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May 8th, 2005, 12:21 PM
Plot: Long ago, Kiramon reigned supreme over the digital world, not even the most powerful megas could stop her. Finally, a young digimon, Shademon, a rookie level mind you, discovered Kiramon's weakness. Herself. Somehow, Shademon defected Kiramon's attack back at herself and she was deleted. But now, Kiramon is back and stronger than ever. Will you be the one to delete Kiramon forever?

Crests: If any, optional
History: optional

~Digimon Partner~
(See lower for name)
Gender: (if Digimon have genders..)
Baby/Fresh level name:
Baby/Fresh level attack:
Intraining level name:
Intraining level attack:
Rookie level name:
Rookie level attack:
Champion Level name:
Champion level attack:
Ultimate level name:
ultimate level attack:
Mega level name:
Mega level attack:

Note: you can have up to two digimon..

Here's mine:

Name: David
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v494/digitaldude/98615d43.gif
but with bl0nde hair
Personality: IN story
Digivice: D-Watch
Crests: Life and [email protected]

~Digimon Partners~
(in order from baby to mega and attack)
Embermon: Bubble Blow
Flamemon: Flame Breath
Flaremon: Flame Punch and Flame Kick
Volmon: Volcanic Blaster
Eruptmon: Magma Sword
Infernomon: Inferno Blasters and Inferno Blade Strike
Embermon: a pink jelly-like blob
Flamemon: a ball of fire
Flaremon: Veemon with fire all over
Volmon: Exveemon with fire all over
Eruptmon: Magnamon fire version
Infernomon: Suped up fire version of WarGreymon
Personality: will be revealed in story

(Second digimon partner)
Nightmon: Bubble Blow
Darkmon: Dark Breath
Shademon: Darkness Rush
Shadowmon: Shadow Strike
Voidmon: Void Blasters
MegaVoidmon: Black Lightining and Black Blade Strike
Also male
Nightmon: grey jelly-like blob with spikes (also jelly-like)
Darkmon: A black Flamemon
Shademon: Black colored Veemon
Shadowmon: Ninja-like, blackish Exveemon
Voidmon: Evil looking Magnamon
MegaVoidmon: Blackish, Evil looking Infernomon
((Despite appearance, Nightmon and digivolutions are good guys))
Personality: Also will be revealed

May 8th, 2005, 12:50 PM
Name: Rika
Age: 14
Gender: female
Appearance: http://img50.exs.cx/img50/6808/rikakamiya3ov.gif
Personality: independent,
Digivice: red from the second season
Crests: light
History: She has no parents,she never knew what happened to them,except they died. She lives by herself in her own mansion her parents supposively had before they died.

Digimon Partner: Gatomon
Gender: Digimon don't have genders
I'll just put in it's digivolved forms when it happens XD

May 8th, 2005, 12:52 PM
Thanks for joining, and yes, you can use digimon from the shows.. Thanks for pointing out that digimon don't have genders! We'll start once we have a total of six people, so four more!

愛Forgotten Angel愛
May 8th, 2005, 1:24 PM
Name: Nightmare Utree
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: She has long black hair in two pigtails. She has dark skin and blue eyes. She wears baggy khaki pants and a collar blue half-shirt.
Personality: She is very much a loner. She only likes being around her digimon and doesn't usually talk.
Digivice: one from the first season
Crests: love (i wanted death, but David got it first!) and hate
History: Most of her history is shrouded, but it is known that her parents were brutally murdered.

~Digimon Partner~
(See lower for name)
Appearance: Baby~ It has two black tails attached to a small fox-like body. All of her fur is red. Intraining~ It has six large tails and a larger fox body. Her fur is the same. Rookie~ Its body now resembles a dog's, and its fur is blue. It has black and white stripes down its back. Champion~ It now has a more wolf-like body. Her fur is black with white tipped ears. She has five tails, each one a different color. Ulitmate~ It now stands on two legs. She has basically the same layout as her Champion form, except that now she has four tails. Mega~ Not only does she stand on two legs, she has angel-like wings. She has ten tails, each one a different color. Her entire body has spiritual designs on it.
Personality: She is like human partern and dislikes being around people even more.
Baby/Fresh level name: Fandramon
Baby/Fresh level attack: Flame Spout
Intraining level name: Foxymon
Intraining level attack: Flame Rush
Rookie level name: Dognamon
Rookie level attack: Flame Water
Champion Level name: Wolfamon
Champion level attack: Light Flame
Ultimate level name: Wolnamon
ultimate level attack: Wolf's Fang
Mega level name: Angelwolfmon
Mega level attack: Wolf's Celestial Arrow
(Crest of Hate)

