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May 19th, 2005, 3:27 PM
Here is meat with meat

Meat With Meat

Ash after defeating many regions and their gyms. He stops by at a Pokemon center. He gets a voice mail saying to meet Brock at the Disser Desert. Ash misses Brock, May and Max and becomes happy after hearing this. He goes out of the Pokemon center after his Pokemon are healed. He sends out his Swellow. He goes on Swellow's back and tells it to fly to the desert. The bird obeys Ash's command and flies off with Ash and Pikachu. Jessie and James see Swellow and as usual think of a nasty idea to capture Pikachu. About half way through, Ash and his Pokemon get hungry. They see some fruit trees. Team Rocket implanted a magnet to all the food. Once they ate the food they would be stuck on the magnet. There plan begins to work. Swellow lands and Ash picks off some fruit. He gives some of the fruit to his Pokemon. All of a sudden a Seviper shaped hot air balloon comes out. Team Rocket does the motto and says they wanted something new although meowth didn't agree. Ash, Swellow, and Pikachu fly up to the magnet implanted at the bottom of the balloon. Ash struggles to become free but doesn't succeed. They take Pikachu away with rubber gloves. Pikachu stays stuck to the magnet. They get frustrated. Then Ash sends out his Sceptile and orders it to use Leaf Blade. It destroys the magnet and blows up the balloon. (Pikachu retired from blowing Team Rocket up) The team blasts off and Sceptile catch Ash and Pikachu. Swellow flies around them. Brock is waiting in the desert. He contacted May and Misty too. He thought Ash would be the first one to get here. He then sees May. She just won a contest and has the ribbon to show. She asks why she is here. Brock tells about getting the old team back together for another region. Meanwhile after another 30 minutes for lunch, Ash and Swellow are back out again. Swellow flies away with Ash. They don't encounter any problems until the desert appears. A strong sandstorm knocks Swellow to the ground. Then a shadow appears. Pikachu gets ready to use thunder when they see it's Brock. They say hello to each other and then Misty and May appear everyone says hi to each other and Brock explains why. He said that there was another region that had a Pokemon league. Ash couldn't resist he said "Lets go right now!" Brock replied "We don't have to we are already there." Ash looked around at the desert. This was a region? He didn't care, he wanted to be a Pokemon Master. He started to run to the nearest town, everyone else followed. Behind a rock a mysterious person in a black cloak and his eevee watch the kids run. He/She starts to go the other way and turns back. He/She looks at the town, filled with water and grass, like a real town. He/She starts to walks toward the town.

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May 19th, 2005, 3:43 PM