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April 27th, 2005, 9:38 AM

By Atemu

Summary: Stacy is the pokemon champion. However something happens that makes her give up her claim. She goes out on her own on a different road than she ever thought she'd end up. However you can't run away from your past. No matter how much you want to.

Chapter 1

"Gardevoir used Dream Eater!" shouted a husky femine voice to her pokemon. Hearing her mistress's command the psychic pokemon did as she'd been commanded. Fixating her gaze upon her foe, a high-level Metagross she used Dream Eater to finish it off. With a loud groan the Metagross collapsed.
Yes! Eighteen-year old Stacy mentally cheered. I'ved done it. I'm now the new Hoenn Champion. And I did it all on my own. Dad will be psyched!
Stacy had started training pokemon about two years before this day. She'd started out with a Torchic. Given to her by Proffessor Elm for saving him from a particular stubborn Poochyena. From there she'd started her pokemon journey. It had taken a year to travel around Hoenn getting all of her gym badges so that she'd be eligible to challenge the elite four and then the champion. She'd taken another year to train her pokemon so that when the time came to challenge the elite four she'd be more than ready. Now she realized she'd overtrained her pokemon. If, she thought amusedly such a thing was possible. She'd easily gotten through the elite four. And admittedly the champ however was a little bit of a challenge. She looked over at the former number one trainer of Hoenn.
When she'd first seen it was Steven Stone she'd been shocked. She'd met him only three times. And everytime he'd been there to help her. She'd begun to think of him as a sort of guardian angel who helped her whenever she'd needed it the most. One could easily imagine how hard it had been to battle him. But she'd decided long ago to let nothing stand in her way. Not even a guardian angel.
Enough Woolgathering, she told herself. You've won!
But she knew who she had to thank first. She took all of her pokeballs and let all her pokemon out. Which included: Gardevoir, Blazikens, Mightyena, Shiftry, Absol, and Linoone. They all gathered around her as if waiting for her to speak.
Stacy had an unusual relationship with her pokemon. She was uncannily close to them and treated them better than she did most people. Another thing was the intelligence of them. They all had human intelligence. When she'd first captured them they'd been of average proportions. But you don't spend two years training the same pokemon and not get close to them. Pokemon evolve in more ways than just appearance. They also have the ability to evolve mentally. Stacy didn't know it but she had made leaps and bounds beyond what scientist had even begin to probe with her pokemon.
"We did it guys!" she exclaimed. "We all did it! All the hard work we went through wasn't for nothing!" Then they all hugged (or as close to a hug as pokemon can get." then she turned to face the man who she'd defeated and whose title of champion she'd just taken.

April 30th, 2005, 9:05 PM
Very good! May I suggest that you put lines in betweeen some paragraphs...

May 9th, 2005, 9:41 AM
As she turned to face the man she'd just defeated several emotions ran through her. The first was elation after all she'd just defeated the champion! The second was a kind of sad reluctance. Steven Stone had been a much admired person of hers for a long time now. And the third was a curiousity to see how he was taking his defeat. Her senses were all focused on observing how he reacted as she took his place as she faced him since she'd defeated him. She was suprised by what she saw as she looked at him.

He didn't seem shocked at all...in fact his in his features was etched the very epitome of calmness and serenity. His eyes weren't bitter or angry, but full of sadness as if he were strongly disappointed that he had lost but not because she had defeated him.

Stacy took the time to really study his facial features for the first time. His eyes were a light grey, and she knew, gleamed when he was concentrating. His nose was a bit hooked but that just added character to his face. His lips were thin but intensely sensual. His face was all planes and angles. But combined together his features produced face that was handsome. And had her wondering how she'd ever missed it.

Snap out of it Stacy She told herself. This is Steven your talking about. He's like a brother to you

But brother or not that didn't keep her gaze from wondering to the rest of his body. To the well-formed shoulders and abdomen to the muscular legs which was evident from his suit which was silver in color and did nothing to deter from the devlopment of his body.

Blushing and hoping he didn't notice she decided to break the silence that seemed to go on and on.

"Steven?" she asked "Are you allright?"

As if the sound of her voice had broken into his thoughts he look up at her startled.

"Oh sorry Stacy," he quickly blurted out, "I was just thinking."

Now she knew something was up. Steven never stumbled over what he said. He was always in control of his emotion.

"Well okay then." she said disbelievingly. "Whatever you say." She didn't want to be rude but she just wanted to be done with all of it. "Can we get on with it please?"

"Of course." Steven said as if finally remembering who he was and what he was to do. "Come with me."

Then he led her into the room where new champions and their pokemon are recorded