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A/N :: Okay! Before you get reading, I'd like to clarify some things. 1) This fic will be less depressing as the chapters progress! 2) Yes, this is a chaptered fic! 3) Yes, it will in turn also focus on a trainer journey, though it is also centered around other plotlines involving ghosts and such, and other things. 4) I realize this chapter is fairly dark, but please read it anyway. I'm setting things up, gosh darn it! ;) Now read! BTW, if you spot any mistakes, or have any comments, just give me them! Also, this is my first attempt at fanfiction, so don't tear me apart!

EDIT - I am not exactly sure about the title as of yet. :S It just might change.

This fanfic was also posted by me on different forums. I posted this as Icyrain on Serebii.net Forums, and as Blueguy on the Cave of Dragonflies Forums. Just so you don't think I'm plagiarizing.

Chapter 1 :: The Ghost, the Rain, and Arra Pond

Her room was heavy with shadow, the grey sky complementing its obsidian hues. A fine coat of rain had sheathed the surface of the window, further separating the somber lands of a young girl from a world consumed by fog.

A sea of used tissues had consumed the entirety of the girls floor, after the wastebasket could hold no more. She was sleeping... technically, but it was more of being awake with her eyes closed; only her feet dipped in the waters of a dream.

The fact of the matter was that Vollta, her Pichu, had died. Simple as that. There was no way to avert the agonizing truth, and that was what plagued Marin night and day: she was vulnerable to emotion, under siege with no refuge. It was this that had coyly forced her into a broken life, in which she was only breathing due to instinct.

It was precisely 4:00am when Marin awoke that day, the day she saw the ghost. It peered at her from outside the icy glass, an expression of sorrow emanating from its saucer-like eyes. Marin then realized it was a Gastly. She wiped the moist tears from her eyes, and straightened up immediately. The ideal of a ghost pokmon intruding into her room at a time like this was practically blasphemous. Marin began to sob uncontrollably, as the ghost dissipated, only to materialize within her room.

At once a frigid cool had settled, the fabric of the atmosphere mutating in an instant. A thin smoke was pouring from the spherical pokmon. Its fragrance was intoxicating, lulling Marin into a submissive and placid state, in which the ghost could not frighten her anymore.

The Gastly approached her, hovering above her tear-streaked face. The sorrow she had sensed earlier was much more vivid, so vivid she could taste it in the air. A faint voice called to her... as if distorted by the liquid bonds of the ocean.

Chu... Pi the voice screamed in agony.

And suddenly, the memoirs Marin had shelved in the caves of her mind were sent fluttering back into her soul. The day when Vollta had died...

Chu... Pi came Volltas plea for help; the same plea which had been branded upon Marins conscience a thousand times.
But she could do nothing, and as she watched her dearest friend relinquish herself to the violent waves she felt guilt tear at her like a voracious hound. She could do nothing because she was held back... by that figure... so muddled by the fog of time.
The waters had gurgled pleasantly... as if belching after a gluttonous feast, and then... the waves stopped... and a deadly silence began to wend its way through her mind.

Why? Marin bellowed at the Gastly. Why are you doing this?

Her answer came swiftly in the form of a single blue spark, Volltas specialty. And then a voice crept into her head, that she knew was the Gastlys. Meet me at the Pond.

And with that the ghost vanished, leaving Marin astounded, and the room a desolate wasteland.


The whole experience of the Gastly had left Marin feeling devoid of emotion, but at least that quenched the undying grief that had been resounding in her heart. For the first time in weeks she had felt relatively close to normalcy.

Meet me at the Pond.

The words echoed within her recollection quite disturbingly. She knew exactly which pond the Gastly had meant... The ghost had meant Arra Pond, the sacred body of water in which Vollta had perished. But why did the Gastly care about Marins tragic past, and furthermore even know of such tragedy?

The haunting, as Marin had so dubbed it, had seemed to awaken her inner core again, had seemed to spark the flame of her soul that was so close to smoldering. The clouds of sorrow had parted, revealing that she was being absurd. It had been long ago... and she should at least try to move on.

