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okay, this fic is rated PG-13...there might be a kissing scene, that's why...

Chapter 1
Where All Isnt InLittleroot?

Well...this is Point Me To The League, a Hoenn and possibly Advancedshipping fic. Hope you enjoy it!! as i said...it's shippy, so it might annoy some people...oh yeah, the punctuation...
"..." normal people talk
[...] pokemon translated talk
italics thoughts, or authoress notes XD

Two girls walk through Petalburg Forest, one of them already a trainer. The trainer had long pale green hair, all messed up, and she was wearing a red and white long sleeved shirt that extended past her hip, black shorts, and red and white sneakers: the outfit of a Cool Trainer. The other girl had medium length brown hair that was parted sharply down the back, so it ended up being in two bunches that stuck out at the sides, a red and black dress, a white mini skirt, black shorts, and red trainers. Her name was May Sapphire, daughter of the Petalburg Gym Leader, Norman.

Brooke, what starter Pokemon should I get? she said.

Wellhow about Torchic? Ive heard you can beat the Elite 4 with just Blaziken, Brooke replied thoughtfully.

Hmmmaybe, but Mudkip seems pretty strong too!

Maythink about it when we get to the lab Brooke replied irritatedly.

Okay, okaycalm down Brooke, May winked at her.

They walk along the peaceful Route 101, with its kind of weak Pokemon sleeping, until the signpost of Littleroot Town comes into view.

Finally were here! May exclaims.

Knocking on the door, Brooke walks into the lab and asks for Professor Birch. His assistant apparently cant hear her, since hes still typing away at his computer.

Helloooooowheres Professor Birch? Is he out on fieldwork? Brooke asks once again.

Professor Birchs assistant looks up.

Oh sorry, I was concentrating too hard on my work hereProfessor Birch? Hes out on fieldwork,

Any specific Route you can name us? May says.

Not that I can remember the Professor saying,

Brooke rolls her eyes and flounces out of the door. May apologizes and runs out after Brooke.
Brooke! Where are you going? May shouted down the Route.

Mistake. A whole family of Wurmple wake up and start to slither towards her, as well as a person furiously writing down notes on a clipboard.

Hey! Who woke all these Wurmple? Professor Birch shouts.

**** itBROOKE! HELP!!!

Professor Birch desperately tries to reach for his bag, which contains the starter Pokemon, but the Wurmple have already cut him off.

You there! Find a pokeball in my bag and help me! Hurry up! he calls to May.

Me? Im not a trainer though May says awkwardly.

Just help me

Ok May looks through the bag and pulls out a squashed sandwich.

Uhthat was my lunchProfessor Birch starts to gabble.

May shrugs and searches again. This time she finds a small tape recorder that starts to play:

Hey Dad, hope you love the new Pikachu underwear I bought you for your birthday, lotsa love Brendan.

And that was a, uh, lovely birthday message that my son left meuh Professor Birch is blushing furiously by now, as well as fending off the Wurmple with a pen attached to a piece of cord.

Right May finds a red and white ball-like object, Yes! This is it! Go!

May threw the pokeball hard at the Wurmple. An orange chick Pokemon comes bursting out. May sighs.

Out of the three starter Pokemon, I had to pick the Pokemon Brooke wantswell, Torchic, use Ember on the Wurmple there!

The Torchic looks indignantly at May, then blows reddish yellow flames at the Wurmple. The Wurmple, realizing this was a battle, turn away from harassing Professor Birch and now form into a ring around the Torchic.

it says, confusing May since she can hear it.
May is about to command another attack when two more Pokemon come flying out of their pokeballs near the Torchic!

Go, Meditite and Swablu! Use Hidden Power and Peck on those Wurmple there! Brooke had come back from walking all the way to Oldale Town!

Brooke! Youre back! May said happily.

Yepnow lets get this battle started! Brooke winked at May.

Professor Birch is edging to his bag, eager to get the tape recorder and the sandwich out of sight before anyone else saw them. Keeping his eye on the battle, he swung his bag over his shoulder and sat down for an interesting battle

Use Ember again on that Wurmple there, Torchic! May pointed at a weakening Wurmple at the edge of the battle.

