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Poke Chaos
April 27th, 2005, 3:19 PM
All of the Jedi have died, except some young Padawans. They must destroy the Sith alone!


Age (between 9 and 15):
Lightsaber type (double bladed, single saber, etc.):
Lightsaber color(s):

My Form:

Name: Leon
Age: 12
Appearance: Has longish blonde hair. Wears Anakin's clothes. Has a blaster at his waist. Hazel eyes.
Personality: Is humorous but is serious when it is time for it. Girls really go for him.
Lightsaber type (double bladed, single saber, etc.): Dual Sabers
Lightsaber color(s): Green, Purple
History: Was a slave on Tatooine, but was stowaway aboard the ship of some traders. He found the Jedi Coucil and they took him in.