Marin began with throwing away the used tissue, which was forming pyramids of neglect upon the floor. Once that was done she drew her shades, only to remember that it was still raining as ever. She had never cared much for it... but her mother always had.

I find that it can calm my spirit, no matter how restless, dead, or bereft it becomes. It seems to instill something within me that nothing else can... I know you must find it hard to understand, she had said to Marin one day with a secretive grin. Marins mother had always been fond of Water-types. She even had a Vaporeon, of which she named Tsuna.

Currently Marins father was away, conducting research upon the migration patterns of Pidgey in Johto, whilst Marins mother and herself were still at home. Marin suspected her mother was reading, or perhaps looking out the window... She often did that.

As Marin reorganized various things within her room (As cleaning was something she tended to do when depressed) she passed the mirror, in all its reflective glory. She saw a girl who looked at the end of the rope; a girl with circles beneath her eyes, and fatigue dogging her every step. She saw a girl who differed greatly from who she used to be: an effervescent young girl, with the world before her, and this change saddened her. Of course her physical features still remained the same. Her hair was still the same auburn, still put into buns (one at either side), reminiscent of Princess Leia, except let loose to be free and spiky, and her eyes were still the same vibrant, beautiful green, despite being bloodshot, and most often brimming with tears.

Once the cleaning had been finished, she felt renewed, and had enough strength to confront what had been looming before her since this morning: the Ghost.


She had been walking down the road for quite some time now, the frosty misty engulfing her. It shrouded all vision, and Marin felt slightly claustrophobic... And yet, she could still navigate to her destination with relative ease.

Arra Pond was still and noiseless. She ascended a small stone staircase that led to a shrine that overlooked the whole of the pond. The Gastly floated, seemingly glancing at the gray horizon.

G-Gastly, Marin managed to stammer, her voice quavering as the ghost began to emit small spirals of electricity. Gastly?

It turned around and Marin recognized the unforgettable set of brown eyes. They were blurred with a miserable woe, but the same familiar twinkle broke through the barrier of shadow. The Gastly was Vollta, there was no doubt about it.

Vollta? she questioned, her throat tense with anxiety.

Yes, the Gastly, or rather Vollta, replied. The voice could be heard resonating telepathically through Marins mind.

But how? Marin continued. This didnt add up. How did her beloved Pichu become a Gastly? It just wasnt possible.

When - when I died I - I felt as if I were soaring through the sky... through an endless sky... but when the flight had ended I was left in a place of nothingness; a place of derelict waste... and I stayed there for what seemed eternities. Throughout my imprisonment I began to change... At first it was only a change deep within me; the neglect of almost all that I had once thought... once loved... but eventually I had... Vollta said, her eyes wide with an emotion that Marin had never seen before.

Marin stared into Volltas eyes desperately, searching for the smallest bit of familiarity, but it was scarce... a faint memory left in her old pokmons eyes. Vollta searched for the words to finish her sentence.

Eventually I had left my old body, like a Metapod leaves its old shell... except my transformation was all but glamorous... I had become this - this abomination of a ghost In time I became used to it... Vollta added in disgust. Her smoke danced in the gentle force of the wind, as she told her tale. The Black Place, as I call it, was the personification of evil... it was so empty; so dead. And then I felt rage boil throughout me, a deep regret that I had been wronged... and I felt resentment against... against you.

Marin and Volltas eyes synchronized perfectly in that instant.

I felt as if you had wanted me to die, but I realized these thoughts were foolish... Still, I began to feel as if I had wronged you, Marin. We were about to begin our journey together... and I had given out on you. I want you to train me, Marin. But most of all... I want to become myself again. I want to run carelessly through the tall grass again, and feel the electricity flow through my own, tangible cheeks. I want to tickle you with my static, to feel the air brush against my coat as a Pichu yet again.

By this time, tears had begun to make their escape from Marin, but she forced them back.

I - I wish I could help you - but spirits, ghosts, and that sort of stuff - its just - I just - I dont know what to do Marin cried in frustration and sorrow. I hadnt the foggiest that pokmon even had ghosts Dont you see how this is kind of odd for me, Vollta?