The Torchic gritted her teeth and fired hot red flames at the small Wurmple. Out of pure exhaustion, it collapsed in a faint.

Yay! My first Pokemon faint! Use Scratch on that Wurmple now, Torchic! May shouts once again.

[Tired] the Torchic murmurs, but runs up to the Wurmple and gives it a swipe of its talons.

How ya going, Brooke? Torchic use Ember in a ring around you, to get rid of those couple of Wurmples!

Brooke, on the other hand was desperately trying to get sticky String Shots off her Swablu, who was trying to clean them off with her own methods, aka flapping her wings hard.

Owuse Steel Wing on those Wurmple, with the String Shot as roughness! Brooke ordered.

Swablu obeyed, and struck the Wurmple hard with the String Shots as extra damage. All of the struck Wurmple fainted on the spot.

Repeat that move, Swablu, strike them in the head this time! Brooke shouted again.

Meanwhile May was busy battling the last of the Wurmple, Use Ember in a circle again, and faint those last three Wurmple there, Torchic!

Torchic obeyed the command and blew the flames out, fainting the last of the Wurmple.

Yeah! An entire family of Wurmple fainted by us! May cheered.

Brooke was taking a closer look at Professor Birchs face.

Hey, arent you Professor Birch? So you were here doing fieldwork! she exclaimed.

Professor Birch smiled sheepishly.

I was just finishing my notes when this trainer here woke the Wurmple by accident, he replied, glancing over at May, who was starting to blush.

Im not a trainer, I was just coming to Littleroot Town to get my starter, May explained.

Ahnow I seelets head back to the lab before we do anything else, the Pokemon Professor decided.

Back at the lab, Professor Birchs wife came running up and checked the Professor up and down.

Im okay, theres a trainer that wants a starter here, Professor Birch said to his wife awkwardly. His wife took no notice and kept on checking his clothes too. She then takes out a mobile phone and calles a quick-dial number, which happens to be 1.

Hello Brendan, your dad just got himself into another wild Pokemon jump, can you go and buy a pair of Pokeball underwear and some khaki pants for him? Oh and dont forget to get him a new shirt tooand a pair of- she was cut off apparently by Brendan saying something, okay then, Ill pay you back when you get back, bye! Mrs Birch then looked at the two girls, and noticed Brookes Cool Trainer clothing.

You wont be the one needing the starter then. Whats your name? she said, addressing May. May was shocked and by accident stuttered her name.

M-May Sa-Sapphire,

Professor Birch then cut in.

Shouldnt you be getting home to cook dinner? Off you go! he pushed his wife gently towards the lab door. Mrs Birch protested but in the end went off to cook dinner. Proffessor Birch turned back to May.

Nowwhich starter do you want? Theres Treecko- he released Treecko - Mudkip- he threw Mudkips pokeball -and Torchic, whom you just battled with, he ended.

May stared at the three Pokemon and looked at Torchic. It didnt seem very happy, since May had insulted it before. Treecko looked just as relaxed as it normally was, but Mudkip was jumping up and down in happiness.

[Pick me pick me!!] He called.

May looked confused again, so she turned to Brooke for help. Brooke shrugged at her and looked at Professor Birch. Professor Birch raised his eyebrows, and stared down at the starter Pokemon. May looked back down at the Pokemon. Mudkip, Torchic, or Treecko? May was thinking.

I pickMudkip she said finally.

Professor Birch picked up Mudkips pokeball and gave it to May, as well as the PokeDex and her five extra pokeballs.

You should go and meet my kid, Ru-Brendan,hes out on Route 103 looking for new Pokemon, he told May.

Isnt he buying you new underwear and clothes? Brooke cut in.

[I]End of the first chapter...How was it? Please R&R!! and this chapter is a little bit short, itll improve once I get comments

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Anyway...... um....... description is there, the spelling and grammar, good, and the plot seems kinda exciting and a bit shipping.... -_-;;;;

Anyway, I hope you update the ones in SPPf!

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cool chap! i can't wait for the next one! (again)

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cool chap! i can't wait for the next one! (again)

Well, I don't think you need to... I'll inform Jane to post her next one here....