~Second Digimon Partner~
(See lower for name)
I am going to use Keramon from the Digimon movie. It is the digimon that was infected with the virus and tried to destroy all the computer systems.
Baby/Fresh level name:
Baby/Fresh level attack:
Intraining level name:
Intraining level attack:
Rookie level name: Keramon
Rookie level attack:
Champion Level name:
Champion level attack:
Ultimate level name:
ultimate level attack:
Mega level name:
Mega level attack:

May 8th, 2005, 1:49 PM
uh..ill try and fill it out rite!

name: Nai Tsumi
age: 13
gender: female
Appearance: see attachment
personality: happy, but when intoxicated with sugar, she gets hyper...REAL hyper.
digivice: the one like takuyas in 4th season
crests: anger, serenity
history: normal. nothing happend to her before. just a boring normal life

digimon partner

apperance: ~baby~a red ball with a little horn on its head--~fresh~like Veemon, but red--~rookie~fox-like thing, that has black bracelets. the bracelets are its lifeline--~champion~like a red renamon, but shorter, and with some armor--~Champion~ a human like fairy that is COVERED in armor. it has black symblos all over the aromor, and even has a nifty sword--DOES NOT CHANGE, EXEPT FOR THE SYMBLOS ON THE ARMOR FOR THE REST OF THE EVOLUTIONS
personality: likes to be funny, but can get serious somethimes
fresh level name: Kikoulumon
fresh level attack: Killi Bubble
intraining level name: Kikoumon
intraining attack: Flame Spark
rookie level name: Corimamon
rookie attack: Depth Blast
champion level name: Hellmon(its like an evil level for her)
champion level attack: Hell Fire
ultimate level name: Lunaimon
ultimate level attack: Solar Eclipse
mega level name: Didoujiimon
mega level attack: Earth Shake

second partner:

geez...that only took like...ten minutes... can i just use veemon from the second season?

May 8th, 2005, 1:59 PM
Thankies for joining you two, and yes, you can use other digimon, they don't have to be made up..

May 8th, 2005, 3:09 PM
Name: Sammy Calias (also, I will have other characters who will be introduced in posts)
Age: 12
Gender: male
Appearance: In posts
Personality: In posts
Digivice: D-5 (like a flip-phone, if made up ones are allowed)
Crests: Flame and Warriors
History: in posts
Other: Sammy and his friends made a 'club' that they named "The New Knights of The Round Table". Sammy is the leader and the 'club is made up entirely of Digi-Destined.

Appearance: In posts
Personality: In posts
Baby/Fresh level name: Ballmon
Baby/Fresh level attack: Rolling Smash
Intraining level name: Mulsimon
Intraining level attack: Silver Shield (defensive)
Rookie level name: Shoreenamon
Rookie level attacks: Air Force Punch
Earth Needles
Champion Level name: Alsomon
Champion level attacks: Enveloping Flames
Flame Spiral
Ultimate level name: Alkaymon
ultimate level attacks: Fire Spark
Warrior Sword Strike
Flame Tornado
Mega level name: Alsolamon
Mega level attacks: Sword of Flame
Fire Dragon
Flame Seal
Warrior Seal
Warrior Seal of Flame

May 8th, 2005, 3:25 PM
Sounds like fun! XD

Name: Takuya Kaitsu
Gender: male
Appearance: Brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a solid red T-shirt and black , baggy jeans. he also wears black boots and fingerless gloves. he wears his favorite black hat on backwards, and on top of those a pair of goggles with a red strap.
Personality: Enthusiastic and firey tempered, he always puts 110% into everything he does. a bit annoying at times, but good at heart.
Digivice: Red and black D-Tector
Crests: Courage
History: Resident of Shinjuku. The rest I'l make up on th4e way. XD