Of course I understand... But please make your best effort... dont - give out on me, she pleaded.

Ill see what I can do, but I cant keep you with me... My mother is frightened of ghosts, Marin answered, wiping the liquid traitor now gracing her cheek. It felt odd to her to call Vollta a ghost, but that was what she was now. Just stay by Arra Pond until I come back... and stay out of sight. The townsfolk are quite afraid of Gastly.

Vollta cringed as she was classified, despite the fact that it was true.

Dont worry... I will.

Disclaimer: This story is an original work composed by me, Blueguy. You may not use it in any way, shape or form without my explicit consent. Pokemon and all affiliated materials are registered trademarks of Nintendo, Gamefreak, and yadda yadda yadda. My story is not affiliated with them in any way. Copyright 2005, Colton Keith (a.k.a. Blueguy or Icyrain)

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Very thought provoking. I love Pichus. I really do.



I love your usage of descriptions. The fact how a Pichu can turn into a Ghastly, the metaphors, and Marin's sorrow...all vividly and wonderfully portrayed. For a first fanfic, this was excellent.

Ah, self esteem is lowering. x______x

Only one mistake in general. Whenever Volta spoke, you forgot the comma/period at the end, just before the quotation marks, unless, of course, you intended it.

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been a while since I've read a good fic with a Pichu involved. ^^

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Thanks very much! I'm not sure what you mean about Vollta's speech... Could you explain it a bit more? :\ Hmmm... *waits for more reviews* *continues to wait* *dies after sixty years of waiting* lol

-Au revoir!

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Plz wright more this fanfiction is really good and it makes me mad when i cant finish a good story

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Oh my gosh..its soo good...But its soo sad i hope you keep on writing^^

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A/N :: Here's the second chapter! *wahoo* If you spot any errors in my typing please alert me of them so I can change them. Hmm... Yes... Please, oh, please review it! :)

Chapter 2 :: Psyche and Persephone

As Vollta faded into the elusive fabric of the mist, Marin walked in silence, her footsteps echoing throughout the empty streets. Her thoughts were only of Vollta, and what had occurred at the pond, both present and past.

Volltas eyes flickered hopelessly. A myriad of bubbles had clouded her vision as she screamed in dire pain. Thin veins of blood began to blossom, flowers of death, etched upon the waters memory. In great clouds did it erupt, staining the ancient liquid of peace. The claw began to swipe, fumbling like a blind beggar for gold, never ceasing, and Volltas cries... were lost.

Marin gasped for air as her vision abandoned its sudden dormancy. She had eased into the clutches of her past unwillfully and suddenly, and this lack of control inspired terror within her. She placed all her fear, all her confusion, and all her grief into the deepest bowel of her conscience, for she would need her strength.

The cobblestone shouted in protest with each of Marins hasty movements, as puddles of rain congregated in the various plateaus and potholes that marred the otherwise-spotless road. The Town Square was paved with the same grey stone, a satellite to the fountain, whose water was said to have come from the legendary beast Suicune.

Marin glanced at it, intrigued. Its crystal waters were abundant with ripples. The Water-Type had always interested Marin; she had even taken a course pertaining to the care of oceanic pokmon in the seventh grade. Now in ninth, she was beginning a class concerning myths and legends, which taught students about all the known (and speculated) legendary pokmon as well as the study of prehistoric and ancient creatures.

The task at hand was once again fresh in her mind after Marin realized she had been staring in thought at the fountain for minutes. She rubbed her eyes, encrusted with the dust that only fatigue could bring, and, giving herself a mental shake, began to plan her next action.

Youre looking for information about ghosts, I presume, stated a voice, sharp in the early morning. It carried an air of wisdom, of knowledge, and yet of cruelty.

Marin directed her gaze to view a girl, tall and slender, her lanky shadow imprinted upon the stone. Her gaze was stern and accusing, her eyes a shade of icy and unbridled pewter, that delved into Marins core. The girlss hair reached to her shoulder blades, a cascade of golden locks, whilst her tank-top and skirt were the shade of coal.

