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Mystical Mewtwo
January 15th, 2004, 5:50 PM
Ch 1, the fight

What a nice night, Ash said to himself. He watched the stary-sky with Pikachu on his right shoulder. With not even one cloud in the sky, the full display of gods beautiful diamonds could be seen. Each one twinkled and shone, lighting up the small forest on the shores of Kanto.

Pi, (yea) agreed Pikachu. He held a small packet of ketchup in his right hand. As his friend, he too liked watching the stars sometimes. Almost as much as ketchup. But the two together made the night something special.

Ash sighed and said, Well, Pikachu, I guess we should hit the hay.

Pikachu gave a small yawn of agreement as they both entered the tent, careful not to wake the sleeping Misty and Brock. They both entered the sleeping bag between the two. A few seconds later, snoring from the small rodent could be heard. Ash smiled and thought <Maybe I work him to hard today>.

Ash slowly turned over to look at the sleeping Misty. He could hear her soft breathing from where he laid. They were so close; he could almost reach out and kiss

<Why did I just think that? If it was Brock, then Id just think, Im close enough to touch him. What is with me? To kiss? Misty? Shes mean, loud, annoying> He turned to look at the top of the tent. <This is so confusing> he thought, as he slowly went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning first. He smiled and said, very softly, Me? First? This is new. He didnt even get up from his sleeping bag yet. In fact, he hadnt even looked around, but he could hear the quite breathing of all. He had the weirdest dream, that he was crossing the desert. He was carring a pole on his shoulders, and two buckets were on each end of the poles. He had this dream before, but this time he looked into the buckets, but only to see a reflection of of Misty.
He slowly turned to the left to see Brock, holding his pillow as if he was kissing it. <Wonder what he dreamed about.> thought Ash sarcastically. He slowly turned to look at Misty only to stop halfway to realize what that pushing on his chest was

He saw a sound asleep Misty right on his chest; using it as a pillow. She had one hand in her sleeping bag, and the other lying on his heart. She had her left cheek against his chest as well.

<Uhoh. Uhohuhoh> thought Ash. <What to do what to do Thats it! Ill just pretend he was asleep, thats all!> He looked down at Misty through squinted eyes and watched. Just watched. He could help it.

Sudenly, she began to stir. She mumbled something, and began to rub her cheek against his chest as if it were a puppy or some soft material. It was an odd feeling for Ash; not bad, just odd. Her eyes opened, slowly, peacefully; and looked around. When her eyes met her Pillow, Ash saw fear in her eyes. She slowly, carefully, got off him and laid her head back on her real pillow. She turned her body away from Ash and looked to the wall of the tent. Ash just stayed in though for about 15 minutes before Brock got up suddenly.

Nurse joy? What? Brock said very quickly and dreamily. He then walked out, made breakfast, and surprisingly didnt call them yet. Ash just pretended to be asleep.

Brock suddenly jumped into the tent yelling Wake Up!! causing surprise in the other trainer.

Brock, said Ash, Do you have to wake us up like that?

Yes! Come outside!

Ash sighed and Misty slowly got up, and they both went outside and were surprised at what they saw.

Brock had created not a breakfast, but a feast! Both there eyes immediately shone and they both woke up.

Brock! asked Misty. Whats the occasion? But she knew, although Brock or Ash didnt know she knew.

Why, dont your remember? Its been exactly three years since the trio has formed!

Ash and Misty both laughed and sat down to eat. It was a normal breakfast, until Brock announced he was going to go for a walk.

Ash, of course, was eating way to fast and way to much.

Ash, slow down. Youre going to get a stomach ache! Said Misty.

No, ill be fine. Said ash, not even looking up from the food.

Thats all you care about, isnt it? Pokemon and food.

Is not.

Is too.

Is not!

Is too!

Is not!

Is too!!


