.
"Show yourself!" Herect cries.
"Very well, puny human!" As this sentence is finished, a goblin twice the size of a normal goblin emerges.
"Whoa... That's one big goblin!" Herect says, a gasp in his breath.
"I am no goblin! I am a troll!" the thing replies.
"Troll, Goblin, no difference. You die now!" As Herect finishes his sentence, his skin slowly blackens. His nails begin to extend, and horns sprout from his forhead, curling upwards. A tail forms, and wings burst out of the tunic he was wearing.
"Hahahah! I can still take you down!" the Troll growls.
"You greatly underestimate me." Herect replies harshly. A sword begins to materialize in his hand, and the two face off eachother to begin the fight.
"This will be over quickly." Herect replies.
"For you, at least!" the Troll retorts.
With a slight 'Hmph...' a SWOOSH is heard in the air.
"Hahah! You miss-" The sentence is cut short, as a crease begins to form across his chest. Lastly, the bloody top plops to the ground.
"You shall be restored to serve me." Herect says. Suddenly, he begins to glow a red light. As if nothing had ever happened, the troll is revived to Pseudo-life by Herect's magic talent.
"Let us go. You are the first to join me." Herect says calmly as he reverts to Human Form.
"Yyessss masterrrr...." the Zombie Troll says, dropping some pieces of flesh and a strand of epiglotis.
As the two leave the forest, Herect can only think of what might happen next...

<OOC> Sorry about leaving that off. I thought it said at the top it wasnt required O.o But please try and accept me. I really am a good RPer when it comes to it. <OOC>

April 22nd, 2005, 5:27 PM
<OOC>We'll see. Write me a history, and please, pick another race, I don't want any interplanar hybrids.<OOC>

April 22nd, 2005, 5:37 PM
<OOC> Gotcha. <OOC>

NEW Race: Pure Demon

NEW History: Born in the dark peak of Mt. Vesavus, Herect was tought to be lawless and evil. His parents were both Full Demons, and both were about two-three times the size of a man. Only at the age of 4 was his magical talent discovered. He could bring dead creatures to Pseudo-Life, and they would always abide to Herect.
As this talent manifested, so did Herect. Only at 24 years, he is about 10 years old in Human Years. He is about the size of an average man so far, if not taller.
Herect just didnt fit in. He had no friends, only seclusion. This happened so much that he got used to it. He enjoyed loneliness and seclusion. But he had to get out of his home. One day, without warning, he just took off, and his parents never saw him again. It was customary for Demons to leave home unnoticed.
The very first thing Herect did was destroy. Vesavus Forest, near the bottom of Mt. Vesavus, was totally decimated by him and a week-dead Drake. But this had to be stopped, for if he became any more powerful, he would do more than just destroy forests or towns.
A young dwarf named Lenan took care of this. He cast a spell on Herect, which sent him into a deep Calming Sleep for one hundred years. He was forgotten. And during that time, only calming came of him.
He woke with a shudder. How long had he been sleeping? Where was he now? What time was it? He did not know, but he did have a faint remembrance of a dwarf and a spell... He couldn't remember, but that was for another time. He didn't want to hurt. Or kill. Or destroy.
And that brings us to now.

April 22nd, 2005, 9:12 PM
Name: Rine Shard
Age: 271
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Drow
Class: Ranger
Appearance: Resembles the following character: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v469/tsayan/randomperson1s.jpg
Eyes gold when in his calmer personality; eyes red when in more violent persona
Personality: Out of the many conflicts within himself, the most pronounced is Rine's double personality. One personality dark, bitter, violent, and battle-hungry, the other quiet, sedated, patient, and tolerant, Rine is often torn between both personalities.
History: When he was merely 27, Rine escaped from the Underdark--accompanied by a small group of others. However, before they were able to find sufficient refuge, the group was captured and cruelly tortured. After a month of suffering, all had died but Rine. While the capturers grew slightly impatient--desiring to return to the darkness, one member felt an odd emotion that he thought distasteful to for any Drow to feel--that is, pity. Hardened by years of slaughter and bloodshed, he thought it curious that he would feel this emotion at this time. And, while Rine's life lingered for the next week, this Drow denied his emotions. However, while the other Drow of the group prepared to execute Rine, he suddenly interceded--giving the excuse that Rine should be returned to the Underdark and that his torture could continue to be enjoyed there. The others agreed and brought the young captive with them as they returned to their world.