After eluding the stunning features of the girl, Marin posed her question: How did you know? It was a simple query, though a much more complicated answer came of it.

I share a telepathic bond with Psyche, she explained curtly, casting a spider-like, bony hand to the pokmon dozing off beside her. It was a small creature, coppery-yellow in color, with minute horns, a large tail and clawed feet. It was the pokmon known as Abra.

But isnt your Abra sleeping? Marin inquired in confusion.

Yes, confirmed the girl, as if offended by Marins brash comment. Psyche is quite the tired fellow, but his psychic strengths do not rely on the physical realm, for within his mind he is very much awake.

Marin surveyed Psyche, who was obviously consumed by fatigue, and became slightly dubious. Why should she just place her trust in some girl she didnt even -

Know? Youd like to know me? she asked rhetorically, casting a wary eye upon Marin. Marins jaw nearly dropped. She had been in the middle of a thought and this mysterious girl had ended it for her. The coincidences were beginning to flesh an actual body of evidence as to the girls credibility.

First things first, the alleged psychic started, brushing a wisp of her sun-kissed hair behind her ear, as she strolled about Marin. My name is Persephone, and I dont shorten it. Ever. Im fifteen, and have been in a few of the same classes as you at school, though I tended to be a loner. Im a pokmon trainer, and plan on departing to Gemini City to earn my first badge any day now. Im waiting for the results of my Licensing Exam to come back, and unfortunately the markers tend to be decrepit old fogies. Other than that Im not willing to disclose more to a practical stranger. So, do you know me well enough now? Persephone elaborated, an eyebrow raised.

Marin nodded silently.

Now, back to what I was originally talking about, Persephone demanded, her grey eyes alive with authority. I realize you were thinking about spirits. You suffered a loss... Persephone began to whisper, her voice growing faint and eerie. She clutched her forehead, as if a migraine was enveloping her skull. ... Psyche is sensing such grief, such terrible, terrible grief, Persephone moaned, shedding a single tear of empathy. I can feel your pain flow through me... Ive become aware of bits and pieces of your mind that... are so amazing, and I think I know how to help you.

Your mind has told Psyche, and in turn myself, that Vollta, as you call her, wishes to attain her old form, her physical form, her mammalian form, yet again. There is a way to do so, but it would be difficult. There is a man who lives near Gemini City that has been said to have an entire library devoted to texts about parapokology.

Marin nodded, absorbing the exorbitant amount of new facts.

But unfortunately youll need your license to go through Routes A and B. There are some vicious pokmon out there, you know, Persephone added informatively. Youd be a fool to trek out there solo.

The two of them found themselves waltzing with their eyes.

The only sound was the clash of the rain upon the brick.

I have to go, Persephone announced in a regal tone. Im training my Squirtle in secret over near Arra Pond. Dont you dare squeal. Technically youre not allowed to train without your license, but Im sure I passed anyways.

Persephone extracted a pokball from her belt, a small sphere half red and half white, divided by a thin metal strip. She pressed the button, inflating the orb in a mere seconds time. Persephone popped it open while aiming at Psyche. A beam of iridescent crimson shot at the abra, converting it into a scarlet silhouette, and drawing it within the pokball. Persephone closed it shut and reattached it onto her belt.

Well, it was nice to see you again -

Marin, the girl supplied promptly.

I knew that was it! Well, maybe well see each other on the road, Persephone said with a peculiar smirk. Goodbye.

Marin was left a lone figure in the empty courtyard, a copious amount of thought engulfing her. Perhaps this man from Gemini could help Vollta become herself yet again. It was evident that Marin would be forced to get her trainers license... wait a minute! This is what she and Vollta had dreamed of all those summer days, as the wind tickled their faces: a journey... a quest for discovery, knowledge, and ultimately happiness. Marin felt a smile spread effortlessly across her face at the thought.

Marin immediately knew where she should go. The Pokmon Academy, where she attended her classes. She had seen hundreds of trainers pass through to become certified, and to her it had seemed a simple process with results in the same day. Persephones results must have taken longer to tabulate.


