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The King of Water Pokemon
January 9th, 2004, 1:05 PM
((Hello everyone. My name's Luke. I am a member of many other forums and am an avid Fan Fiction writer. I'm new here, so I don't have many posts. Here is my first fanfic for this site: A Prodigy of Water.))

A Prodigy of Water
Chapter One: The Blue Orb

A small, fishing boat laid still in the middle of a vibrant, green sea. Green and algae covered nets were thrown over the side. Paint chips and rusted metal made up the appearance of this ship.

"Maximillian Porter, wake up! I need your help pulling the nets onboard," a man's voice sounded. A lump shifted beneath a plain, white sheet. "Max, up, now!"

"Slowpoke, get off of me," a grumpy, young voice said. The Dopey Pokemon popped out of under the sheets and started its way towards the door. The sheets were then thrown, revealing a boy in a white tee shirt and blue boxers.

"Slowpoke, I think you drooled on me," the fifteen-year old Max said, wiping his arm. His hair was sea blue and naturally spiked. His eyes were sky blue, a never-ending mirror found in them. His skin was a dark tan from the sea sun. His build was muscular from the years of work.

Max walked over to his drawer and opened it. He pulled off his white tee shirt and pulled on a midnight blue tee. He switched his boxers and pulled on some blue jeans. He picked up some white work gloves and ran to the mirror. He played with his spikes and then jumped out the door.

"Finally Max! Come over here! This load is heavy!" Max's father said, heaving at a net. Max ran over, gripping another rope that hung over the edge. "Poliwhirl, I need your help too!" The Tadpole Pokemon hopped out of the captain's quarters and grabbed another rope. Finally, after some hard heaving and working, they pulled the net back up on the deck.

"You know the drill Max. Release any Pokemon back into the ocean," Mr. Porter said. Max pulled a dozen fish out, placing them in buckets. He picked up a Goldeen and tossed it back into the ocean.

"Woah, what's this," Max said to himself, a look of amazement on his face. In his hand was a glowing blue orb with an enigma of light inside of it. "Hey Dad, what's this."

His father looked up at his son from his load. He stood and walked over, grabbing the blue orb in his hand.

"Don't know son! Look's like it goes with that other trash we get," he said, tossing it on the deck.

Max grabbed it, his eyes fixed on the enigma. "For some reason, I feel drawn to this for some reason."

"Whatever. You can keep it if you want. Now, let's get back to work," his dad said, leaning back over the net. Max placed the orb in his pocket, and continued his work...


Max laid in bed, sore and tired from a day of work. His hand reached back in his pocket, pulling the Blue Orb out.

"Wow... this thing is so cool. This would be perfect for that chain I bought," Max said. His hand reached up on his desk and pulled down a chain. He latched the sphere in the loop.

Max then released the orb, letting it fall to the bed, and closed his eyes. Gently, he fell asleep, and a dream ensued...

Two large figures are caught up in a tremondous(sp?) battle. One is a large, ruby colored beast with long claws and an intimidating appearance. From it's mouth it exudes a green beam. The other creature is sapphire colored with a sleak appearance and a soft demeanor. A frigid, white beam was being released, interlocked with the red beast's green beam.

A sun blazed in the western side of the world and a terrential downpour covered the eastern side.

Inside of a hut stood an old man. His eyes, filled with tears, were fixed on the beasts.

"I hope the legends are true," he said, now looking at his pockets. His hands reached inside, pulling two orbs from them. In his left was a red orb emitting an eerie light. In his right was a blue orb that glowed with a blue light.

He walked outside and held the orbs in the air. Then he spoke, "Great beasts of earth and sea, listen to me. For long you have fought, ravaging us so. But now it's time for you to sleep. Lay down your heads, and no longer make us weep. Let these orbs put you down so!" The light from the orbs suddenly flashed around the area.

Before him he watched the two begin to slow down. Their fierce looks of before disappeared and their attacks died out. They turned away from eachother and began a descent to the ocean.

The weather soon turned to normal, and peace quickly followed...

A crackle of thunder suddenly woke Max from his sleep. He sat up in bed to find a familiar sight. A terrential downpour was falling outside, drenching the boat's deck.

He got up and ran to the door. Typhoons were swirling about, throwing water every. Waves crashed the sides of the ship, rocking it back and forth.

"Dad, where are you!?" Max yelled. He looked franctilly(sp?), back and forth, looking for his father.

"Get inside Max! A tidal wave is coming!" Max looked down to see his father trapped underneath one of the ships anchors.

"Not without you dad! I don't want to lose you!" Max bent over and began tugging on the anchor.

"NOW! BEFOR--" his dad said before a large wave crashed the deck. Max was tossed against the cabin, and fell down. He grabbed his head with one hand and the boat with the other.

The water receeded back, falling into the ocean. Max looked over to where his father was, but he was gone.

"Dad!" Max yelled, standing and then running to the side. There he found Poliwhirl and Slowpoke latched on. He pulled them up and placed them on a deck. "Did you guys see where Dad went?" Both shook their heads. Max looke back over the edge and looked intently at the water.

A silhouette suddenly appeared in the rocking ocean. "Dad..." Max said. Then the silhouette grew larger. "That's too big to be Dad!" Erupting from the water was the blue figure from Max's dream. It's soft eyes matched that of the one in his dreams.

On it's back was his father, coughing up a load of water.

"DAD!" Max screamed. He reached his hand out for his father to grab. His father weakly grabbed it, and Max began to pull him aboard.

Then, a giant wave crashed the boat again. Max lost grip of his father, and was knocked back. He smashed his head against the deck. Everything suddenly became blurry and he drifted back to sleep.


Max awoke. He opened his eyes to see a sunny, beach. Next to him lay Poliwhirl and Slowpoke, asleep. Where was the boat, his father, the blue monster Max thought.

He stood, looking around. Max recognized this beach as Lilycove Beach. But that was thousands of miles away from where they were fishing.

"What's going.."

"On you ask. If you are to come with me, I can explain." Max turned to see the old man from his dream. He was struck by surprise. "Don't worry Max, Prodigy of Water. I won't hurt you."

((I hope you like it. It's kind of a rough start, but I promise better chapters in the future.))

Dragon Man
February 5th, 2004, 10:13 AM
This story is amazing! ^_^ I can't wait for more.