For over fifty years, Rine was kept in a cell of complete darkness. Convincing the others that his torture was of particular enjoyment, the Drow that pitied Rine managed to keep him alive--though he was in constant pain and torment.

After a time, the older Drow finally relented to his sense of pity--unnatural though it seemed. Freeing Rine from his shackles, he began an attempted escape to the surface. No sooner had the surface been reached, however, than the treachery was discovered. Surrounded, the Drow fought fiercely to protect Rine. But, outnumbered and overpowered, he was captured and slain. Lying limply on the ground, Rine seemed vulnerable to his numerous attackers. However, finding himself again threatened with capture and immeasurable pain, Rine seemed to "snap". The years of overwhelming agony and the insanity granted by the impenetrable dark had created a new personality within Rine. And, rising despite his weakness, he released the fullness of the power that had been suppressed within him. Striking down several Drow and driving back several others, the male turned and fled. Blinded by the light long denied him as well as his unsealed rage, Rine's attempt at escape seemed partially a protecting of himself, though more of a protection toward his pursuers.

Unfortunately, during his flight, Rine encountered one of his major weaknesses--water. Though unable to swim, his darker personality had cast aside reason. And, entering the river, the young Drow found himself thoroughly caught within the current.

Due to his entrance of the river, Rine was able to escape from those of the Underdark. However, due to his inability and general weakness, he almost drowned. Awakening, Rine's calmer persona had returned--as well as his frailty.

Through a number of experiences with his double personality, Rine found living in isolation to be more favorable. Thus, for many years he lived alone--training in the arts of battle. Although he has since learned how to swim, he usually avoids water as swimming is not one of his stronger attributes.
Primary weapon: Crimson Blade (It is a cursed sword obtained during Rine's wanderings that feeds off, stores, and manipulates blood. Of the two personalities, only Rine's more violent personality can control it. If not fully controlled, the Blade may act upon its own volition and/or feed off the blood of its wielder.)
Secondary weapon: Chain-Dagger
Other items: Various vials of liquids and powders; a few smaller knives and daggers; spell gem(can be attached to another object to channel spell(usually Rine's chain-dagger)); survival rations for emergencies; one small hardcover book
RPing sample:

"Stop it! Just leave me alone!" Rine gasped, falling to the ground as he fervently grasped the sides of his head. "I don't want to listen to you! Please! Go away!" he cried, his youthful voice well-representing the child-like fear he felt.

"You cannot resist me long . . . you know you were always the weaker half. Even more, you know that I am the one that truly deserves to live. Or have you forgotten?" the dark one responded, his tone tainted by mocking.

There a was a long pause, followed by a broken sob. "No . . . " Rine whispered.

I thought so. After all, it was less than a year ago. Shall I recount the events?

"D-don't . . . just . . . just . . . " Energy suddenly flared about Rine as he stood and shouted, "Just go away! I don't want to listen to you anymore!"

Oh? Truly? But this rage that you feel . . . it is simpler drawing you closer to me . . . to our becoming one, the voice hissed with a treacherous calm.

"I-I don't care!"

Perhaps . . . perhaps not. But, are you sure . . . that you do not, in actuality, desire to become one with me?

Tears streamed from Rine's shocked eyes as he fell to his knees. "No . . . " he murmured softly. "We . . . we're different. I know it . . . "

You seem so desperate . . . perhaps you are in denial?


Rine's thoughts were abruptly interrupted as a black-feathered arrow shot toward him. His amber eyes flashing red, the male swiftly drew a knife from his side--slashing the projectile into halves. As his eyes began to burn with a fiery crimson, Rine stood, knife held firmly in his grasp in preparation to meet his attacker . . .

April 22nd, 2005, 10:48 PM
Can't wait until the actual thing starts... I'm so excited.

April 23rd, 2005, 6:38 AM
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That's it?! Just: "Approved"? Harumph.

So, can we start soon?

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I'm awaiting this soooo bad.