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hey try not to log off and log in everytime ok? and we have to wait... i don't want to hurry her after all

Actually, I'm in Invisble mode..... that's why I appear offline.....

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actually, this is already written up at SPPF...

Chapter 2
Battle Thy Neighbour!

all right! so were back for some more of PMTTL? yaynessXD well read on to the next chapter!
Last Chapter~
May has saved Professor Birch from a family of Wurmple she woke by accident, and chosen her starter to be Mudkip. Now she and Brooke are going to Route 103 to meet the Professors kid, Brendan. Now read on

Argh! Why are there so many Ninjasks around? Im sooooo itchy!!!! May yells to Route 101. Her companion, Brooke, shrugs her shoulders.

Thats what you get when you travel. Its expecteddo you want some Pokemon Repellent?

May rolls her eyes, Of course you dont mind, youve been a trainer for half a year already! And plus, you see those Rangers and Campers a lot, dont you? she added slyly.

Come on May

They stopped at Oldale Town to heal Brookes Pokemon after the battle with the Wurmple. The PokeCenter here was peaceful, unlike the ones at Slateport, Brooke says. After resting the Pokemon , Brooke decides to restock on her supplies, dragging May much to her protest along with her to show her some of the things a trainer should have at all times. In front of the Mart, however, a PokeMart attendant walks up to May and asks if she is a rookie trainer.

Yep, I just got my starter Pokemon! she replies, pointing to Mudkips pokeball on her hip pack . She then frowns, making Brooke and the attendant frown too. May cracks up due to Brookes weird frown, with her nose squished up and her eyebrows pushed up against each other.

Brooke, dont make me laughplease, May says with difficulty.

The PokeMart attendant looks at both of them weirdly, but turns to May anyway.

So youre a rookie trainer? Okay, Id like you to have this as a promotional item, she hands May a Potion. May looked at the Potion like it was a Martian or something close to that.

Whats this for? she asks quizzically. The Potion had a label, but May couldnt see it.

Brooke looks at her like SHE was the alien.

This is a POTION, for healing your Pokemon when youre not close to a PokeCenter Brooke replied with a hint of fascination.

May shrugged, Oh well, not like I was a genius at being a trainer like you

Brooke smiled and flounced off to Route 103.

But when you actually act like youre a genius, thats the problem, May muttered when Brooke was well out of ear-shot.

Out on the noisy Route 103, the grass was being blown around into shapes by the wind, while the snow white hair of a 13 year old boy was lifted up past his bandana. His hair was, hence the last sentence, bound close to the hairline with a Hoenn Pride bandana, with the Hoenn League symbol printed on it. In fact, he was completely dressed in Hoenn Pride gear, with blue and yellow tracksuit pants and a black jacket with red stripes. He was staring at a tree, muttering under his breath what type of Pokemon could be found here. May and Brooke were at the other end of Route 103, having fun battling and catching a couple of Pokemon on their way to meet Professor Birchs son, Brendan. Just before the ledge that appeared with a patch of grass, a Zigzagoon jumped May!

May looked the wild Pokemon, confused. So you want a battle? Thats weird, I never knew wild Pokemon would want challenge trainersanyway, go, Ice! Use Water Gun on the Zigzagoon! May yelled as she released her Mudkip, nicknamed Ice, uncreatively, as Brooke had commented, and commanded it to use Water Gun.

Mudkip obeyed commands, and blasted an icy cold jet of water at the Zigzagoon. The Zigzagoon, even though scared, stood its ground and cutely Growled at Ice. Ices attack was lowered, which caused May to rack her brains as to do what next.

Hmmif I use Water Gun, the attack wont be as effectiveI might catch it, seeing as its so weak now Go, pokeball! May threw a Pokeball at the Zigzagoon, sucking the Raccon Pokemon up into the depths of the pokeball. After a few tense heart beats, a small Ting! was heard. Brooke started celebrating.

Yay! Your second Pokemon caught, May! Woohoo! she shouted to the Route. May looked at her weirdly.

Brooke, I dont see it as a big dealits just my first Pokemon caught May started slowly

Brooke shrugged and continued to walk along, only to realize something and dash back to May.

