View Full Version : Destinies Divided:The Truth That Came Too Late(One Shot)

May 23rd, 2005, 6:37 PM
Ok this is the first one shot fanfic adn it's the first one with any romance so bare with me k?

The three friends stood facing each other, wondering if theyd ever see each other again. The teenage red head smiled as she brushed a hand across her eyes. Well this is it then, isnt it?

I guess so. Replied the black haired boy trying hard not to cry himself.

The oldest of their group sniffed as he stared at his friends. He knew this was their last chance. Come on Ash tell her how you feel. Misty say something. Come on you two. Tell each other what youve been hiding all this time. But they said nothing. It was time to go.

Goodbye. They all said together. Misty turned and began to wheel her bike down the path. Brock turned and headed down another. Ash simply stood there holding the neatly wrapped lunch his friends had given him close to his heart. His hand tightened on the handkerchief given to him by Misty. It was his last chance. Why didnt he tell her? Why was he so afraid. The young trainer closed his eyes as the memories of their travels together flashed through his mind. So many times he could have said something to her. And every time he held his tongue.

Now in the distance, Misty stopped. She turned to look in the direction she had left Ash. He was still there. No more than a speck in the distance. She stood still. Should I go back? This may be my last chance. But what if its too late now? So many chances. Weve been through so much together. So why couldn't I just say it? She felt her eyes burn and wiped a hand across them again. I shouldnt have been such a coward all this time. With a sad sniff she turned and began walking again.

Misty. Ash watched as she began to disappear over the horizon. His eyes burned and a tear fell down his cheek. Then something in him snapped. MISTY WAIT! He took off after her. But Misty was too far away to hear him. She continued to walk with tears in her eyes. Misty please wait! I have to tell you something! In the distance Misty heard Ashs cry.

Ash? The young girl turned to see him running towards her. She stopped and stared. Ash. She dropped her bike as he neared her.

Finally he could see her face clearly. He wasnt far. She was simply standing there. Just as he reached her his foot caught a rock and he fell. Ash! Cried Misty hurrying over to him. Ash are you alright?

Yes. Replied Ash sitting up. Misty, theres something Ive been meaning to tell you. Something Ive wanted to tell you for a long time. Misty I, I... But he couldnt finish his sentence. He didnt have to.

I, I, I love you too Ash. Ash looked up. He stared into her turquoise eyes and saw that she was crying.

Misty whats wrong?

Its just, Ive waited so long to tell you how I feel. And now, now its too late. I have to go back to the gym. And you have to continue on your journey.

But. But there was nothing he could say. Misty was right. He had waited too long. Now it was too late. I could come to Cerulean City with you.

No. I wont let you give up on your dream Ash. Especially not for me. Misty brushed her hand across her eyes again. Im sorry.

No matter what he told himself, Ash knew there was no way he and Misty could be together. At least not now. Im sorry. If only I hadnt been such a coward.

Dont blame yourself Ash. Its my fault too. If I had just said the three simple words. They both sat there. Regret and sadness showed on each of their faces. It just wasnt fair. Why did it have to be at the end that they confess how they really feel. The sun had completely set and the moon shone high overhead before either of them spoke again. I guess, this really is it then?

Yes. Said Ash. He put his arms around Mistys neck and hugged her close. Maybe, in the future, well have another chance.

I know we will. But for now, we have to go our own ways. They both stood up and stared at each other. Misty turned to hide her tears and grabbed her bike. Goodbye Ash. I promise Ill see you again. As soon as I can. She began to walk quickly down the path still keeping her face hidden. Then she hopped onto her bike and peddled as fast as she could without looking back.

Goodbye...Misty. A tear fell silently down Ashs face as he watched her go. Goodbye. Then he turned and began to walk back down the path.