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April 24th, 2005, 10:43 AM
<OOC>Been busy, sorry. Kogenta, approved. RPF, not so. Your character is overpowered for this RP. Sign-ups are over. I'll start us off.<OOC>

I kicked the captured drow in the face. Not that it did much, she'd already gone through days of torture. Rahadam, the interregator amongst us smiled. In his capable hands, those days had no doubt been an eternity. He asked 'Why did you do that, sir? She's more than ready to talk." "I felt like" I replied, crouching down and cupping the captive's chin, a pleasent smile on my face. "And now, my dear girl" I said to her "You're going to tell us everything about your foolish companions." she was well-featured, I supposed. She glared at me. I ficked a small knife from the inside of my piwafwi into my hand and rammed it into the gap between her jawbone and neck. She screamed as my grin broadened. Once she was done, I yanked the knife out. "Tell me" I said, my voice taking an edge. Dropping her head in submission, she began.

I nodded to the scout in the building with us. Based on her description, a map began to flow from under his pen. It would be a simple enough trip, there were a few shortcuts I knew that would circumvent the difficult high passes. As she finished giving the information I smiled at her. Rahadam deftly bandaged the wound I'd put in her neck. I snapped "Alenbreth! Janaith! Come here." My two personal guards entered the tent. My smile turned cruel as I took them in and said "You two may have her for the night. Return her to my quarters in the morning. I'll kill her myself." The two returned my wicked grin as they hoisted her by the arms. I said to her "I'd do this myself if I didn't find your morals disgusting." She screamed as the pair dragged her out of sight, already ripping at her clothes.

April 25th, 2005, 5:12 AM
The Moonwood. Heh. Where I live. At least, where I used to. Rejected by my Half-Human Heritage, it's a hard thing that... Me maturing so fast, and the other elves still little kids. But I guess it isn't bad. Humans are known for great strength, making me possibly the best Elven Swordsman... Not to brag of course...

Firth stared, wide eyed. An Arrow notched to his bow, Firth was ready to fire. Not really good at Archery like his other Elven friends, Firth's hands shook wildy, sweat dripping from the side of his head. The target... A drow. Silver haired, dark skinned, really deadly.

"Wazzaa!" Firth cried, attracting the opponent's attention. The Drow turned around quickly, even with such a large sword, he cleaved through the arrow right as it flew past him.

Firth cussed to himself as he strung his bow on his back, he pulled his sword from his belt and started to charge towards the drow.

Although the sword of the Drow's was... [OOC- If you spell Drows backward you get Sword... MEEP] heavy, but it didn't limit it's movement. The Drow swung its blade around several times, as Firth flipped and did silly moves to taunt it.

BY surprise, the Drow took Firth by the ankle, knocking the Half-Elf down...

April 25th, 2005, 1:07 PM
Faye stealthily approached a small group of drow. Although she could easily take them, Faye wanted to watch them and see what they did when they weren't doing their dirty work. Slowly and steadily she creeped among the shadows, trying to stay out of sight. She knew it would be difficult for her, even despite her skin tone. She began to cast a spell she knew could wipe them all out in one hit. Once the spell was complete, she decided to save it, just in case she really needed it. She then began another spell, a spell that would allow her to be invisible in direct sunlight. That way she could get in for a closer look. She had just finished casting the spell when an arrow came flying toward her. She, unable to dodge it, collapsed immediately after being shot in the right shoulder. Faye tried to find the saftey in the light, as she knew she would be seen in the dark. But the more she moved, the more the pain overwhelmed her, causing her to black out, and right there close to a group of drow. Her last thoughts were if she would survive or not. Could this be the end of her life as she knew it?

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April 26th, 2005, 4:24 AM
"I love the safety of my home." Firth cried annoying the Drow camp. The one that had captured him had to keep watch on him, annoying him everybit. Firth made various silly comments during the night, ones that made the Drow giggle, and ones that made him annoyed. Until a very strange subject was bought up...

"Why, tell me. Do you have to do this? We're the same race... We're both elves. You're just a dark elf and I'm a normal one."

The Drow froze. Pain dwelled in his whole body, as the screamed, resting his head in his arms, slamming his feet to the earth ground. Firth took a small rock and cut the rope he was wrapped up in and ran off.

