View Full Version : Traitor - (Ala Kapalan)

May 17th, 2005, 6:16 PM
This is done somewhat in the style of my friend Debra Kapalan.
Look me in the eye
I know that you lie
What do you give me
Lies and deciet
Thieving, decieving
Trick them into believing
You didn't betray me
But you did don't they see?
Humiliated, confused, angry
Stabbed in the back I bleed
For angry vengence that know one hears
To heighten my malevolent fears
Everybody loves the traitor
They might see it sooner or later
He's not the victim in the game
I am and I put him to shame
Don't be such a fool
You're just his tool
Can't you see what he's done?
Stripped me down to square one
You know what crimes you are guilty of
But who cares what you've done
You're everybody's traitor that we desire
Well I don't love you and I don't admire
Your reckless hate and beatings
You just want to defeat
Me and rise above me
But they don't see
What you are and your
Evil trobbing like an open sore
Unhealed by time
My mind is on the borderline
of sanity and what I believe
in all I stand for I need
To break away before he
Chokes me in deciet
and hideous lies
Admit to your crimes
You can't see what he did
Look deeper and you'll indeed
see He's everybody's traitor don't believe
The hype
Just live your life
Don't let him fool you
and blind you from who
He really is and I
Tell you that he lied
That I have done no hurt
but he is the worst
so I scream at night into the dark
Burned so bad it leaves a mark
so stop the lies and have some pride
Admit to your lies
Join the good people and what we stand for
What I stand for
I stand for this
Listen before you miss
the point of my poem and muse
Don't him confuse
you and make you weak
inside so seek
Only the truth and don't fall
for the lies and tales so tall
You'll see it sooner or later
not to believe everybody's traitor.