~Digimon Partner~
(See lower for name)
Gender: male
Appearance: Red with a white belly and black markings all over his body. He has batlike wing ears sharp claws on both his hands and feet. He has a stubby tail
Personality: As energetic as his Tamer/Digi-Destined, but much more naive and pure of spirit. he has an intense love ( of food.
Intraining level name:Demi-Guilmon
Intraining level attack: Fire Sputter
Rookie level name:Guilmon
Rookie level attack:Pyro Sphere
Champion Level name:Growlmon
Champion level attack:Pyro Sphere/ lightning sladh
Ultimate level name:Wargrowlmon
ultimate level attack: Atomic Blaster/ Lightning Slash
Mega level name:Galantmon
Mega level attack:Lightning Joust/ Shield of the Just

~Digimon Partner2~
(See lower for name)
Gender: male
Appearance: REd, spiky hair with short stubby horns. He has dark brown skin with red markings all over him.he wears red pants and has feet ending in red claws
Personality: Proud and bold, just as energetic as the other two. He hates letting anyone down
Rookie level name: Flamon
Rookie level attack: flame Paw
Champion Level name: Agunimon
Champion level attack: Pryo Darts/ Pyro Tornado
Ultimate level name: BurningGreymon
ultimate level attack: WildFire Tsunami/ Pyro Blaster
Mega level name: (Has two mega forms) Aldamon/ Emperorgreymon
Mega level attack: (Pyro Barriage/ Atomic Inferno)/( Dragonfire Crossbow/ Pryo Dragons)

May 8th, 2005, 3:26 PM
pokefan89: Everything perfect, just one question: by 'in posts' does that mean you'll reveal that in the RP? Thanks for joining!! Just one more person!!

May 8th, 2005, 3:32 PM
i just joined using my favorite Digimon, so I guess that means we're ready to go! XD

May 8th, 2005, 3:41 PM
Oops.. I guess we are!! Is everyone ready to start? Oh well, post when your able! Oh, and we'll all be arriving in the digital world to start, but using the portal (like in the third season) we can go back and forth..


David arrived in the digial world and fell after the first step, "Hey, that wasn't very nice." David snaps at Shademon as he gets back to his feet.

"I know, but I've been so lonely!" Shademon replies

"Sure you have, you've been playing in the spring the entire time!" Flaremon says, coming in out of the woods and into the clearing.

"So, what all has been going on?" David asks, knowing perfectly well why the digidestined were needed again.

"Kiramon is back!!" both Shademon and Flaremon scream at him and scowl.

"Geesh, settle down, I already knew that... So.. Where is everyone?" David asked, wondering around the clearing, obviously not paying attention to the two digimon.

May 8th, 2005, 3:50 PM
The portal from my neighborhood was easy enough to get into. Shinjuku Park was the location of the first portal, and since then it had been excavated where one could easily walk in. unfortunately, it seemed no one went to the trouble on the other side, and I fell a good ten feet before landing face first on the ground. BEfore I had a chance to move, I found Guilmon and Flamon on top of me. "Well that was fun." I grumbled, pulling myself to my feet, causing the others to tumble aside. "Which section of the Digital World are we in?" I ask allowed.

"Dunno." Flamon responded, shrugging his shoulders. "It's been a while since we've been here. Things seem to have changed."

"I want peanut butter." Guilmon whined. "Takuya-mon, I'm hungry. Do you have any peanut Butter?" I sighed, and reached into my backpack to pull out a jar of Skippy. Guilmon's eyes lit up as I handed the jar to him and almost immediately the lid was ripped off and he had his face buried inside.

May 9th, 2005, 3:55 AM
I stepped through the portal in my friend Josh's house and arrived in the Digital World. "Wow, sure has changed a bit since I last came." I look around me, then spot Shoreenamon leaning against a tree, his blue fur waving in the breeze and his silver eyes sparkling as he ran up to me and said,

"How ya doing, Sammy!?"

May 9th, 2005, 1:13 PM
As Volmon and Shadowmon were flying around with David on Shadowmon's shoulder, searching for any sign of human activity, David didn't know who the other digidestined were, but he knew that they needed to find eachother and fast.

"Where do you think they all came from?" David asked Shadowmon.

"I have no clue! Sure wished I did though!" Shadowmon replies, a look of dismay on his face.

"I for one, would love to finally stop and rest." Volmon requests, looking pitifully at David.

"Alright, we can stop for a little while and eat some of the lunch I packed." David said as they landed and both Shadowmon and Volmon dedigivolved into their rookie forms, Shademon and Flaremon, respectively.

May 9th, 2005, 2:50 PM
I looked over a hill at a kid, and another digimon, sitting on the ground. "Kiloulumon, look at this." I said, pointing at the kid.

