View Full Version : Mobius Conquest (a Sonic RP)

Trainer Ben
May 11th, 2005, 4:21 PM
Hi. This will be my first RP in this section. Anyway, here's the prolouge:

Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He's one of the most intelligent scientists on Mobius. Unfortunately, he's also evil. Using advanced robotics, he destroys cities and such. In the past, he was cruel and vicious, and also a formidable opponent. He would capture poor, innocent animals and use them to power his Badniks. Two of his most powerful creations once threatened the whole planet. One was the Death Egg, and the other was the terror known as Metal Sonic. Both of those, however, were destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog, our hero. Time after time, he and his other friends have foiled Robotnik's plots.

Recently, Robotnik has gotten soft. He now uses others do do his dirty work, most recently Chaos and Gerald Robotnik's creation, Shadow. Will this once vicious doctor strike back anytime soon, especially after being locked away by his own creation, Metal Sonic? Only when we terra-form other planets!

This is an article in the newspaper that Dr. Ivo Robotnik has just read, and he doesn't like it one bit. So, he decides to launch an attack on Mobius. This time, he won't be using just a robot army. He'll be recruiting people. That's where you come in. If you choose to be on his army, you'll be leading/taking part of attacks on familiar grounds (Green Hill Zone, Angel Island, etc.).

Choose to be with the Freedom Fighters and you'll be helping Sonic and friends fight Robotnik.

Choose to be with G.U.N military and you'll be responsible for keeping the planet safe-no matter what.

Here's the sign-up sheet:

Age: (Must be at least 18)
Species: (Can be anything,but Dr. Robotnik doesn't have much of a liking for hedgehogs...)
Allegiance: (Robotnik/Freedom Fighters/G.U.N)
History: (what made you join one of the above in the first place)

Here's my character:

Name: Count Sin
Age: unknown
Species: Demonic bear
Personality: Mean, quiet, sophisticated, cruel
Appearance/Sprite: http://img222.echo.cx/img222/563/hellfiresin8xp.png (http://www.imageshack.us)
Allegiance: Robotnik
History: Sin has no memory of his past, so he wants to find it. Also, he believes an old rival of his is lurking around on Mobius. The only way to flush him out is with chaos and destruction, so he joins Robotnik's army as a surpreme commander (the only rank higher than that is with Robotnik).
Weapon: A golden sword.

As soon as someone joins, I'll start the RP off.