A few hours later, as the violent gales began to subside, Marin walked through the doors of the Pokmon Academy, a pokdex, navy in color, in hand, and a sense of accomplishment in mind.

The test had consisted of True and False, Short and Long Answer, and a variety of live experiments and tests involving understanding what various cues in a pokmons speech meant, caring for a pokmons health, and even conducting a battle. Marin had commanded a small Meowth, cream in color, against the instructors Cleffa. It had been Marins first official pokmon battle, and it had skyrocketed her cravings for a journey to a new degree. Overall, Marin performed excellently, and passed with flying colors.

It had only now become noon, and Marin realized just how exhausted she was. She had been awake since Vollta had entered her room that morning. A few solitary rays of sunlight had broken through the encompassing planes of mauve cloud and smoke to dance upon the humble homes of the townsfolk. One particular ray seemed to take a liking to Marin, targeting her like a spotlight as she made her way to Arra Pond.

The suns radiant glare had begun to fix itself upon the ponds swaying waters, a tapestry of golden brilliance. Marin glanced to the bay and saw Persephone stalking off, her Squirtle straying behind her.

Marin approached the shrine and ascended the steps.

Vollta, she whispered.

Vollta revealed herself, becoming visible in a blast of spectral fog. Her brown eyes held relief to view Marin again, and a smile graced her face, something quite peculiar to see upon a Gastly... but Vollta was no ordinary Gastly.

I missed you, Vollta admitted, the thick, violet gases billowing about the air.

I missed you too, Marin added with a grin. I have a plan... well, sort of... you see, I met this girl who said that theres a man near Gemini that can help us.

Volltas oblong eyes widened with interest.

But... to get to Gemini -

Id need a Trainers License Marin finished, and luckily I have just that. I went and took a test, which means that I can train you.

A few tears of joy welled up in Volltas oval eyes as she floated ever closer. You dont know how much this means to me... Vollta whimpered in thanks.

Vollta... It means a lot to me too, but I - we need to try and be happier... can you be happier for me? Marin responded, her green eyes lit with pure emotion.

Vollta bobbed in affirmation, blinking away her tears.

The two were once again united... this time for a purpose, a reason... and as Marin and Vollta stared in deep understanding, the sun began to end its brief cameo, once again resting within the clouds.

Disclaimer: This story is an original work composed by me, Icyrain. You may not use it in any way, shape or form without my explicit consent. Pokmon and all affiliated materials are registered trademarks of Nintendo, Gamefreak, and yadda yadda yadda. My story is not affiliated with them in any way. Copyright 2005, Colton Keith (a.k.a. Icyrain or Blueguy)

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more plz this is a good story but... in the tests part you should have bean a bit more discriptive
but still a 10/10 story
and is that phykick girl related to saberina from pokemon red blue sliver gold yellow and crystal?

Super Torchic
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I love it^^ its soo good...haven't noticed any mistakes...sooooo GREAT JOB!! I really hope you write somemore...its painful trying to guess how Vollta died

April 30th, 2005, 7:46 AM
this is a really nice story, and i guess that the plot behind it is much larger that just get to Gemini and ressurect Vollta...

Does this story involve any of the new pokemon from your hack? (whose 17 pages i've also read)(please continue to make both this story and your hack)

i would say 10/10 for this story, you describe the details so... well detailed (a total loss of words for your detailing)

- Capalex65

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Captivating, interesting, splendidly written. =D

Um, fanfiction of the week and stuff.

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Oh! *Snap*! LOL! I was looking for my 'fic and I couldn't find it anywhere, and lo and behold it was stickied! Hurray! Thanks very much.

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A/N :: Here's the third chapter! I found it practically impossible to write, and it was a great deal more difficult to actually finish. Hopefully other chapters won't be as hard to pen. If you spot any mistakes in my typing be sure to make me aware of them. This is the longest chapter to date, so enjoy! It even has some poke-battling! Hurrah!

<<Soul Awakening>>

Chapter 3
[Cinders and Quills]

A Natu was perched astutely upon the weathered branch of an oak tree, heralding the newborn day with its hypnotic birdsong. Luminous sunshine melted through the lattice of the oaks foliage, casting a brassy glow upon the many roofs of Ephrill Town.

