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May 23rd, 2005, 9:29 AM
This is Yuri, but it's NON-LEMON. Lemon free. NO lemons here. >> Set in Jak II, into the end of Jak 3 and into the intro of Jak X. It's about Keira from Jak II. This will be posted in smaller chunks of chapters pretty often, instead of full on chapters every once in a while. Yes, Zora is my nickname.

The Side of Us They Didn't Know - Chapter 1.0

By Zora

Have you ever had one of those days where everyone keeps asking what's wrong?

That was the day, alright. The name's Keira. To start right off, I'm a mechanic. First to pop the big question was Tess. I was hard at work trying to get out of this god **** city when she barged right into the garage. I stopped turning my wrench on a particularly stubborn bolt. I stepped out to greet her, and my face was blasted with mid day sunlight on a typical Tuesday afternoon. Tess was standing near the curtains hiding the project I devoted every minute of my life to. Tess smiled a greeting and I returned it. It was about time I had some company.

"Hey girlfriend," she said. "You've been slaving away, all month, non-stop. Come on, Ashlein and I are going to chill for the rest of the day. Come with us, you deserve it!" As important as finishing the rift rider was, I found the offer extremely tempting and in the end, irresistable. "Sure," I agreed. Though I felt a pang of guilt for setting back the work I knew I was probably making a good choice. I followed Tess out to the front of the enourmous stadium. The stairs and parkway were completely empty at this time of day. Even through the worry and stress of the project, through the relief of the day off, a battle was waging inside my own mind and heart.

Lately, I had felt sort of attached to Ashlein. In a more than just friends way. I addressed the fact that I was probably bi-sexual at this point. And telling from my personality to mix with that, I was at serious risk of being a stereotype. Only Tess and I knew that Ashlein was Bi. And that triggered the idea of asking her out. It made me feel excited yet sick at the same time.

I leaned against the wall of the stadium with Tess, at the very front. The only people around were workers occasionally carrying in materials to rebuild the tracks. The race season would be starting up in a couple of months. Errol would want me as his mechanic, of course. He admired me, telling me I am pretty and acting like a weirdo around me. He was a good racer, a GREAT racer, but I knew he was really just a jerk with a more than slight crush. Errol had asked me out several times but I refused.

Errol? As if.

I turned to Tess, silently asking the question. "Ashlein will be here soon." she answered. Her face turned to patented Tess concern as she asked the big question, "What's wrong?" I shook my head. "Nothing." Tess just sighed and leaned back. At last we saw Ashlein's red hellcat coming over the large buildings of Haven. Tess smiled, and said, "Come on girlfriend, let's paint the town PINK!" We giggled and headed down the stairs.

May 23rd, 2005, 3:01 PM
Interesting story ^^, for some reason I just enjoy fan-fics like these more then less "controversial", (if you want to call it that) fan-fics. So far its looking good, basing it off the Jak series and including Keira from Jak II.

But this seems more like a prolouge then an actual chapter, with the length of it and it seemingly starting off the real story.

At this point great job, and hope to see more ^^.