"Well, wouldnt it help if I had legs?" she said sarcasticlk, rolling herself back and fourth. "Oh...Sorry Kiloulumon." I picked her up, and held her up so she could see.

"Oh! Oh! Thats a digimon!" She cried happily.

"Thank you smart one." said veemon. "Guys, stop that! Theres a guy with digimon over there, and you arent the least bit curious?" veemon, and kiloulumon looked at each other. "Nope!" they cried happily.

"Ugh..." I muttered, and continued to try and guess what digimon he had.

May 9th, 2005, 3:13 PM
OOC: Just to clarify, is your character looking at my character?

May 9th, 2005, 3:27 PM
ooc: Or mine? Because that is a little too vague. :\

ic: I sat resting in the grass, waiting patiently for Guilmon to finish his jar of peanutbutter. I knew he wouldn't move until he was finished. Flamon was trying to be patient as well, sitting against a tree nearby. But it was clear that my patience far exceeded his, and he was tapping his foot anxoiusly in the grass, a look of irritation on his face.

May 9th, 2005, 3:39 PM
OOC: Who knows! Oh well, I'm carrying on...

IC: Just after they finished a small snack, David cleaned up while Flaremon and Shademon went off and explored a bit.

David speaks into his digivice and tries to contact Flaremon and Shademon, "Hey, guys, are you there?"

"Yea, we're here.." Shademon replies.

"Whatcha want? Is it time for us to continue on?" Flaremon asks in a disappointed tone.

"Yea, why?" David answers, awaiting Flaremon's reply.

"I was just... Nevermind, its nothing." Flaremon says, his mind clearly on something else.

"He wanted to explore some more!" Shademon says, obviously irratited at Flaremon.

"Alright, well, we can do some more exploring in a while, Ok?" David, concerningly asks.

"Ok!" Flaremon replies, suddenly overjoyed.

Shademon and Flaremon digivolve and fly over to pick David up. David decides to travel on Volmon's shoulder this time, and they take off, in search for the other digidestined.

Prof. Pine
May 9th, 2005, 5:27 PM
Appearance:Wears a white short sleeve shirt, black shorts and sandles.
Personality:in posts
Digivice:one-from first season
Other:He has a strange wristband with a sybol of the Earth Element

~Digimon Partner~
Baby/Fresh:looks much like a raind drop the is half white with a black eye and half black with a white eye.
Intraining:looks much like a ball with a wizzards hat.
Rookie:Looks like a little scarecrow wizard with elfen ears.
Champion: looks like a noram wizard exept with a black star where its eyes should be.
Ultimate: Wears a cloak of deep black and its hat covers its whole faceand weilds an iron staff with strange incriptions on it.
Mega:looks much like a knight in black and white Armor and wears a mask the is much like the Fresh's body, he has and iron staff with a blade on it made of diamond. It looks like his body is invisible, wich it is.

Personality:Each of the share the same personality, protective and friendly.

Baby/Fresh level name:Dronamon
Baby/Fresh level attack:magic twist
Intraining level name:Cauldronamon
Intraining level attack:ice shot
Rookie level name:Magicmon
Rookie level attack:Spiral Winds, Flaring Punch
Champion Level name:Migicianamon
Champion level attack:Ring of Ice, Fire Fury Staff
Ultimate level name:Spellcastramon
ultimate level attack:Cinder Pillar, Ice Rod Blast
Mega level name:Illusiknightamon
Mega level attack:Illusion Blade Spin, Polarflare, Wind Staff

Is this okay? If not tell me what I need to fix and i'll try to fix it.

愛Forgotten Angel愛
May 9th, 2005, 5:57 PM
The portal at my house wasn't hard to find. I was just glad my parents didn't care, so they didn't look. I fell onto some grass and stared upward.

"Good job," Fandramon said to me. Her small body looked huge because I was lying down. I saw Keramon gliding over to us.

"Nightmare, where have you been? Don't you know..." Keramon stopped talking and thought about something.

"Yeah, I know. So, what have you been up to?" I got up and held Fandramon in my arms.

"Nothing much. We saw some digimon though. Two digimon, with a Digidestined! (David)." Fandramon squirmed and twisted, wanting to show me.

"Keramon, warp digivole to Diaboramon. We will go quicker that way."