Silver threads of heaven fell upon the shadows of Marins bedroom. Volltas smoke was now a sporadic puff of mauve, as the ghost rested in her former bed, renewing memories shrouded and contorted by her death.

Marin lay on her side, cocooned in the folds and crevices of her blankets. She began to stir as a melodious ballad echoed through her soul. Her first vision as she woke was of Vollta, who was submerged in a dream, or perhaps fused with a nightmare. The fact that Vollta was no longer a Pichu was still so wrong, so disturbing. Marin wasnt overly fond of the phenomena of spirits and ghosts, but such things did not unnerve her as they did her mother, who was also quite leery of Psychic-types.

Marin rubbed her eyes, stretching with the elasticity of a feline, and drew the shades. A lustrous symphony of light flooded into every corner of her bedroom, suffocating the heavy black coat that it had worn since yesterday.

As Marin got dressed she was plagued by a mob of thoughts, jeering tumultuously, and beseeching her to pay them attention. And so she was mutinously forced to confront her mind, sending her into a pensive state of tranquility.

How do you explain this to Mom?

Honestly, she had no clue. Marins mother was frail, emotionally cancerous, what with Anna moving out, and Dad in Johto. If Marin were to leave, Mom would be alone, trapped in the morbid desolation that was an empty house.

What about Vollta?

What about Vollta, indeed. Marins mother was more afraid of ghosts than death itself! How could she explain, without sounding insane, that Vollta had became a ghost, and now, with the assistance of a stranger from Gemini City, Marin was planning on resurrecting her. When Marin said it to herself, it sounded absolutely ludicrous.

All in all it was necessary to leave on a number of grounds, most importantly for Volltas sake, but also for Marin. She had wanted to see the sights, to care for pokmon and assemble a strong team, to be with Vollta... but there was yet another motive. She needed to begin to mature on her own. She couldnt waste the whole of her life in the confines of her home. Marin needed to explore the world, needed to group up without the meticulous care of her mother... at least for a little while.

And so, Marin made her decision. She would venture to Gemini for better or for worse, but before she could do so, she would have to tell her mother.


Mom, Marin piped up, her voice tense and irregular.

The two were seated at the kitchen table. The darkly stained wood glistened softly in the early morning. Marins eyes met her mothers and as if instantly the mother and daughter understood each other.

What? came the reply, cold and direct, a gale of glacial wind. Her eyes, a deep amber, were intense, wrought with suspicion, fury, and wronging. The simplicity of her words held such emotion, as if she was already aware of what was to come.

I need to go, Marin answered, her voice a faint whisper. She held her breath, fearing the imminent wrath of her mother... but she did nothing, and though Marins statement had been vague, the two both knew what it meant.

The only response that surfaced was an expression of hurt and shock, and Marin felt the need to elaborate. By then Tsuna had absent-mindedly wandered into the sorrowful atmosphere of the kitchen, her crystalline eyes wide with awe and wonder. She lashed her tail methodically, its fin rippling through the ties of the oxygen.

Im only going to Gemini, and Ill be sure to call you by Videophone when I arrive... Marin explained. Itll only take a few days and Ill be bringing - She was about to say Vollta, but decided against it. Her mother deserved time to heal her wounds. - bringing a friend I met a while ago.

She thought of Persephone and Psyche. Persephone had said that they might see each other on the road, though Marin would hardly dub them friends. After all, Persephone was a rude and often outspoken girl who Marin would much rather not be associated with.

Her mother glanced up, surveying Marin with an expression best surmised as reluctance. It was the first time the two had connected in minutes. Marins mom made a strange noise as she cleared her throat, preparing to speak.

I suppose youll be in need of some money and couple fresh changes of clothing, she responded, tousling a strand of her graying hair. For the most part her hair was a dark wave of ebony, but the brutal effects of time were beginning to take their toll on her physique. Thin lines, wrinkles as they were better known, were embossed upon the skin near her eyes and mouth. Somehow her voice seemed cold and foreign to Marin, a monotonous blathering devoid of the slightest amount of emotion.