That wasn't even a plan... But I did get to escape... With some gold too!

The half elf took off... Leaving a trail of golden dust... Strange.

April 26th, 2005, 7:13 PM
"For such a feared race, you Drow are pretty slow learners," Rine smirked, causually twirling his Crimson Blade. "Makes me almost ashamed to be one."

Surrounded by three Drow, Rine stood at the center of a moderately sized clearing. Two Drow seemed to be slightly heavy of breath, though all were thoroughly prepared to continue battle. As three knives were suddenly cast at him, Rine leaped directly upward to avoid them. Landing heavily, the male drove his sword into the ground. Channels of blood shot underground before bursting upward toward Rine's three opponents. Two Drow nimbly dodged aside. One, however, dodged too slowly. A stream of blood stabbed into his side, creating what should have been a minor wound. However, as blood was swiftly drained from him, it proved to be otherwise.

Smiling darkly, Rine's scarlet eyes flashed as he turned to those who remained. "Well, tell me, is that all ya got?" The male flinched as a knife grazed his shoulder. I guess not.

Wrenching his weapon from the ground, the crimson stream was swiftly removed from the injured Drow--leaving him with almost a third of his blood taken. "Hate to let that lad's blood fall over the ground and get wasted . . . you will make up for that, right?"

One Drow--seeming to be the leader of the three--hissed to the Drow at his side, "This one's trouble . . . I don't want to take chances. We'll get reinforcements before capturing him." Suddenly, several objects struck the forest floor--releasing a burst of dark smoke. Coughing heavily amidst the black mist, six words of farewell reached Rine.

"I'm going to enjoy torturing you."

April 27th, 2005, 6:15 AM
After a long frantic journey, Firth decided to take a rest. Counting his gold he had stolen from the Drow camp, he flicked them up one by one, trying to catch them in between his fingers. Not sure of his fate, Firth decided to keep going forward... Towards Silverymoon

April 27th, 2005, 2:08 PM
"Sir!" One of my lieutenents stepped into my office, saluting sharply. I nodded and said "Report." "The mage says several of our partrols near the Moonwood have been attacked." I nooded and said offhandedly "Discontinue them immediately." He asked "Why?" I smiled and said "They were a hassle anyay, of no real purpose but to hopefully be rid of a few troublemakers. It worked." He nodded shakily. No doubt he was wondering if he might suddenly find himself on a patrol to one of the Lloth-forsaken scumpits that comprised the surface world. As he turned to leave, I flicked a knife into the back of his leg and said "Don't question me again." He pulled the blade out and returned it to me, nodding his assent. It was almost morning, the prisoner should be returned to me soon, no doubt broken from her... exertions of the night.

"Sir!" A captain, this time, saluting just as sharply. "What" I snapped, more than a little exasperated. "You should come see this" was all he said. I stood and left the tent, walking beside him. "We were out on sentry patrol when we found her" he added by way of elaboration, for all the help it did. When we reached out destination, I could see a depression in the grass. My first thought was to kill the captain instantly for calling me out her to see the sleeping place of some animal. Then he kicked it, making contact with an invisible shape. I nodded my understanding and signled in the drow handcode for one of the captain's underlings to go fetch our archmage.

April 27th, 2005, 4:08 PM
For a long moment Rine stood in silence--his amber gaze resting on the corpse that lay limply on the grass. The last tendrils of mist from the smoke bombs swirled lazily about him before being dispersed by a passing breeze. A sudden movement at the Drow's side drew his attention. Blood was seeping from the Crimson Blade's double edges--moving into forms that suggested life. Swiftly, Rine sheathed the blade.

"Now, was that really necessary?" a voice mocked.

"Stop playing your mind games."

Mind games? When have I ever tried doing that? And you must admit that it felt good to let me out for that battle.

"It was necessary."

Heh. Keep telling yourself that, kid.

Rine did not respond. Rather, he quietly turned from the still carcass and vanished into the forest.


Slightly stiffening, Rine paused as a familiar scent reached him. There's Drow near . . . and a lot of them. For a brief moment, his hand strayed toward the chain-dagger at his side. Then, lowering his hand, he slightly shook his head. No . . . I want to avoid conflict. The male's golden eyes looked toward the camp in a brief moment of indecision. But, wherever there's Drow, there will be trouble. And, whether I wish it or not, that trouble will likely reach me soon. I would mind as well know what I am up against.