You know what, Ash Ketchum? she said. Ash hated when she used his last name. Im surprised you even spend that much time on your Pokemon, because there so WEAK and PATHETIC! {NO!} she thought. {What am I saying? His Pokemon are great, why am I saything this?}

He drooped his spoon on his bowl, letting it *clank*. He looked at Misty. Thats IT! You can make fun of me, my training; my ABILITIES like you ALWAYS DO, {No!} thought Misty. {No Ash, you great, you Pokemon are great, please dont get angry} BUT when you make fun of my Pokemon that is the last STRAW! What did THEY do? Huh? Why are you so mad at them? Is it guilt by association, for being MY Pokemon?! HUH?!

She was on the verge of tears. No, your right Ash, THERE FINE! YOURE THE ONE THAT IS PATHETIC! I HATE YOU! She suddenly stood up and ran off into the forest.

Ash got up and kicked a tree when she left. <How could I have even be wondering if I loved her?>

THere are only 2 chapters, new one comin!

January 16th, 2004, 8:13 PM
Wow!......I am just amazed at how good this story is so far! I can just imagine everything as if it was an episode! Great job Mystical Mewtwo

Mystical Mewtwo
January 16th, 2004, 10:22 PM
Thank you Ash_Misty4ever! I really apretate that! Chapter 2, comin up... probably by tommorow night!

Mystical Mewtwo
January 16th, 2004, 11:05 PM
Keep in mind although I said it would be the last, it is NOT THE LAST CHAPTER!!!
Misty ran and ran, Togepi in her hands, all the way to town where she finally stopped, dropped on a park bench, and cried. Cried and cried and cried. She now came to the abrupt realization that she was in love with a boy who she acted like she hated. IT seemed like if her heart wanted to say, Your so determined, I admire you, her brain would say, You so pathetic, will you ever win? What caused it? Fear?

She sighed and began her slow, tearful walk down to the beach.

When you get mad at someone you love, weather they be family, just a friend, or a girlfriend or boyfriend, and promise to stay mad, you dont. You always start off by thinking: Im never going to speak to her again! Then, well, maybe, but she deserved it! And the pattern continued until you finally got to the point where your anger runs out and you see how stupid you were. Ash, rubbing his eyes, finally hit that final point. He made the realization that he had yelled at Misty and overacted. Or accepted, if that is what you would call it.

By this time, of course, Brock had returned and was sitting by Ashs side, rubbing his back. He suggested that they go and look for Misty. He went into the forest, and Ash went toward the town near shore.

As Ash walked down the street, people gave him side along glances and glares. Its funny: when your sad, most people want to know why. His hands deep in his pockets, and his head hung low, he seemed like the average Ash Ketchum; if you didnt know him.

If you knew Ash, then there was one unmistakable difference that you would notice. That fire that always seemed to burn in his heart and eyes; that determination that most admired and wished they had, was obviously burned out. If we were looking at Ash on a normal day, his eyes would be looking left and right; finding everything and getting exited about it. Now his eyes were down on the street in front of him; glazed and expressionless, only darting up if he thought he saw Misty.

Suddenly, two fire trucks went by. <Thats odd> thought Ash. Another two flashed by. Then one more and an ambulance. Then Ash began to see people talk quietly among themselves. Suddenly, people were running quickly down the sidewalk toward the beach.

<Thats it! The beach! The water always calmed Misty down, shed go there for sure!>

He began to run, sure that he had found something. He passed a TV shop where the news was playing. He ran by just quick enough to hear the word, Title wave in Ash just stopped. He turned around slowly and came back to the TV store and peered in. It crashed along the shoreline and took many people with it. Although it did not go very far in, the The rest was unimportant to Ash. Words. Justjust words. It all made since; the people, the fire trucks, the ambulances <Misty might have been down there, she could have been hurt, what if if NO! You cant think like that. Come on, Ketchum, move. Run to the shore. MOVE KETCHUM!>

And thats what Ash did. He flew down to the beach so fast that the Pikachu that trotted at his heals the entire time had trouble keeping up. He found that the water came up and covered the entire beach, with nothing in the water to be seen, except except

Something RED.

What was it? Ash didnt know. But it might have been Misty hair, so down he plunged into the water, swimming toward it with all his might. He even got out squirtil to help him go faster. He reached the red object, only to find it to be a bag. No, wait, a backpack.

A familiar red backpack.

He dragged it back to shore, and opened it, to see if it was Mistys. What could have fallen out first but a picture of Misty and Ash a few months ago at a dance.