If youre having a battle with the Professors son, arent you going to heal your Pokemon first? Brooke asked.

Maybe I shouldcome on, lets go back to Littleroot Town, to see my mum and to heal up before going for the Brendan dude,

Awwwthe long walk back Brooke complained. May broke into a run, using the Running Shoes she had received from her mum just before she left Littleroot Town. Reading the instructions, she said them aloud to Brooke, who was running beside her with normal Cool Trainer shoes. Press the B Button to run, and go for the great outdoors with them on!thats weird, Im not going to the great outdoors, Im travelling with Pokemon! May frowned.

Brooke continued to run with May, not even huffing, since she had gone through training before joining officially to the Cool Trainers. May was starting to get really puffed though, since she was used to having her bike in Petalburg City. Brooke looked at her and laughed.

Come on May, get those fat legs of yours moving! she grinned.

May was insulted. Hey, my legs arent fat! See what I can do! She turned the dial on the shoes up to high, and managed to beat Brooke by a couple of seconds back to the lab. Smiling broadly, May turned to Brooke to see her downfallen face, but instead, saw a triumphant square face. Mays expression turned to a stunned look.

What is the matter with you, Brooke? How high is your self-esteem? Must be unbeatable May commented breathlessly. She grabbed a small bottle of water from her bag, and took huge gulps out of it, almost draining the whole bottle. She then offered it to Brooke, who was already pouring her own red bottle over her head, to try and cool it down. Mays eyes bulged. She looked at her bottle with barely five gulps left, and poured it over her head too, screaming loudly in the process. All the residents of Littleroot looked out of their windows at the brown haired girl that was running around in circles on the damp grass while pouring the last drops of water over her head. Two Routes over, a white-haired boy looked over his shoulder, disrupted from his research by an audible scream he was sure came from Littleroot. There werent any girls living in Littleroot, so he shrugged this off. May, on the other hand, had calmed down from the freezing cold water, and was now standing there, dripping water onto the red flowers that grew in Littleroot. Brooke was staring at her, dumbfounded by her behaviour.

What was up with you? And by the way, you cheated! She said, stunned. May was grinning stupidly now.

Just trying to copy you! And I didnt cheatit looked like fun, pouring water over your head, but I forgot I had freezing cold water May turned red with embarrassment.

Brooke shook her head. She motioned towards the lab, and walked off. May meekly followed her all the way on the pressed track down to Professor Birchs laboratory. Entering the new sliding glass doors, Brooke said a quick hello to her uncle, Professor Birchs assistant, and walked up to Professor Birchs office.

Hello? Professor Birch? Are you there? she called.

May was trying her best not to drip onto the floor, but there was still a puddle of wetness just next to her feet. Desperately May looked for a towel in her backpack. Brooke paid no attention, apart from a glance, and walked around slowly trying to find the Professor. Her uncle came up and told her he was at home, one of the rare occasions he was at home, actually. Brooke nodded slowly and stopped Mays search for a towel. May started to gabber something, but then quickly walked back home, to have a shower and get a fresh outfit. Brooke followed quietly.

Upon arriving home, Mrs Sapphire came up and stopped herself just in time, as she was about to give May a hug. The dripping May was sulking, and she ran upstairs to find a new outfit and a towel. Brooke sat down in the kitchen, drinking lemonade. Half an hour later, steam began to come out of the bathroom door, indicating something was happening, but Mrs Sapphire said not to worry, she does that all the time, so Brooke settled down and watched TV. A red May came out of the shower, dressed in her other Hoenn outfit another half an hour later. Uh oh, I mustve been really long in there May thought, as she noticed the look on Brooke and her mum's face.

Saying goodbye to her mum, May made her way along with Brooke to Oldale Town again, training her newly caught Zigzagoon. Busy thinking of a nickname for it, May ran out of ideas and asked Brooke.

Brooke just frowned. I have no idea why you want to give your Pokemon nicknames. We dont, we just refer to them as their species, A tinkling sound came from nowhere, captivating Mays attention. She walked towards Route 103, wanting to see what was making that sound. Brooke hurried to catch up with her. Eventually, she ended up staring at the person too, just like May was. Surprisingly, there had been no wild battles while they were walking through the Route. The person was a white haired teenage boy, playing an instrument known as a triangle. A tinkling tune was in the air, and May was suddenly mesmerized by it. Brooke wasnt though.