Stifling a sigh, Rine turned and silently started toward the encampment.

April 28th, 2005, 2:12 AM
Spotting a flash of gold in the distance, Firth dashed towards it. The greedy half elf ran, leaves rustling behind him... Only to be met up with a pair of golden eyes... and black skin. He hid behind a small bush. Thorns picking his soft skin, blood dripping. Firth hissed... But it was loud enough to attract anyone's attention, even the highly un-intelligent drows. Or was this one different?

April 28th, 2005, 5:38 AM
Faye woke up in the middle of the afternooon, she had not been caught suprisingly. Faye was relieved. She gathered herself up and left, hoping to never see that bunch of drow ever again.

April 28th, 2005, 7:05 AM
A rusty brown furred wolf ran through the forest. I had my nose to the ground, searching for food. This was my first time out as a wolf. It was a little harder than my other perferred transformations.

My stomache growled. It seemed like I hadn't eaten in forever. I never found much. Nothing at all for awhile.

April 28th, 2005, 2:28 PM
<OOC>Uhh... Nightengale, one of my character's patrols found you...<OOC>

April 28th, 2005, 3:48 PM
Rine paused as the sound of a hiss was emitted from a nearby thorn bush. His luminous gaze focused on the plant as he quietly stated, "You may reveal yourself--and, if you would, reveal your intentions as well."

Waiting in silence, the Drow's hands remained at his side--making no movement toward any form of weapon. Neither was there any hostility within his voice or manner.

April 29th, 2005, 6:30 AM
Firth walked out slowly, hand not letting go of his sword hilt. "If you want a fight... I'll give you one." Firth said, giving a grin. Without actually fighting Firth, you wouldn't know how good his swordplay is. "However... I did stumble across you by accident... But if you want a fight, I'll give you one." Firth stammered, looking at the drow's golden eyes.

April 29th, 2005, 3:59 PM
Rine's amber gaze stared unfalteringly toward firth, the gold surfaces gleaming eerily in the emerald shafts of forest light. His expression remained calm, yet unyielding as he slowly put forth both his empty hands.

"I have no intentions to fight you," the Drow stated quietly. "If you have no intentions to combat me . . . " He paused, struggling silently to suppress his battle-eager persona. ". . . Then, you may remove your hand from your weapon."

April 29th, 2005, 5:17 PM
Firth's hand slowly motioned away from the sword hilt. "Which side are you on?" Firth demanded. Trembling with fear.

April 29th, 2005, 5:56 PM
"No one's side, I suppose," Rine said slowly. After a thoughtful pause, he elaborated, "To speak simply, if you are not of the Orckind and are not against me, then neither am I against you." Removing his spell gem from a pouch at his side, he lightly toyed with it--moving it from hand to hand as his gaze shifted elsewhere. Then, again turning the full force of his amber eyes toward Firth, he questioned, "Which side are you on?"

April 30th, 2005, 1:29 AM
"I'm on the Light Side. Firth grinned. I have a grudge towards human, but I also thank them. I'm a Half Elf. You would be amazed by my swordplay." Firth pulled his sword out, swinging it around with a small ring at the edge of the hilt. He threw the sword towards a nearby tree with grace as it made a straight line vertically through the tree. He walked towards the sword to pick it up.
"Firthalas Archbow, call me Firth."

April 30th, 2005, 11:24 AM
"Very well, Firth." The male lightly tossed the spell gem before catching it with one hand. "I am Rine Shard. And, as you likely knew, I am a Drow." Rine dropped the gem into the pouch at his side. Then, approaching Firth, he added, "I, too, am a warrior--and, at times a swordsman." He motioned vaguely toward the sheathed Crimson Blade at his side.

May 1st, 2005, 5:34 AM
Firth stared at the Drow's sword. It wasn't as big and bulky as the other Drows' but this one looked a lot more deadly with a curved blade. "Let me take note of that... I'll be on my way, and you wouldn't want to be in mine." Firth spat out. He dashed off, reaching his real destination, Silverymoon.