"What? You always chosse Keramon to digivolve! You never choose me!" Fandramon screamed as I jumped onto Diaboramon's shoulder.

"That isn't true. I have let you digivolve lots of times."


We approched another boy, except he didn't have any digimon.

"Hey, what is your name?!" I screamed.

May 9th, 2005, 6:20 PM
OOC: Prof. Pine, your accepted, start posting at any time!
Sel_Girl: My character is now flying overhead, did your character's digimon see my char when he was eating?

愛Forgotten Angel愛
May 9th, 2005, 6:28 PM
OOC: yes.

IC: I looked up and saw digimon overhead. Fandramon squirmed even more, and Diaboramon shifted uncomfortably.

"Again I ask, what is your name? If you want mine it is...well, just call me Utree!" I was very ashamed of my first name for some reason.

May 10th, 2005, 8:14 AM
"I'm fine, but we need to go now." My fine brown hair waved in the breeze as I looked at the forest around me. "I think there are other digi-destined looking for us." I whispered.

May 10th, 2005, 11:42 AM
Flamon had wandered off in the last few minutes, and I couldn't blame him. I too was now losing my patience, listening to Guilmon slurp and slobber inside the Peanut Butter Jar. When I thought I'd met my wits end, Guilmon pulled his head out of the jar and licked some of the brown paste off his lips.

"All done!" He said happily, tossing the plastic jug aside. I side, grinning in spite of myself, and stood from the grass. "Let's go find Flamon." I suggested. Suddenly a pillar of flame exploded out of the nearby forest. Guilmon and I were very surprised, to say the least. "What the heck was that?" Taking off with Guilmon close behind, it didn't take me long to find the source of the fire.

In front of me was the husk of a burned out tree, the ground around it charred black. standing in front of the tree was Flamon, eying his work with pride.

"Flamon!" I shouted angrily. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"WHat?" He complained. "I was bored. I wasn't going to sit and wait for Guilmon to finish his snack. I would have spontaneously combusted by then." I growled at him angrily, but I couldn't help but be amused at the same time. It was always so hard to stay mad at him, especially when he talks about spontaneously combusting.

Prof. Pine
May 10th, 2005, 3:52 PM
Nick found the portal to the digital world near his house and entered it, wandering if anything had happened to Magicmon. "Magicmon are you around here?" Nick said in a forest area.

"I'm right here!" Magicmon replided, "I just saw a pillar of fire over there!"

"Great that means we're not alone," Nick replied looking over to where Magicmon was pointnig to,"Either it's a digi-destined or an evil digimon."

"Well then what should we do?" Magicmon asked.

"We see whats over there," Nick said,"we'll be ready for it though won't we?"

"Yeah!" Magicmon said starting to run off.

"Hey wait for me!" Nick said catching up to Magicmon,"We shouldn't be to far from where you said the pillar was." Nick and Magicmon ran towards where Magicmon said the pillar came from.

May 10th, 2005, 5:11 PM
David looks down and sees another person and digimon, and motions for Shadowmon to land, he dedigivolves his digimon and walks over to the girl.

"Hi, are you one of the new digidestined?" David asks quizzically.

May 10th, 2005, 5:34 PM
Rika discovered a portal leading to the Digital World and she jumped in.

"Gatomon! Where are ya?"Rika called out.

"I'm right here!"Gatomon replied as it leaped into Rika's arms.

"So,what are we suppose to do?"Rika asked.

"Well,Kiramon needs to be destroyed,and I and more digidestineds are in need of your help,"Gatomon explained.

"Ok then,"Rika answered.

Rika and Gatomon continue walking farther away from the portal as they heard voices coming not too far from where they are.

"Could they be the new digidestineds like us?"Rika asked.

"Possibly,"Gatomon answered.

Dream Illusionist
May 11th, 2005, 3:14 AM
Sorry, but can i still join?

And If I can, can I have armo-digivolution forms?

Gender: Female
Appearance: Has a white T-shirt, and black jeans.
Digivice: the one from the second season
Other: Has a backpack with weird things inside...