Ash just held that bag and hugged it for all its worth and cried until his eyes dried.

Wait!!! Wait!!! I know I said that I would post only 1 more chapter, but I split it into two! This is NOT THE END!! Its just a cliffhanger.

January 17th, 2004, 7:18 PM
OMG..........Mystical Mewtwo...You have an amazing talent inwriting. I normaly don't think any AAML stories are that great or what I'm looking for. But this story is just amazing! Great job! I will be looking forward to the next chapter!

Mystical Mewtwo
January 17th, 2004, 8:30 PM
I do? You did? It is? It was? You are?

WOW! I've never gotten so much complements about my writing! Thank you Ash_Misty4ever! I really apretiate it!

Mystical Mewtwo
January 17th, 2004, 9:55 PM
Ash was now on the ground, with his body practically wrapped around the bag, still crying. Pikachu was at his Trainers side, just comforting. It was at this point, where he had been sitting here for an hour, that he realized the feeling troubling his heart. It was none other than the girl he couldnt stand, the girl who tormented him, the girl who made fun of him and his Pokemon

And yet. and yet was always there for him, always cheering him on or cheering him up, always by his side, weather (MM2: is that the right weather?) he had just won the Johto tournament, or if he had just lost it. His eyes were ever staring at the sea. He was so tired, but every time he closed his eyes, all he could see were the light blue eyes of of

Ash began to wail, long and hard. <If there is a god,> he thought, <If there is, please, please just give me the chance to see Misty again; PLEASE!>

He suddenly stood up, still hugging the bag. PLEASE GOD! He lifted his hands to the skys and then suddenly dropped to the ground, hugging the bag and sobbing quietly.

Ash? Said a quite voice.

Someone up there must of hear him, because he turned right around to see the light blue Aqua eyes he so yearned to see, so full of surprise and concern.

***(Keep in mind Im going BACK in time and to Mistys general perspective)***

What happened to Ash also happened to Misty. Her anger slowly burned out and she saw how truly inconsiderate and and

[What was I thinking, I was a total JERK!]

She sighed, and decided to go to the beach. She could watch the water to calm down, and all her Pokemon could play. She slowly made her way down to the beach; which was calm and normal. She loved to watch the little ripples reflect the suns lights; the way her Pokemon played in it. She let each one out, and each time her Pokemon would ask her Whats the matter? and she would tell them Nothing. They; of coarse, knew something was wrong, but decided that their trainer needed some alone time. So they all went to play in the water; except the water unfriendly Phyduck and her Togipi.

After a few minutes of calming down, she decided to go back to the forest to go to apologize to Ash. She returned her Pokemon and put them on her belt. She made her way slowly up the forest, thinking of her apology the whole way. [Ash, Im so sorry. Listen, Ash, can we please talk. Ash, what was I thinking? Ash Im sorry about making fun of your Pokemon, listen, I dont hate you, I dont think you pathetic, II Love] Unfortunate for her, some time after walking, she did not see a certain boy staring into a TV shop. She kept walking right into the forest.

Only to find a deserted campsite. She sat there for a few minutes, playing with Togepi, until she saw Brock come out of the deep forest.

MISTY! She jumped at the sound of his voice.


Where did you go?

I was down at the beach wheres Ash?

Brock gave Misty a funny look before adding, Ash didnt find you?

No I came back on my own why?

Well, he looked toward the beach for you. Maybe we should go into town.

Misty just nodded and they headed into town, swiftly and without much talk. When they got there, Brock subjected that they split up to find him: hed go to the beach and shed go into the Main Square of the city.

She was about to agree when she hit her head and said, Duh! Sorry, Brock, I put my Pokemon on my belt and forgot my bag at the beach! How bout I go there instead!

Brock agreed and ran off into town. Misty began to run to the beach, only to be stopped a little to soon by water

[WATER? Oh no! A flood? A title wave?!]

She immediately began to worry about Ash, only to hear an all to familiar voice yell, PLEASE GOD!

She quickly ran over to his direction, to see Ash facing the water, holding his arms in the air, with her bag in one of them. He suddenly fell to the ground.


