View Full Version : a megaman roleplay

May 1st, 2005, 8:55 AM
you and 3 other people hold a pet with the legendary megaman each of you have 1 special chip that combines megamans data with another navis you obtain more in the journey doublesoul chips to save the original megaman from the darkloids your special chip is known as doublsoul heres my information

name lan jr
doublesoul gutsoul
favorite chip syncro chip
you can also give a history but it is not required

May 1st, 2005, 5:01 PM
Okay, first of all, your plot is a little too basic. Try and add more details to it to make it more interesting.

Second, there aren't enough areas in your form. Things like Appearance, and Personality are required, or you won't know what the characters are like.

Third, don't double post!

And last, but not least, you need to start using punctuation! Every post of yours that I've seen doesnt even have a single period! I don't care why you don't, just start using punctuation!