View Full Version : Ongoing Soup Saga-The Bold And The Pokemon

January 18th, 2004, 7:02 PM
Okay let me layout the main stuff and give you the audience the idea of what im trying to do. This saga was inspired by the soap opera The Bold And The Buetiful (obviously). Ill add on more stuff as i go along and more people are welcome to help me write, just pm me. Okay heres the main stuff:

-Location: Pallet Town
-Present Day 2004
-pokemon replace the humans(so everyone is a pokemon)
-the pokemon will talk in english
-they will have houses just like normal humans would and some pokemon may live together
-there will be no cars and pokemon may not have pets
-theres no such thing as pokeballs or pokemon trainers

this is all i can think of right now as for the sagas reality, ill come up with more stuff as the story unfolds.

Main Characters: Pikachu(of course)(male), Nidorino(male),Butterfree(female),Marill(female),Snubbel(male)
Other Characters: Chansey(female),Pichu(male),Mudkip(female),Raichu(male),Treecko(male),Charmelion(male)
ill have more characters as time goes on.

Okay now its time for the prelude:

In the quit town of Pallet Town, Pikachu is a sports writer for the local news paper and reports on pokemon battles. Marril, his wife, stays at home and takes care of their son Pichu. Nidorino is also a pokemon battle reporter and doesnt take kindly to Pikachus new promotiuon.He was once Pikachus best friend. Butterfree is a next door niehbor of pikachu and marril. Snubbel is a merchant and freid of Nidorino. Chansey is the nurse at the pokemon center. Mudkip and Treecko are freinds with pikachu and marill. Raichu is Pikachus father. Charmelion is the local detective for the pallet town police.

The first episode will be written in probly a day so i can get the story straight.Like i said just pm me to help me write the saga which will probly consist until there is no more to be writen.