(MM2: NOW were back on time!)

She immediately she knew what had happened when he stood up and turned around to reveal his tear covered face. She knew he thought she was dead. He went over to Misty, first his face in disbelief, as if he was seeing a ghost.


He said, ever so softly, his eyes darting around her face, his mouth open in surprise.

MISTY! He said, in a happy voice that made Misty want to jump for joy. He suddenly embraced her in a tight hug and began to cry on her shoulder.

Ash, Im so sorry, I didnt mean to make fun of your Pokemon

Misty, its all right. I just wanted to say that I I I. It suddenly hit Ash. No, he wouldnt confess his love here, not after all this sadness. He wanted a night to remember not right now. Im so glad your alright.

Ash saw the smallest bit of disappointment on her face, but they still hugged. He crying was no longer sad, but of one that was filled with overwhelming joy. Misty was initially shocked at this hug, but grew to like it.

Brock ran over the banks only to find his two companions in a tight embrace. He smiled; slowly walking over where upon the two broke the hug. They all returned to camp and slept the night away. Except, of cource, Ash, who spent a few hours of it planning tomorrow night.

The next day went normal. Everyone did what they usually did, until Ash announced that they would all be going to Ocean Grill, a somewhat fancy resterant on the beach. Misty and Brock both looked surprised; although Misty was the only one really surprised, because Brock knew of Ashs plan.

Misty went to change in her separate tent. Getting ready for a dinner was hard in a tent (MM2: as Im sure all you girls know), but she manged to look nice. Not exstremly nice, but looked good enough for this resterant. She then prayed to GOD she was ready to admit to Ash that she loved him.

Misty was the first one there. She sat down at the table on the porch, waiting for the two boys to come. Ash finally came, five minutes late.

Misty, sorry I am late.

Misty just sighed as Ash sat down. Wheres Brock?

He had a date with Nurse Joy. They both laughed at this,

Then they both said, at the same time, Misty/Ash I need to tell you something.

Ash simply said Go ahead.

Listen, Ash, I know we have been traveling a long time together, and we have become really good friends. Although I met you over the destruction of my Bike, thats not the reason I have been following you. You see, a few moths after we met, I began to feel like we were better friends. Then I came to the abrupt realization that that I love you!

She blurted out the last two words and Ash had a total look of surprise and shock on his face.

But I can see by your face you dont feel the same way. Said Misty, on the verge of tears. Excuse me.

Misty! Wait! He yelled out, and she stopped. Thats not how it was suppose to happen!


Misty, sit back down. She did. He walked all the way out of the restaurant and came back in. Mist, sorry Im late. Listen, I need to tell you something. When we traveled together, I always thought we were friends. But recently a began to wonder if it was more. I began to feel feeling that I have never felt. I couldnt understand these feelings, but I can now. When I thought you died, it hit me: I love you.

Misty by this time had the biggest smile on her face; because of him going outside and back again just to start over, but mainly because the two had admitted there love.

She chuckled and grabbed his shirt, pulling him around the small table into a kiss.


They look around to see Brock with a Polaroid ate the opposite table. Pikachu had been under there table. Togepi was on the fence with a camera.

Misty just laughed and said, Boy I REALLY thought you were on a date with Nurse Joy.

Who says Im not? He says, gesturing to the girl across from him.

Looks like EVERYBODY found love that night. Oh, what a night to remember.

Wull? watya think!

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As a fellow fanfic writer, I say it was well done.

Once I set up my fanfic site, I will probably contact you if you wish to post fanfiction.

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January 27th, 2004, 1:50 PM
thank you, i would be honored to do so. Just PM me the name of the sight.

SiLlY nEsS rUlEs

Brian Powell
January 31st, 2004, 3:48 AM
Does anyone have a tissue, cos I got something in my eyes... Great Fanfic

January 31st, 2004, 8:31 AM
Great AAMRN! I really liked it!

Mystical Mewtwo
January 31st, 2004, 5:45 PM
Thank you both! And totitile, you most of all! I have read that poem you did... something like Misty likes Ketchum, I like Ketchup?

Loved it! Thank you!