Marin nodded in acknowledgment as her mother slipped with pursed lips at her beverage. A fine wisp of steam spiraled into the air, fading into oblivion. When do you plan on leaving?



Its only a few days, mom.


In the back of Marins mind she knew that this escapade would exceed a few days by a longshot. It bothered her that Mom would be so alone... then again, Tsuna was here. The Vaporeon was extremely intelligent. Marin had remembered having crude and childish conversations with her when she was an Eevee.

After Vollta had been informed of everything that had went on in the kitchen she became dynamic and enthused, the sheer thought of adventure stimulating her core.

So, Vollta, my instructor at the Academy said that my pokdex can tell me a lot about your abilities and statistics, Marin began. So, would you mind if I checked? It would really help in battles and such.

I wouldnt mind at all. No objections here. Go ahead, Vollta confirmed, soaring through the air, ecstasy, elation, and euphoria consuming her every movement.

Marin dug through the tangle of items in her backpack to find her pokdex. It was navy, a small silver pokball engraved on the front cover. It resembled a calculator, though it was far more complex when Marin opened it. A score of buttons was crammed onto a small amount of space, all with various functions and purposes. A screen was situated at the top left corner of this ocean of buttons, blank and colorless, that was until Marin pressed the ON button. A serene and slightly robotic female voice began to emit its sound from a speaker located on the back of the pok dex.

Hello. Welcome to Pokdex Set-up. Please enter your name, the pokdex demanded in its robotic tone. A screen popped up, with blanks for one to type their name. Marin selected the letters of her full name, spelling Marin Cresswell.

Marin Cresswell, the pokdex repeated. Age 14. Resident of Ephrill Town, Ruinimm. Licensed Pokmon Handler. Daughter of Alexander Cresswell and Christine Cresswell. Is the aforementioned information correct?

Though astounded the pokdexs database contained such extensive knowledge regarding her, Marin pushed the ACCEPT button.

Identity confirmed. Please input your current roster, the pokdex requested.

Roster? Marin questioned with a smirk, glancing towards Vollta, who was seemingly riding an invisible roller coaster. Vollta! I need you for a second!

Vollta came to a sudden stop, lurching uneasily as her motions slowed.

Yes, what is it?

I need you to press your eye to this screen so the pokdex can recognize you, Marin explained, gesturing to the blue device in her hand.

Alright, Vollta retorted, positioning herself before the pokdex.

Retinal Scan commencing, chimed the pokdex. An intensely vivid beam of light began to move rhythmically, recording the details of Volltas eyes.

Pokmon Species: Gastly, Experience Level: 7, stated the pokdex. A small diagram of a Gastly flashed upon the screen, with a variety of statistics surrounding it. A window declared that Gastly was a Poison-Ghost type, while another listed the various techniques that it could learn. Yet another listed which techniques the pokmon actually possessed. On Volltas list, in small digitized scrawl, were the words Lick, described as a Ghost-type move capable of inflicting paralysis, and to Marins astonishment Thunder Wave. She was positively sure that Gastly did not naturally acquire such an attack, and with a quick reference to Gastlys full list, she became confused. Perhaps some of Volltas apsects had endured throughout the process of perishing.

According to this you still know how to perform Thunder Wave, Marin mused. I guess that explains that blue spark I spotted yesterday morning.

A grin spread across Volltas face, since she was utterly delighted that not all of her had been lost...


The following morning Marin and Vollta awoke in unison. It was nearly six oclock in the morning, the sky a deep navy, legions of stars shimmering with celestial beauty upon its velvet plains. Angelic spheres of warmth shone from the street-lamps lining the cobblestone roads of Ephrill.

The events that occurred that morning were strangely subdued, arrested by the strain between Marin and her mother. As Marin slung her backpack onto her shoulder, her mother, flanked by the curious Tsuna, bade her farewell, and when they embraced each other Marin held on as tightly and as long as she could.