May! Wake up! This is probably Brendan, you need to battle with him! Brooke shook May hard. May woke up slowly from her trance. She looked at the Hoenn Pride clothes that the boy was wearing, and guessed that he was Brendan Birch too. She walked up to him and asked him a simple question.

Are you Brendan Birch? May asked. The boy turned around and stared above May at first, then at her.

Sorry, I was expecting somebody taller. And yes, I am Brendan Birch, why do you ask? Brendan replied, throwing and catching a pokeball in his right hand. In his left hand was the instrument May had seen, which she now knew was called a triangle. May was looking like she was still in the trance. Brendan frowned and waved his hand in front of her face, causing a blush from May.

Sorry, I was thinking about that music, but anyway, my name is M-May, and Im supposed to be battling youProfessor Birch told me you were his son.

Brendan looked mildly surprised. Dad sent you? Thats weird, he hardly ever doeshe must think you have potential! Lets get this battle started, then! He ended his statement by throwing the pokeball towards a flat grassy area near where he was standing. Brooke took up the referee role, and stated the rules.

You will use one Pokemon each, no time limit, and no items allowed. Start.

May sent out her Mudkip, Ice, while Brendan released his Treecko, nicknamed Arrow. May decided to go first, and commanded a Tackle on Arrow. Brendan countered this by asking for a Pound. Both attacks hit the offending Pokemon, and the health reduced by one third. May bit her lip and thought for a while, giving Brendan time to command another attack.

Pound, Arrow!

May gasped and quickly told Ice to use Tackle. Arrows attack hit first, because of its speed, and Ice really was tired by now. It crashed into Arrow weakly, and crawled slowly back to Mays side. May was getting very nervous by now, and tried her most unfamiliar attack, Mud Slap. It wouldnt be of much use, but lowering accuracy was important.

Use Mud Slap, Ice! Its our last chance!

Ice fired a small Water Gun at a patch of dirt, to create mud, then dipped its tail in and flicked the entire lot at Arrow. The Treeckos accuracay was lowered, and gave a moment of panic to Brendan. He recovered quickly though, and commanded a Pound attack at Ice.

Dodge, Ice! Quick!

But by this time, Ice was so tired its reaction had become very slow, and couldnt dodge fast enough. The Pound hit it from the head first, then the attacks feeling went right down to its tail. Ice collapsed in a faint, from pure tiredness.

Mudkip has fainted, the victory goes to Treecko!

May held out the Pokeball for Ice and whispered a few words of encouragement to it. You did your best, ice, thats all I needed. May grabbed her wallet, and started to open the zip to give Brendan his prize money, but he held out a hand and stopped her.

It wont count this time, okay? He grinned, Its only your first trainer battle, isnt it? Welllets get back the lab and tell Dad about our match! He walked to Oldale Town, and disappeared into the PokeCenter. May stared in awe.

Hes cool! And I cant believe hes also a good musician too May trailed off

Brooke looked at her, and decided not to say anything, just to save herself from being killed. They walked off together into the PokeCenter, just as Brendan was leaving.

Oh? I might wait for you, we can go back to the lab together. He offered.

May smiled and agreed. She went inside and gave her Pokeballs to Nurse Joy, commenting on how contented she was today. Nurse Joy hid her smile, as both May and Brendan had told her that, except separately. Outside, the trio began the long walk back to Littleroot Town

Well how was that? XD 5 and a half pages, is that long enough (for now)? Thanks for all the random ideas from my great friend neopolis3 off SPPF!

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great fanfic....I don't want to spam you tread again...

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actually, this is already written up at SPPF

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i have...just that i haven't got any ideas that link up at the moment, so the next chap is going to be long...

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i have...just that i haven't got any ideas that link up at the moment, so the next chap is going to be long...

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uh...i'm not that busy, just collecting random ideas before i write the actual chapter

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uh...i'm not that busy, just collecting random ideas before i write the actual chapter

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