~Digimon Partner~
Baby/Fresh: A little green ball with grass on his forehead.
Intraining: A ball with legs and a plant in his head (you know him, no?)
Rookie: You know him, no? A plant with ivys instead of hands...
*Armor1: A plant with large ivys and a small purple flower on her head.
*Armor2: A odd plant, with roots all over it, and small plants growing on it's head.
Champion: A big Plant, with a flower, then ivys, instead of hands and a big flower in hear head.
Ultimate: A fairy full of flowers? (I think you also know her...)
Mega: A plant with a rose on her head, and a large whip. She has spinnes all over her, and they're shrinkable, when she wants.
Personality:Baby, In-training, *Armor2 and Ultimate forms, quite calm and gentle.
Rookie, *Armor1, Champion and Mega forms, nice, but unquiet and likes to trick people, just for fun.

Baby/Fresh level name:Weedmon
Baby/Fresh level attack: Grass Grower
Intraining level name: Tanemon
Intraining level attack: Soothing Aroma
Rookie level name:Floramon
Rookie level attack:Rain of Pollen, Poison Ivy
*Armor1 level name: Ivymon
*Armor1 level attack: Shadowy Ivy, Ivy Drill, Extreme Rain of Pollen
*Armor2 level name: Rootmon
*Armor2 level attack: Great Root, Root Drill.
Champion Level name: Plantmon
Champion level attack: Great Ivy, Pollen Laser
Ultimate level name: Lillymon
ultimate level attack:Flower cannon, Spring power
Mega level name: Rosemon
Mega level attack: Ivy Whip, Great Pollen Laser, Extreme Flower Cannon

May 11th, 2005, 3:45 AM
Normally, I wouldn't let you join, but since the RP is moving slightly slower than I'd like, I'll go ahead and let you join, I figure, the more, the faster it will go... Maybe... I hope...

愛Forgotten Angel愛
May 11th, 2005, 4:06 PM
"Diaboramon, dedigivolve, would you?" Nightmare said. She jumped down. "Yes. I am...Utree...And you are?" She shifted uncomfortably.

Prof. Pine
May 11th, 2005, 5:59 PM
Nick walked over to near the spot of the fire pillar and saw a person with two digimon,"He's posably a digi-destined."

"Yeah," Magicmon replied,"Mabey we should introduce ourselves to them."

"Okay Magicmon,"Nick said walking closer to the person and his digimon,"Hi i'm Nick, and-"

"I'm Magicmon!" Magicmon interuped,"Who are You?"

Dream Illusionist
May 12th, 2005, 3:01 AM
Sophie jumped into a potal, in Central Park.
When she arrived, she was immediatly greeted by Floramon
"Hiya, Sophie! How're ya?"
"Fine thanks, Floramon. DO you know where the other digidestined are?"
"Nope, they must be scattered arourd here..."
"Well then, let's look for them!"-she said, in a final decision.
They then started running, in look for the other ones.

May 12th, 2005, 8:28 AM
"Really, Sammy? Well, we better go find the others."

"Yeah, let's." Shoreeenamon and me go ruuning off, looking for our friends, the other Knights of the Round Table so we could tell them something big is happening.

Prof. Pine
May 14th, 2005, 10:55 AM
OOC:Night_Hawke let me add another digimon so I'm going to show it here to:
Baby/Fresh:Looks some what like a ball with a razor teeth around him.
Intraining: Looks like a red ball with a razor sharp ring around him.
Rookie: looks somewhat like a puppet but with drills replacing his hands
Champion:Looks some what like Armadilamon's Champion stage exept with red armor and a human head.
Ultimate:Looks a little like Greymon but with a human head a Reddish-Orange armor and Silver Drills.
Mega:Looks like a giant human with sivler armor and wears crowns around its arms and wheres a cape of pure silver color.

Baby/Fresh level name:Teamon
Baby/Fresh level attack: razor roll
Intraining level name: Zeramon
Intraining level attack: windwill spin
Rookie level name: Tokeamon
Rookie level attack: Driller Punch
Champion Level name: Negatoramon
Champion level attack: Double Drill Cannon, Spinning Crator Creator
Ultimate level name: Tazanateromon
ultimate level attack: Drilling Heat Wave, Drill Warp Laser
Mega level name: Silvermetalkingdeomon
Mega level attack: Silver Metal Arm Shash, King's Crown Shock Wave, Swirling Metal Twister

BIC:Tokeamon apeared from atop one of the trees,"I'm Tokeamon."

"Tokeamon, where were you?" Nick and Magicmon replied looking at Tokeamon.

"I was hanging around the trees when then I saw you." Tokeamon replied.

"Well any ways since us three have introduced each other lets see who they are." Magicmon said looking back towards the other person and his two digimon.