She trudged into the gloom of the morning, and once the door had shut Marin signaled to her window. Vollta noted the cue, soaring from the windowsill to Marins side, engulfed by a flowing rainbow of lavender and mauve shades.

I thought wed never leave! exclaimed Vollta in exasperation. It feels so good to fly though the winds... Im beginning to become used to some of the traits that these ghosts possess.

Marin smirked, glancing at her pokdex. With the push of a button, a map appeared on the screen. It denoted that she was currently situated in Ephrill Town, and that it would require just over five hours to reach Ayoris Town.

The sun was just beginning its ascent, a jaded gold glimmering on the horizon. The streets were empty, aglow with the occasional twin beacons of a passing vehicle. The paths of stone gradually transformed into a worn dirt road, leading into a continent of tall grass, swaying like a drunkard by the gentle force of the wind.

And my Neptune beats your Geodude! claimed a voice that Marin knew as Persephones. Hand over the money you bet, and Psyche and I will be on our humble way.

Marin glanced to the north where Persephone and a sullen-looking boy were gathered. They stood next to a glistening river that stretched the entirety of Route A, or at least of what Route A Marin could currently see. The boy, obviously the loser of the pokmon battle, hulked away, shoulders lowered in the shame of defeat. As Marin and Vollta approached Persephone fixed her metallic gaze upon them.

Good morning, she greeted blankly, attaching a Great Ball to her belt. Some kids... they think theyre the best trainer in all of Ruinimm. I, of course, teach them a lesson in modesty. Persephone smiled coldly, directing her stare at Vollta. So, this is the one you call Vollta? Hello, Vollta.

Gas - Gasssly! Vollta replied indignantly.

So, youre heading to Gemini, as I advised, right, Marin? Persephone inquired, raising her eyebrow as she often did. She swept a curtain of blonde hair behind her ear, returning Psyche to his pok ball.

Yes, I - Marin began, but she was cut short as a shrill cry rang sharply.

Cynd, Cyndaquiiil! came the shriek.

Upon whipping around, the current scenario became apparent: a Cyndaquil was being savagely attacked by a Murkrow. It jutted its beak cruelly, and cawed demonically. Its plumage was sleek and dark, bright with a morbid sheen. Murkrow donned a crown of feathers, black as midnight, upon its head, and near its ebony crown were its eyes, lifeless and truly evil.

Krow! Murkrow! the Murkrow squawked malevolently, as it tore at Cyndaquil with the blade-like edge of its talons.

Purely on instinct, Marin turned to Vollta, whose eyes were wide with fear.

Lets go, Vollta! Use Thunder Wave! Marin commanded, adrenalin pumping through her veins. She felt an overwhelming sense of vertigo and of nausea, a sickening lurch in her stomach.

Vollta responded instantaneously, nearing her target with impeccable agility. As she began to charge her energy, Vollta emitted blue sparks until reaching the foe. Once the Murkrow had made contact with Vollta, it was engulfed in an explosive flash of turquoise lightning. After the violent shock waves had diminished, the Murkrow lay frighteningly still.

A thread of scarlet wove its way to the unconscious crow pokmon, sealing it within the prison of the pokball. Marin turned around to see that Persephone had made good on all of her and Volltas efforts.

Persephone! Marin exclaimed with rage.

Persephone wore a pompous expression, surveying the pokball. First come, first serve, she spoke selfishly. Or as some prefer, You snooze, you lose.

Though incredibly furious with Persephone, Marins heart was begging her to tend to the Cyndaquil. He lay limp on a bed of grass, his flames extinguished. Quill, he whispered weakly.

Shh... Marin cooed motherly. Rest, little one... She took the pokball that she had purchased the previous day and offered it to the Cyndaquil. He glanced, blinking, to the peculiar sphere placed before him, and with his remaining reserves of health, pressed the button with his nose. The sphere divided in half, drawing him within and closing. The pokball did not rattle with protest in the least, as Cyndaquils energy was absent. Marin smiled, rather amused with herself... her first capture had been a success... The sun revealed itself, reclaiming its throne in the heart of the sky, and Marin, Persephone, Vollta and Psyche were left bedazzled by its solar beauty.

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